10 Best Haunted Houses in America

This Halloween, we invite you to embrace the creepy and consider a visit to one of the spookiest attractions all across America.

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Wisconsin Fear Grounds, Waukesha, WI
The Fear Grounds are dead! This is the last year to experience the award-winning frightfest that is Wisconsin Fear Grounds. They are going out with a bang – this year, the theme is Anarchy. Morgana and her eight witch sisters will try to scare the heck out of you in the haunted house or the terrifying labyrinth.

McKamey Manor, Nashville, TN
This haunted house bills itself as a combination haunted house/survival horror challenge and requires participants to have proof of a recent physical, medical insurance, sign a waiver and be over 21! In addition, McKamey Manor is featured on the Netflix show Dark Tourist (episode *8), and is guaranteed to terrorize you like no other haunted house you’ve visited!

Hobbs Grove, Sanger, CA

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Sanger, California just outside of Fresno is home to Hobbs Grove – a creepy and thrilling haunted house, haunted forest and haunted hayride. It’s so scary in the house – in the “parlors and corridors of insanity” as the website says, that kids under eight are not permitted. The ghoulish fun starts every night as soon as it gets dark!

The 13th Floor, Denver, CO
The 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver has the thrillingly horrifying reputation of being one of the scariest haunts in the land. Once inside, you’ll be taken by elevator to the 13th floor. Parents are cautioned that the experience may be too intense for children under 12.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY

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One of the scariest haunted houses in the south lives in a former school and tuberculosis hospital. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium haunted house is an annual fundraiser for building preservation. You can purchase a VIP ticket that will also get you a historical tour of the facilities, but most people opt for the scarefest!

Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, OH
The Dent Schoolhouse has the added cache of having the history of a real-life killer janitor. If you survive the schoolhouse your ticket also gets you admission to the Queen City Slaughter Yard. Eep!

Terror Behind the Walls, Philadelphia, PA

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The abandoned shell of Eastern State Penitentiary is the setting for this unsettling Terror Behind the Walls haunted house in Philadelphia. You can visit six horrifying attractions with one ticket, the Bloodyard, the Infirmary, the Machine Shop, Lockdown, Quarantine and Breakout. Family nights on Sundays are for kids ages 7-12 (until 7:30pm) and offers the kiddos the chance to yell “monsters, be good!” at any scary character to make it stop. Other times are not considered family-friendly and kids under 7 are not admitted at all.

Frightland, Middletown DE
Middletown Delaware is home to Frightland, a Halloween extravaganza with four – count ‘em – four freaky indoor haunted houses. Frightland’s scares are so potent, it usually lands on “scariest” in the land lists each year. Frightland also has a haunted hayride and a carnival with rides and plenty of family-friendly food. The park opens at 6pm.

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Netherworld, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta’s finest and freakiest haunted house, Netherworld has two haunted houses, four escape room adventures, and even a laser adventure battle arena! Netherworld offers tiered pricing so you can wait with the masses (general admission), have shorter wait times (timed ticket within ½ hour window for a little more cash), and a speed pass that will get you immediate access to the two haunted houses for a premium price.

Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, TX
In a century-old meatpacking plant in Fort Worth sits the world’s largest haunted house and attraction. The Cutting Edge covers multiple floors and has an over-the-top warning for visitors that asks you to refrain from attending if you have a whole host of medical and mental problems like asthma or claustrophobia.

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  1. Among them, all the top-rated horror house is Corbett’s House of Horror. They arrange multiple attractions for you all, and some of the best attractions from them are Zombie attack, medical center, Carn-evil, and Field of Screams Haunted Corn Maze.

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