Porter Airlines rolls out new baggage policy, $25 checked bag policy between U.S. and Canada

Porter Airlines will start charging a $25 checked bag fee on all flights between the U.S. and Canada—a switch up from their current policy of allowing two carry-on bags and one checked at no cost. The fees go into effect August 1.

Porter Airlines baggage fees

A second checked bag incurs a $35 fee, with each following bag costing up to $100.

If you’re scheduled to before August, breathe a sigh of relief and give your wallet a pat—you’re safe! Flying Porter Airlines just domestically, or a part of the Porter’s Freedom Fare class? You’ll also be exempt from first-bag checked fees.

Despite the new fee, Porter Airlines does allow its passengers to carry more, literally. Each piece of luggage will be able to weight up to 50 pounds, whereas historically it’s always been a 50 pound weight limit combined across all luggage.

To top it off, Porter will also debut a checked bag guarantee. They are promising customers that all bags will arrive at destination airports within a half hour of a plane arriving at a gate. And if not, customers receive a $25 voucher.

An interesting attempt to balance out fees with value.

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