Did you forget to book your Spring Break flights? Naughty travelers. It’s not too late to take that trip if you follow a few of our best tips for procrastinators.

spring break 2018

1. Stay close to home
At this point it might be a little late to score a bargain basement price on your Cancun vacation dreams. However, there are plenty of cheap trips to be found if you keep it local. And we’re not talkin’ road tripping either (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Miami is always a great option with nonstop airfare from New York (LGA) for under $240 on Delta and American, and to Fort Lauderdale for right around $100 on Spirit. Or west coast spring breakers can hit the Strip in Vegas for a high roller’s, poolside party without the pricey airfare. Seattle to Las Vegas on Spirit for $117 and from Portland on Alaskan Air for $127.

2. Midweek flights are where it’s at
We’re not suggesting you skip classes or cut into your well-earned PTO, but did you know how much you can save just by flying mid-week? Let’s say you’re committed to a Mexico Spring Break. Nonstop Dallas to Mazatlan flights departing Saturday, March 10 and returning on Saturday, March 17 will run you at least $800 on Delta. Now, if you can leave that same week on Tuesday, the 6th returning on Tuesday the 13th those same flights cost $529. Yep. That’s $271 you’ve left on the table. If you don’t have to do it, why would you?

3. Keep your dates flexible if you can…
Unless you’re married to a specific set of dates, a little bit of flexibility can bring you significant savings. Los Angeles to Cabo (SJD) the third and fourth weeks in March is an expensive time to go (you can spend upwards of $600 on flights alone). If you can travel in early March, you can fly nonstop to Cabo on Interjet for just $230 round trip. You heard us. The same flights that cost you $600 for one set of dates will run you $230 for a slightly different set of dates. Be flexible to keep more cash money in your pocket.

spring break 2018

4. Fly skinny
We don’t mean starve yourself for fashion. We’re talking bare bones airfare. Spirit, Frontier, and even some of the legacy carriers like United and American offer no frills, basic fares that are rock bottom. The catch is that they charge you for any of the extras including baggage. If you can fly with a small backpack you can circumvent those extra charges. You’re going to be living in your swimsuit anyway – what else do you really need to pack? Spring Break is tailor made for traveling light. Throw a couple of bikinis or pairs of trunks in your backpack and save, save, save your money for the drinks and dining on the beach!

5. Avoid the danger zone
So we already know that you’ve put off booking your flights until now. We can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t wait much longer to book. At this point, the fares are still marching incrementally upward week over week (if not day over day in some instances). If you wait within two weeks you’re going to spend (on average) about $60 extra for your flights. And if you wait within a week, you’re going to be spending double that. Inside of three days? Fuggetaboutit. You do not want to price yourself right out of your vacation. There’s still time. Book soon.

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