Last summer, Venmo introduced “Cash Back to Crypto Rewards” for its Venmo credit card holders. The feature allows cardholders to receive their rewards in the cryptocurrency of their choice (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are supported). You can hold it, buy more, or sell it whenever you like. We like how Venmo makes it super easy to try out cryptocurrencies – with very low stakes. Here are a few great places to spend your crypto rewards.

1. Renovate Your House Using Bitcoin at Home Depot

Bet you didn’t know that you could completely renovate your house using Bitcoin rewards! Yes, Home Depot accepts Bitcoin. They use the “Flexa” checkout system in their stores so you can purchase appliances. Now do you see how those cryptocurrency rewards can work for you>

2. Grab your Venti Iced Coffee at Starbucks with BTC

It took them a while, but Starbucks is finally on the Bitcoin bus. Just use your Bakkt app to check out with your crypto rewards.

3. Groceries Taste Better When You Purchase with Crypto

Little low on fiat and still need groceries for the month? Get yourself over to Whole Foods where they now take Bitcoin or Litecoin. You just need the Spedn app to set yourself up for delicious dinners.

4. See a Movie at Regal Cinemas

Yep, you can also use those cryptocurrency rewards to buy movie tickets and concessions at Regal Cinemas. Kinda takes the edge off the outlandish popcorn prices when you can settle the bill with your crypto rewards.

5. Get Your Gaming Fix at Gamestop

Has there ever been a better marriage than cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers? Next time you’re feeling like picking up the latest game from Bungie, consider spending some of that sweet, sweet crypto rewards.

6. Hook up your friends with a Gift from Coin Cards

Even though crypto adoption continues to grow, there’s still a lot of stores that don’t accept crypto outright. But Coin Cards has stepped up to put gift cards from popular vendors in your hot little hands. You can spend your BTC, ETH, and LTC rewards to buy Target, Williams Sonoma, Apple, Amazon and many more brands.

7. Use Bitrefill to Netflix and Chill

Bitrefill is the other gift card middleman in this category. And Bitrefill has a category of streaming gift cards for vendors like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Twitch. Insider tip: Bitrefill is also about to launch a bill pay service. You can sign up for the waitlist on their site.

8. Help Keep Good Information Alive: Donate to Wikipedia

Who among us has not benefited from the amazing, collaborative encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. This information workhorse relies on donations from regular folks to keep the site going, so next time you have a little extra, send Wikipedia some coin – some Bitcoin, that is.

9. Feeling a little more controversial? Donate to Wikileaks

The entire business model of Wikileaks is leaking state secrets. This fact made it hard for the Founder, Julian Assange to stay on the good side of traditional banking channels. So, out of necessity as much as love, Wikileaks also accepts donations in Bitcoin.

10. Buy Flights and Hotels on

Last but not least, our favorite way for you to spend any and all of your crypto rewards is with us! At, you can buy flights and hotels with a large selection of cryptocurrencies. We accept all of the currencies available to Venmo Rewards card holders and we take good care of our customers. Come try us out!

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