Weight, What? Airlines Are Discussing Weighing Passengers

May 27, 2021

In “truth is stranger than fiction” travel news, various news outlets are reporting that the airlines are considering weighing passengers before their flights.

travelers in line at airport with baggage

The initiative came about because the current “average passenger weights” are believed to be very out of date.

The average weight of Americans has been rising for many years, and the current numbers are based on outdated information. The Federal Aviation Administration recently issued an advisory where this potential policy change was outlined.

Why is average passenger weight important for airlines?

To make a long story short – the issue is safety. The airlines use this “average passenger weight” to calculate the allowable weights for passengers plus their luggage in order to keep things safe in the air.

How would this impact you?

In the advisory, airlines would be tasked with surveying a random selection of their flight crews and passengers by “random selection.”

The airline would pull random people at boarding to be weighed. If a weigh-in isn’t possible, the passenger will be asked to estimate their own weight and add 10 pounds to account for clothing. If the airline rep has reason to think that a person might be underestimating their own weight – there’s a contingency for that as well. Airline reps would be given latitude to add an additional 10 pounds to the estimation at their discretion.

If this sounds a little intrusive, we get it! And the FAA gets it too. They issued additional guidance for privacy protection including the fact that the scale used must not be visible to others, and that any information gathered must be kept private as well.

image of air travelers in line for checkin

Is this a mandatory requirement?

Still not convinced? At least as of this publication date, the whole plan is volunteers only. So, theoretically if you don’t like the idea, when you are asked to provide this information you will be permitted to decline participation.

All of which begs the question – if it’s optional – how can the airlines hope to get accurate data for their destinations? It seems like a big ask to assume people will be willing to share this personal information, and many people might be offended at the question.

The other option airlines may have at their disposal is to avoid this potential P.R. nightmare altogether and simply estimate weights of passengers based on current demographics.

We’d love to hear what you think about these potential changes? Would you feel comfortable stepping on a scale before a flight if an airline staffer asked you to weigh in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I don’t think it is a good idea to ask at the airport. If for safety reasons then when you but your ticket then is the time you can report your weight then.

    1. I agree with Ruth. When you purchase your ticket is when you should be asked your weight. However some sort of penalty should be imposed, such as not being allowed to board the aircraft, if the customer has significantly lied about their weight.
      Most people wouldn’t want to be weighed at the airport, too intrusive and time consuming.

    2. It should be asked when u buy your ticket. That way it avoids embarrassing people and they will be able to calculate before hand. Question..if a person is going ver weight what is airline going g to do kick that person or someone else off the flight ? This needs to be calculated beforehand not at time of flight. People pay good money for flights and it wouldn’t be fair to kick them off the flight. Definitely needs to be done beforehand while purchasing tickets

    3. I agree with Ruth. If for safety reasons, when you buy your ticket that’s the time to also report your weight. You are more apt to get a truthful response & it wouldn’t take added time when checking in.

    4. I think it is perfectly legitimate to weigh a person. Baggage is weighted. I understand the necessity of knowing how much the weight is in the plane for take off safely and it’s just as important as know the temperature outside to set up the plane for takeoff.
      I am fine with it.

    5. It is an excellent idea. The number of frankly obese people in America continues to grow.
      I am tired of having the passenger next to me flowing into my seat, particularly with Covid!
      Do I would go a step further, if the person is clearly obese pay for two seats not one, why should those of us who pay attention to our weight and condition have to pay or be extremely uncomfortable because if those who do not

    6. Brilliant Ruth! Ask ahead of time. It think many would be embarrassed to tell ones weight face to face, this coming from someone who is 5’ 3” 118 lbs. it would be awkward for me and I’m petite. And you know that most people aren’t going to be honest!

  2. To be absolutely fair, since the bottom line in transporting anything is weight, a stand-on scale like those at semi-weighing facilities that prints a chit for the customer to present at check-in. The cost-of-transportation would be total weight (person, lugguage, carry-on anything) times the cost-per-mile of transportation plus taxes and airline profit. Obviously THAT”s not going to happen!

