5 Reasons September is the Best Month to Travel

There are so many reasons September is a great month to vacation. Both domestically and internationally, September is a great value. Late summer and fall offer travelers tons of benefits for skipping crowded summer months and trying something new.

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Here are just a few of those benefits.

It’s the Shoulder Season, Baby
Shoulder season is that sweet spot between high and low seasons. This year, fall kicks off in the U.S. on September 22, and once Labor Day is finished, airfares and hotel prices drop off sharply. It’s not at all unusual to save a couple hundred bucks on domestic airfare and a few hundred internationally. Shoulder season brings the airfare deals.

The Crowds Disperse
You can also say goodbye to high season crowds – both at airports and your destination. Europe is a great example of this phenomenon. If you’ve only been to Europe in the summer, you’d think that every European capital is  overrun with people waiting in line for hours to see the Sistine Chapel or the London Eye.

Of course, top attractions will likely always have a wait but queuing up for hours is largely a summertime headache. And if you’re considering a visit to a country with a small, walkable city center like Prague or Venice, the summers are not the optimal time to go. You’ll pay far more for hotel rooms with limited inventory, and if you can put off your trip until the fall these cities seem like completely different places.

Similarly, most Americans travel in the summer. September is when kids go back to school in most places around the U.S., so if you’ve got kids, the amusement parks and family-friendly attractions will be less overrun with other families.

More Local People
Many Europeans take their own vacations in July and August to avoid tourists. If you like to travel like a local, you’re much more likely to run into people who live in the cities you visit if you make your trip in September.

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The Weather is Perfect
Traveling to a beach destination for a poolside vacation? Well, you probably want to go when the weather is warm. While summer months are often considered “prime” beach travel, it’s not the only option. Hawaii, for example, has ideal beach weather most of the year. If you avoid the summer and winter months, you can get the same warm vibes and avoid the expensive airfare.

Southern California is a popular beach destination and warm beach weather often extends well into September and October, with more affordable beachside hotel options.

Florida’s oppressive humidity finally lets up in September – skip the summer for a more breezy and comfortable holiday.

September is Low Season in Some Destinations
Many people avoid the Caribbean during September because it is Hurricane season in many parts of the region. Some destinations like Aruba are outside the “hurricane belt” and because it’s still considered low season, offer warm, beachy weather and low prices for flights and accommodation!

Winter is just winding down in New Zealand, and spring offers so much for visitors. Flights are still more inexpensive than at other, busier times of the year. Consider thinking outside the “best” time to travel. Or rather, consider what “best” means to you. If lighter crowds and better prices are appealing, you might just find that September is your new favorite month to travel too!

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