Are mobile airline tickets the future of plane travel?

Tech-savvy travelers are finding a wealth of new ways to get on planes, be it booking airline tickets through Facebook or checking in for their flights from their smartphone. A new report from Juniper Research is claiming that the number of passengers using these time-saving options will skyrocket in the next several years, with one in every seven boarding passes across the world predicted to be sent to fliers’ mobile devices within two years.

Are mobile airline tickets the future of plane travel?

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This statistic, an estimated 480 million mobile boarding passes, is roughly triple that of the 160 million e-tickets presented at airlines across the globe in 2010.

Howard Wilcox, the author of the report, claims that the relative ease and speed of these tech solutions will make them increasingly popular with travelers as smartphone technology grows more common.

“Of the 30 airlines, including several flag carriers, that we found offering mobile boarding passes, about half also offer mobile ticket booking and purchasing,” writes the researcher. “For the frequent flyer, we believe that using your mobile for booking, passing through security and boarding is a winning offer that will be augmented by adding loyalty, seat selection and flight information all in the single application.”

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