  3. I fully agree with the airlines. Having accurate data on passenger weight is a very important safety item. The airlines could still protect personal privacy by having weight scales at the security checkpoints. People could scan their ticket as they cross the scales and their weight could be stored in a database for their flight.
    This would give the aircrew an accurate measure of passenger weight without displaying any names. The people at the security checkpoints would not see the passengers weight.

    1. I agree with this method . I wish the airlines would have a few wider seats for the truly wide folks to buy on overseas flights. I am 19 inches wide, but still want to put my arms out to my side. A person 39 inches wide once set center seat by me and it was hard to get breathing room or to the restroom.

      1. I agree! I believe the middle seat should be used by people traveling together. The airlines made a big mistake in my opinion charging a fee for luggage. People get on planes with large amounts of carry-on luggage which makes the cabin heavier as carry on does not get weighed. The luggage weighs half the amount of the passenger.

    2. I am totally in when it comes to safety. I have read the USA is extremely high in obese population. If this phenomenon is going to impact flying safety, then the airlines must do what it must.
      What!? You’re a 300 lbs. fat guy and you want to keep the numbers a secret? Gimme a break!

    3. Perfect I agree with this idea. I worry sometimes getting on a plane if it is too heavy will it get off the ground ok. I watch to many air disasters I guess but it is a fact

    4. No such thing as digital prvacy. Wake up. Once this occurs? Passengers will be required to submit their medical history because they could get an attack or activation of symptoms in air. Oh but wait- all that is already allowed under the vaccine passports. You slaves will consent to anything. Including future brain probes before boarding to ensure you wont cause a ruckus in flight or argue with the flight attendant. What a mob of slaves. Useless Eaters is right…

  4. I think this a horrific idea and as intrusive as you can get. I would definitely decline not because I’m a woman and not that I’m overweight, I am 5’0” and weigh 130 lbs. I would
    decline because that is my private information and how this country is going I’m quite sure my right to decline will be taken away from me and I know that haters are saying if it is so private why did she post it, that’s very simple it’s because I’m not in a public airport and having the scale out of sight doesn’t help because we all know that soon as you see an overly obese person being pulled to the side talk and laughter will start while inconsiderate people try guessing their weight which would be so disrespectful and disgusting.

    1. It has nothing to do with the country you live in.I think it’s a good idea it’s for safety other wise if the plane is too heavy it can’t fly.

    2. I can see how most (including myself) would find this intrusive, from a self centered point of view. Fact is; most Americans are not only selfish, but a huge portion of our population is, frankly, WAY overweight. I’m not suggesting for one second that there should be a law against being overweight. Shoot! This is America! That said: if people chose to be excessive in their lifestyle, a private company can choose to ask that that person own their condition. If you excess alcohol, you can’t drive. Narcotics? Don’t come to work! Your Obese? Fine! But you have to pay for two seats. It on YOU! Not the airlines. Taking responsibility for our own actions seems to be an issue for most people, these days! Too bad, so sad!

    3. I can see how most (including myself) would find this intrusive, from a self centered point of view. Fact is; most Americans are not only selfish, but a huge portion of our population is, frankly, WAY overweight. I’m not suggesting for one second that there should be a law against being overweight. Shoot! This is America! That said: if people chose to be excessive in their lifestyle, a private company can choose to ask that that person own their condition. If you excess alcohol, you can’t drive. Narcotics? Don’t come to work! Your Obese? Fine! But you have to pay for two seats. It on YOU! Not the airlines. Taking responsibility for our own actions seems to be an issue for most people, these days! Too bad, so sad!

    4. Many years ago I was a freight handler loading planes for a freight company. It was very important that the takeoff weight, did not exceed a certain amount. Today with densely packed Airliners, it is equally important. Is your privacy more important than your personal safety? If a plane is overloaded, it could fail to become airborne. You want to risk that?

    5. Every time I pick up a prescription at my local Walgreen pharmacy I have to yell out my address and date of birth. Nothing is private any more.

