5 Ways to Beat Jetlag

Nothing’s worse than landing right in the middle of your dream vacation without the energy to enjoy it. Travel can be draining, and the exhaustion can negatively affect the first few days of your trip. Instead of losing precious vacation time, tackle your jetlag head on! Just follow CheapAir’s tips for beating jetlag and begin making the most out of your trip.

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1. Drink lots of water
Keeping hydrated can ward off some of the worst side effects of jetlag like fatigue, stomach aches, and dry skin. Although it may seem like just what you need to feel better, avoid reaching for the complimentary alcohol or coffee onboard your flight. These can dehydrate you and worsen your jetlag. Instead, bring along a refillable, collapsible water bottle for the plane ride and first few days of vacation.

2. Plan your meals
A lot of airline food is not exactly blossoming with nutritious veggies and fresh fruits. More often, the meals are carbohydrate-based and provide a short burst of energy followed by total exhaustion. Try to avoid eating these types of meals and instead indulge in a large breakfast once you land. This should provide a healthy amount of energy for the rest of the day and stave off symptoms of jetlag.

3. Plan ahead
Do what you can before taking off to ensure your trip will go as smoothly as possible. Slowly adjust your sleep schedule by a few minutes each day to get closer to the time zone you’ll be entering. Make healthy dietary and fitness choices in the week leading up to your trip to best avoid travel stressors like sickness, nausea or hangovers. Steps like these should eliminate a lot of the physical and mental stress that traveling can put on your body and allow you to start enjoying your trip as soon as you touch down.

4. Don’t nap once you land
Although it may be tempting, avoid going straight to bed after a long trip. If you keep yourself awake until the local nighttime, you’ll be better able to sleep through the night and wake up on the correct circadian schedule. Getting rest that first night is critical to readjusting and having the energy to enjoy your vacation. If you have trouble sleeping in new places, try to bring comforts from home like a sound machine, eye mask, or a supportive pillow that you know will help you sleep more soundly.

5. Explore the area
In the time you’d normally spend napping, visit the local city or local instead! There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the culture than exploring the local sights, fare, and food. Plus, the extra sunlight and exercise will help your circadian rhythm readjust naturally and make you feel less tired.

Jetlag does not have to be an unwelcome stowaway on your trip– try out these tips to keep it under control and enjoy your vacation. What are you waiting for? Book that flight and start treating yourself to some travel and adventuring!

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