Passengers chosen for expedited screening before they reach airport

In an attempt to further expedite airport screening, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will now randomly choose passengers for expedited screening before they get to the airport. Passengers will not be required to be a part of the PreCheck program, nor will they have to provide any additional information other than what they already provided airlines to make the ticket purchase—name, date of birth, gender—but expedited screening will not be guaranteed.

TSA Precheck

Though the TSA PreCheck program, which is set to expand to 100 airports later this year and costs $85 to leverage—also provides expedited screening, some industry experts say eligibility is too restricted.

The TSA has a goal of having 25 percent of passengers use TSA by the end of 2013, allowing them to avoid full body scans, keep their shoes on and laptops in their cases.

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