Singapore Airlines redefines ‘first class’ with luxury private cabins

Traveling first class is now more luxurious than ever with Singapore Airlines. They’re fitting out their newest aircraft with luxurious private cabins—comforts previously unknown on commercial flights.

Singapore Airlines redefines ‘first class’ with luxury private cabins

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The cabins are more like a hotel room than an airplane seat: equipped with a full size television, large reclining seat (hand-stitched in Italian leather), ample cupboards and luggage space, and a dedicated hostess for the duration of the flight.

Each cabin is fully enclosed with a sliding door and window blinds. Passengers can enjoy total privacy, a rare commodity on airplanes. When it’s time for a nap, the seat reclines all the way down to make a completely flat bed. Traveling in a pair? You can opt for a larger cabin with double bed.

The food menu is extravagant. Guests have a wide choice of gourmet dishes and expensive wines. Dom Perignon and caviar are among the options.

The cabins are only available on the Airbus A380, the world’s largest commercial airliner. The plane’s vast interior space allows for creative seating arrangements. Singapore Airlines has installed the new cabins on twelve aircraft so far, with more coming soon.

But now for the reality check: Travel in cabin class is outrageously expensive. A round-trip flight from New York to Singapore costs around $15,750 – enough to circle the world five or six times in coach.

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