9 Cheapest International Christmas Destinations

If you plan to celebrate the Christmas holidays by taking a trip to an international city, we know you have a lot of options. We’d like to suggest some of the following popular destinations as options for your vacation. All of these international destinations are significantly less expensive than they were last year at this time, and offer great value for American travelers.

Manchester, United Kingdom

manchester skyline at night, united kingdomWhen you think of Christmas in England, Manchester might not be the first city that comes to mind. But we think Manchester, a city a little over 200 miles to the north of London, is a great entry point to a very British Christmas. Whether you would like to fly into Manchester and use it as a base for exploring the quaint towns and countryside of north England, or if you’d like to hop on a train and make London your base, Manchester is a great value this year for cost conscious travelers. The flight price from San Francisco is almost $400 less than last year during Christmas week, and the price from New York is an average of $300 less.

Tokyo, Japan

winter trees covered in lights in tokyo, japanIf you’ve long been mulling a Tokyo Christmas trip, this year might be a good time to make it happen. Japan does celebrate Christmas with some very specific traditions – though most Japanese are not Christian, the holiday is considered a secular celebration for lovers. Cities all over the country are lit with many tiny lights, and Tokyo is no exception! From Chicago, you can expect to save $300 or more on a roundtrip flight during Christmas week.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

buenos aires colorful homesLive in the Chicago area and craving a respite from the cold? If so, Buenos Aires is a great “Christmas in Summer” destination. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant nightlife and culture. This year your airline ticket to the Argentinian capital is almost $300 less than it was last year for Christmas week. If you live in Los Angeles, the savings are also significant – almost $200 less than flying for Christmas 2018.

Paris, France

arc du triomphe, paris, franceChristmas is a magical time to visit the City of Lights. And this year, tickets to Paris are a great value from many cities in the United States. Flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco are running almost $250 less than they were last year for Christmas week, while Chicago to Paris roundtrip tickets are around $200 less. Finally, even New York to Paris will save you around $50 – the price of an extra bag and a drink on most airlines.

Papeete, Tahiti

mountains and crystal blue waters of beachThe beautiful island nation of Tahiti is a bucket list destination for a lot of people, but because of its remote location and high cost to get there, sometimes remains unattainable. However, you may not know that the trend for Tahiti over the past few years is that airfares are becoming more affordable into Papeete. This year, flights from Los Angeles and Chicago are (on average) almost $300 less than they were last year at this time.

Lagos, Nigeria

palm trees on beach One unexpected destination on our list is Lagos, Nigeria, which is a great value this year, especially from Chicago. From Chicago O’Hare you can expect to save $220 or more on a round trip airline ticket to the capital of Nigeria. Lagos offers family-friendly beaches to relax on and is filled with activities the bustling metropolis offers.

Melbourne, Australia

colorful shacks on melbourne beachMelbourne is the scrappy, funky cousin to highbrow Sydney. The city puts off an infectious youthful vibe that makes it an ideal destination for a young family or couple looking for a fun, activity-filled holiday. A popular gateway to Melbourne is Los Angeles, where this year you can save nearly $300 over last year’s flights to Australia during Christmas week.

Madrid, Spain

madrid night in spainSpain is a great value overall for Christmas this year, with Barcelona and other points of entry offering affordable airfare from various gateways in the United States. The best prices by far are into Madrid, with significant savings from New York ($140 less), San Francisco ($200 less), and Los Angeles ($220 less). This is great news for travelers, as Madrid is a hub of Spanish culture and Christmas celebration.

Auckland, New Zealand

marina with boats in auckland, new zealand
credit: shutterstock.com

A flight to beautiful New Zealand is long and often very expensive for Americans, which puts it out of reach for many. This year for Christmas it is a lot less expensive for Americans flying from New York. You can expect to save in the ballpark of $250 on airline tickets during Christmas week if you’re flying from the New York metropolitan area.

Beijing, China

the great wall of chinaWith Americans’ interest in China ever growing, this year might be a great time to visit Beijing for the holidays. Flights from the New York area are less than $200 than they were last year for Christmas flights, and flights from Los Angeles are around $125 less as well.

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