Could Boeing’s new 787 evenutally bring flight costs down?

While mounting fuel prices have forced the cost of airline tickets to jump more than 30 percent in just the first three months of the year, there is hope that a new plane being pitched by aircraft manufacturer Boeing could help keep costs under control by adding even more passengers on each flight.

Could Boeing’s new 787 evenutally bring flight costs down?

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The proposed vehicle, the 787-10, would be the third model of Boeing’s jumbo Dreamliner line of aircraft.   The first model, the 787-8, has faced multiple days but it scheduled to begin service later this year.  The new planes will be able to comfortably seat 300 passengers on trips of up to 7,900 miles.

Boeing claims that the number of seats and light weight of the plane will make it much cheaper to operate for airlines – statistics that should eventually trickle down to the passenger as lower fares.

While many carriers have expressed an interest in the new planes, which could be in the sky within five years, according to the Seattle Times, some are skeptical of Boeing’s claims.

“Everyone is eager to get a plane with these characteristics. Who wouldn’t be? But it’s a purely theoretical construct,” claims Richard Aboulafia, an aviation analyst with the Teal Group.

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