Do you have any plans to fly in the New Year? If you do, now might just be a good time to buy. Flight prices are lower than they’ve been in years right now! And with Omicron cases spiking, airfares are likely to get even more affordable in 2022.

Prices are Already Low

According to airline industry experts, Airlines Reporting Corporation ARC), the average cost to fly roundtrip within the U.S. in 2021 is nearly 20% less than the pre-pandemic averages of 2018 and 2019. And with Omicron in play, all indications suggest that 2022 will also be a great year for consumers to buy airline tickets.

It’s a Good Time to Upgrade Too!

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to a premium airline ticket either! In 2021, the average price of a premium economy ticket was 288% more than economy. While that sounds like a lot, in reality, the trend is going in a favorable direction for travelers. In 2020, premium tickets were 365% more expensive. And pre-pandemic? In 2019, average premium ticket prices were a terrifying 430% more expensive than economy.

While we can’t predict what will happen to this trend in 2022, what we do know is that consumers are hankering to get back to longer, more expensive trips. A lot of people prefer to splash out on those longer international flights, where comfort is key. We know premium economy is a good deal for travelers right now. What are you waiting for? Consider booking a premium airline ticket now, while the prices are low!

Traveler Confidence is High

Even with Omicron and other variants “out there,” people are feeling optimistic about travel planning in the new year. With the wide availability of vaccines, as well as people’s desire to get back to their pre-pandemic lives, we can expect more people to be getting on airplanes this year. The fares are low right now. Don’t wait for them to climb, Lock in the best fare now!

Cancellation is Still Easy

There are experts who think we may never return to the cancellation and change policies of yore, where airlines regularly charged you a fee just for making a change. For the moment, those fees are still suspended on most air carriers, and it’s possible (dare we say even likely) that many will retain those policies going forward. It’s been a popular byproduct of pandemic policies. Of course, keep in mind when you rebook a flight you need to change, you are on the hook for the difference in price of that ticket.

Protect Your Price with Price Drop Payback

Still on the fence? Keep in mind that has a little built in protection for our customers every time you buy with us. Should you book a flight and the fare drops after you buy, we’ll credit you up to $100 so you don’t miss out on the better price. Read more about PDP here.

Book that Flight Now!

We hope we’ve inspired you to book your 2022 flights! Please reach out with any questions you have about airfare or inflight services, or even how to book for special situations (unaccompanied minors, disabled travelers, pets). We’re here to help!

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