  5. In the airlines industry for weight and balance each person is calculated to around 150lbs. But since the 50lbs limit for checked luggage more travellers are known to put more items in their personal bags n carry ons; so if it’s a safety issue then it’s advisable that any outdated or calculated weight as it applies to each individual traveling be reconsidered.

  6. Most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard
    Airline prices have double and now they want to do this

  7. We are headed somewhere people. Our country celebrated Independence day EVERY year in remembrance of freedom and a democracy. They are methodically infringing on personal freedoms. We’d better wake up or one day it’ll be too late. They have other methods for gathering this information and they should definitely use them.

  8. Why not weigh the passengers and their luggage in all to ensure that the aeroplane carries only the allowed weight. It is a security measure and must be accepted.

  9. If it makes flying safer for all of us then I think its an proposition that should be seriously considered.

  10. No problem. Put in a scale like is used to weigh trucks hauling cargo. Plane is weighed empty, amount of fuel is calculated, then weigh on scale after loading is completed . You have an accurate weight for everything. No guess work unless you do not know how much fuel you have….. then we all in trouble! lol

  11. I think it hilarious that anyone would frown on this. You know we can all see what you look like anyway and knowing your exact number is irrelevant😆
    I am fine with them weighing everyone. We should all stand on a scale at the metal detector.

  12. I think the current average weight of Americans is a known demographic and they should just change their guidelines. Plenty of information is available that shows how much we’ve gained over the decades – just use that.

  13. the airlines should charge to use overhead bins and allow two bags to be check in if less than 50 lbs free.
    the carry on that is being allowed is really STUPID. charge them for usage and deplaning would go so much smoother and faster

  14. Instead of weighing passengers, why don’t they weigh the numerous carry on bags going on flights. Some have large shoulder bags, backpacks, and suitcases. They all weigh over the 50 pound allowed checked bag!

  15. Great idea. Safety needs always to be the first consideration. Second should be comfort. I’ve been stuck sandwiched between obese people, I find it disgusting.

  16. I think it is a bad idea to get weighed before flights and it is not their business how much you weigh and it is your privacy

  17. What was failed to be mentioned is the issue is Fuel Calculations. The loaded fuel is mathematically estimated based on the aircraft weight and the cargo weight. The more weight, the more fuel is needed to compensate. They don’t automatically fill jets to capacity becasue they do not want to land with a heavier weight. So it is calculated to get to the destination, and a plus or minus for emergencies, storms, fly arounds, etc….etc….

  18. I am overweight and yes it would offend me. I agree with Doug, we have to walk in the screening cage (I call it). Why couldn’t it be an automatic behind the scene thing. Scan ticket, scan body, and process weight as you get scanned. Gather information without showing it out and load. You don’t need to know the name because you’re just trying to find a new average.

  19. I agree about the weight, but also went you purchase the fly ticket there should be a form that ask the persons weight

  20. I understand safety concerns & knowing weight on an aircraft is essential. Might I suggest that the airlines take a step back to earlier years, when they didn’t try to cram as many folks in a plane as they can. Dollars is the bottom line for airlines, but reducing the current seating numbers would increase comfort for passengers and reduce weight issue concerns. My 2 cents…

  21. I think they should ask at time of booking. They could put it on the ticket then if it looks like they did not tell the truth then pull them aside at the airport. It would allow the airlines to determine the amount of tickets they could sell per flight

  22. My safety comes way before my vanity. I think weight should be a mandatory factor. Smokers cannot some on airplane. Too bad. Grossly overweight people need to buy more space. Too bad. Privacy issues? You’ve got to be kidding. The internet knows just about anything about anybody. HIPA? Not really. People receiving covid vaccines have their entire medical.history available to whomever administering the vaccine.

  23. I wouldn’t object. What they could do is put weigh stations at self check in or passenger check in that prints the person’s weight on their Boarding Pass with the option to decline.

  24. I understand that the estimated weight of passengers needs to be adjusted and updated. It would be nice if they would use the information for seat size as well as leg room too.

    1. The people that do not know what the “Safety first” mean will not agree with any kind of suggestions that people would give. Somethings should be done in the airline industry, that cowers prices,luggage,taxes for overseas countries, and finally overweight of the people should be taken in account and do something about.

