Airfare Alert: Holiday Flights Index Trending Low!

The CheapAir Holiday Flights Index is now at the lowest point it has been all year for Christmas and New Year’s flights. Thanksgiving airfares are also near recent lows. Last month the Index took a dip translating into savings for consumers, but now the savings are trending the best they’ve been in 2014. What does this mean for travelers shopping for holiday flights? Now is an optimal time to start researching  your holiday tickets.

Airfare Alert: Holiday rates now at lowest point of the year

At this time, the Christmas / New Year’s airfare index stands at 8,491, which indicates a steep drop of 5% from the recent high of 8,944 just two days ago.

The days of the week you choose to travel can also make a significant difference in airfare cost. Refer to our useful index for the latest trends and best days to fly for the lowest fares. You can shave even more dollars off your airfare cost this Holiday season.

Happy travels and if you have questions or thoughts about holiday flights, please feel free to comment below or tweet to us @CheapAir.


    1. Hi Jnc,

      Unfortunately airlines have reduced flights which has increased demand. Airfares are at the highest they’ve ever been due to this. We’d be happy to help you find the cheapest flights available for the holiday. Where are you departing from and heading to? What are your dates?