10 Best International Destinations for 2020

With no shortage of amazing destinations around the world to explore, where should you be heading in 2020? We put our crack team of travel enthusiasts on the case and they’ve come up with a heck of a list. Every place in this roundup offers great value for the money and an “up-and coming” reputation that means you can still avoid enormous crowds while you visit. Here are the top 10 international budget destinations in 2020.


parliament building on danube river in budapest hungary at sunsetThere’s so much to recommend Hungary to American travelers. Budapest is a modern, cosmopolitan city with decadent hotels, rich history around every corner, and delicious traditional dining. Budapest is still a bargain when compared to most other European capitals, but some of the smaller towns around the country are a great escape from city life. Try the wine region around Eger – you can sample the traditional Bull’s Blood red while basking in the laid-back vibes of the countryside.


don quixote style windmills in spainIt’s not always an obviously “bargain” destination, but Spain is a great pick for budget travelers. Throughout the country, hotels are often quite a bit less expensive than Americans are used to, and restaurants are fantastic, varied and well-priced. Morning people will have some adjusting to do as the culture in Spain is definitely geared towards night owls. If you make some Spanish friends – don’t even think of going to a restaurant before 9pm.


indonesia ruinThis archipelago nation of more than 17,000 individual islands has seen its fair share of visitors over the years, but only 8,000 of the individual islands have seen humans come ashore. You’ve probably heard of Bali, which is famous for its beautiful beaches and exclusive resorts. Diversity is the name of the game in Indonesia, where the earth’s fourth most populous country has just about every landscape in the world represented. You can wile away the time in so many different ways–orangutan watching, surfing or just lazing around on the beach!


woman in red sari at the taj mahal, agra, indiaSpeaking of diversity – India is a country with such individual and distinct regions, that you could spend months, if not years exploring different parts. Every part of the country has its own cultural traditions, cuisines and personality. Though India can be overwhelming at first, we think it’s absolutely one of the most vibrant and unforgettable places to go. And India is a dream for travelers on a budget – your dollars go quite far in India, with luxury hotels for the price of a 3-star back home, and cheap sightseeing/attractions the norm.


blue mosque in istanbul turkeyWhen first-time visitors come to Istanbul, they’re often dazzled by the architecture and culture. But did you know that Istanbul is considered to have a foothold on two continents – Europe and Asia? In fact, one side of Istanbul considers itself European while the other feels firmly an Asian city. This country that once dominated much of Europe has been dealing with a public relations crisis for a few years. But in spite of this, we’re sure you’ll agree that the people are welcoming and warm, and the cities have an exuberant mix of impressive architecture from throughout history to ogle. Dining in Turkey is also a treat – make sure you sample local restaurants where you can get the best deals. And Turkish Air often has the best bargain airfares to Istanbul, along with many other destinations around Europe.

Ecuadorcolorful building and church in ecuadorOver the last few years, Ecuador has been welcoming a steady stream of expats from all over the United States, drawn to the country for all the reasons we love. The lakeside city of Cuenca is one of the most popular places for expats to settle. The cost of living is low, the tax laws are favorable to Americans, and it’s just a lovely place to live. Weather is mild and temperate year round, and there are many business opportunities for the entrepreneurial souls among us. As an entrypoint to South America, Ecuador is a great place to dip your toe in. Come on in, the water’s fine in Ecuador!


ornate building in medellin colombiaBack in the day, you’d be hard pressed to find a more dangerous place to visit. However, in recent years Colombia has cleaned itself up quite nicely, run out all of the drug cartels, and is now poised to be the next big thing in South America. Loads of foreign money is pouring into Colombia, so get there quick – while reasonable prices are still the norm.

South Africa

cape town south africaSouth Africa has been on the up-and-coming list for what seems like forever, at this point, but it never seems to breakout in a big way. We’ll keep talking it up, because we think it’s quite a special place. If you can get to Cape Town and visit impressive Table Mountain, we think you’ll approve of the reasonable prices and beautiful scenery. Lots of people wonder about the safety of South Africa – we like to tell people that in our experience, it’s a very safe place for foreigners to travel.


white buildings on sea in greeceWhy Greece in 2020? So many reasons. Greece has arguably the best nightlife in all of Europe, with nightclubs on every island that cater to a variety of tastes and lifestyles. The dining is delectable, the ruins spectacular, and everything costs a fraction of what it would in other European countries, including airfare. Flights to Athens from the U.S. are some of the most affordable.


tunsian beach with a camelIt’s hard to imagine an African country with more natural beauty and underrated appeal. In 2020, we think this tiny slice of North Africa should be on your vacation shortlist. Once you get there, everything is much less expensive than you might think, and the country has been slowly rebuilding its international reputation from the terrorist attacks of 2015. Nowadays, much of Tunisia is quite safe and we highly recommend you check it out for yourself!


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