    2. I so agree with you!!! Even a “normal” weight person gets crushed in those narrow little airline seats. I get the deal about accurate weight for safety but could we put a little comfort into the equation also?

  25. Weight everyone as they go through the TSA screening process. Put a scale in the x-ray screen to captured their weight.

  26. I understand the need of knowing weight for safety but you can’t ask random people to get in a scale in front of others even if it’s concealed from view. This is crazy. They better think of another way. I like the idea of at ticket purchase to ask but it has to be optional.

  27. I wouldn’t mind at all. Weight is a funny issue for some people which I don’t understand. I mean it doesn’t make since because I could tell you I weigh 100 pounds but you can look at me and tell that’s a lie. You look like you look and to lie about your weight doesn’t make you look any smaller or bigger. I weigh 175 pounds and I might fool you 5-10 pounds but not much. Same with age. It is what it is.


  28. A much less intrusive way of doing this would be to allow a set weight for passengers with baggage. Allow 20kg + whatever the average these days is. Back in the old days it was 150 per person.

    Your ticket would include, say 200 lbs for you and your baggage

  29. Nice article but you fail to mention the real motivation behind the weight idea, and while it’s nice to say it’s about safety, it’s not, it’s about saving money on fuel. Incredible how even a little bit of added weight can significantly increase fuel costs. When airlines switched to Ipad flight manual for pilots in lieu of the large heavy telephone book like manuals the savings was in the seven digit range…imagine what’s possible by charging passengers additional fees for excessive weight. They have been pondering this idea for a while and while it probably will face litigation to the highest court it’s a plan by the airlines to add a new “ancillary” charge though I wouldn’t call it that, its more of a way for airlines to not just recoup their expense but to profit from it as well.

  30. That is NOT a good idea it would leave some in an extremely VUNERABLE position, allowing EXTENSIVE CRUELTY and embarrassment a chance for another kind of DISCRIMINATION and EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE of PRIVACY

  31. Yes, if you are saying the average person is getting bigger, than why are you making the seats smaller wirh less leg room. I think this is just going to be a way of charging the bigger person more for their ticket! And if they want to know your name weight, they xan ask it at tine of purchasing ticket. There is no need to embarrass someone and pull them out of line in front of everyone. That is just plain disrespectful.

  32. I think this is an excellent idea as over weight people are becoming the norm in America. It’s a growing problem and a safety issue for airlines. Too many obese people on a flight could really affect the total weight of the plane, and it’s a real challenge to sit next to an overweight person on a long flight.

  33. If safety is the issue than capture the total weight of all passengers and that can be done by installing scales in the scanner and an aggregate amount sent to the captains of each flight . The results will show that Americans are getting bigger while airline seats and space is shrinking.

  34. Every item that is shipped, by any means, weight is the common denominator reference to cost.
    Why not have that entered into the computer? Stepping on our Bathroom scale, I weighed 204 lbs. Whilst not wearing clothes. I am an 85-year-old white guy. In 1964 coming out of National Service, I was 215 lbs.
    I would not be offended at being asked to be weighed.

  35. I agree with Larry Roberts. Weight is very important for safety! I always remember our lost of Roberto Clemente, on a New Year’s Eve because of the over weight of the airplane bringing help to Managua, Nicaragua. The lives are very important!

  36. Why don’t they make the base of the scanning machine a scale. Then they would be checking each person and collecting their weight data

  37. It’s never going to happen, but I think it’s prudent from a safety standpoint. I stumped the agent at the check-in counter once when I asked why they wanted to charge me $50 for a bag that was overweight by 3 pounds (I’m 5 ft, 110 lbs), but the 300 lb guy next to me at check-in wasn’t being overcharged for anything. Curious, indeed.

  38. Passenger weights should be part of flying safety. When ticketing, estimated weigh should be given for each person flying. Pilots must have correct total weight of flight including baggage, cargo an fuel weight. This is for the safety of all concerned. If estimated weight of passenger is in doubt at the boarding gate, a scale should be available in a private place as to avoid any embarrassment to agents and passengers alike.

