Coach Passengers Can Now Get Priority Boarding With United

United Airlines is now offering priority boarding access to everyone. For $9 per segment, you can pay for priority check-in, a shorter security line and the chance to board the plane before the general herd. United is calling it “Premier Access” and it is now a standard option for travelers on United’s website at the time of check-in, about 24 hours prior to your flight.

Coach Passengers Can Now Get Priority Boarding With United

Premium class passengers have long enjoyed these perks, zipping through the gates into their seats while everyone else languishes in the line. United is now extending that perk to the rest of us, but here’s the problem: Priority boarding is only a luxury when most people can’t use it. What happens when everyone tries to board before everyone else?

United has thought of this already. In a press release, the airline said it will “set limits” on the number of Premier Access options sold in coach, to avoid diluting the experience for higher-paying customers.

What do you think, CheapAir Travelers, will you be paying $9 for priority check-in?

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