  39. if this is strictly for the purpose claimed and no other hidden agenda *e.g. eventual justification for price hike) it is reasonable. However, doing it in the eye of the public will make some uncomfortable. There are other avenues to gather this information. Al this information is on government-issued driver licenses and international passports. Why duplicate the effort? Why give an airline agent the discretional power to add to weight or height? these open the door for more inaccuracy and undue subjectivity.

  40. yes, I agreed , if the carrier can support only a 200 pounds for a square feet, it is crazy to load a 250 pounds per square feet, it is unsafe .

  41. The airlines have already started to address the problem of passenger weight when they narrowed their seat sizes. When you sit in them it is obvious that someone who is grossly overweight would never fit.

  42. Why can’t they build a scale into the floor of the x-ray machine at security that everyone has to go through and have it hooked up to a computer that records the individual’s weight without anyone seeing it?

  43. The actions at the airport are already intrusive and intimidating enough making you feel like a criminal at the very start. I won’t step on a sticken scale for your warped idea.

    Just be happy the airline CEO’s are making way too much money for cramping in “people ” like sardines. Have some respect you greedy America!

  44. The actions at the airport are already intrusive and intimidating enough making you feel like a criminal at the very start. I won’t step on a sticken scale for your warped idea.

    Just be happy the airline CEO’s are making tons of money for cramping in “people ” like sardines. Have some respect you greedy America!

  45. Let me respond to those who object to this Rule. Once I was traveling to the Bahamas and I saw two passengers who looked like twin each weighing more than 400 lbs. The flight attendant was very embarrassed trying to accommodate them. They were so big and could not be accommodated in the seats. The flight was fully booked and the Attendant decided to lift the two middle arm-rests and invited both to sit and share the three seats. The passenger who lost his seat, was asked to disembark and talk to the Land Agent to accommodate him. Most passengers objected and insisted that the two passengers should pay for the tree seats. During a different trip, I was coming back from Australia and sitting in the First class. behind me, was a passenger who bought two seats in First Class, one for himself and the other for “DAVID”. When the flight was ready to depart. The Flight Attendant asked the passenger to move his attaché case and place it under the seat. He yelled and said: NO, This seat belongs to David and David is my attaché case. Surprisingly, David stayed in the seat next to him and no one dared to say anything to him because he paid for the seat, preventing another passenger to travel. There must be a “PASSENGER MANUAL” containing Rules And Passenger Regulations. Another time I was a First Class passenger to Sydney, Australia and the Gentleman sitting next to me thought he is the King of Shebaa. When he wanted a Drink, he raised his glass and expected a flight attendant to respond. Very politely, I said to the Man; why don’t you push the button for someone to come and help you. With a TYPICAL ENGLISH ACCENT, he said to me: NO I do not have to call them, they must come from time to time and ask if I need anything. He added; those attendants are a bunch uneducated persons and their function is as servers. I objected and told him that I am a frequent traveler and I believe that most Flight Attendants are University Graduates, and I knew some of them still working on their Master or PhD. He gave me a dirty look and disagreed with me. He repeated that they are Servants. My trip was one of the most unpleasant and good lesson trying to ensure who is sitting next to me. When I was still active, my total mileage was close to 200,000 Miles annually and happen to be remembered by many flight attendants as soon as I board. Now, I am retired and no longer a frequent flier. May be two or three flights a year.

  46. An idea or suggestion: At security check point, after scanning your ticket, an invisible scale can be installed on the floor of the body scan. This way the process would not hinder any possibility of being intrusive, it’s only known on the data that is input into the system. It’s also private, no one will see or know other than the airline data system.
    Also, an additional increased seat inches & leg room (in the “economy/economy” section would be greatly appropriate & appreciated. You can agree that the “economy/economy” section is a bit tight and to pay extra for comfort is a bit greedy and inappropriate…give me a break!

  47. The actions at the airport are already intrusive and intimidating enough making you feel like a criminal at the very start. I won’t step on a sticken scale for your warped idea.

    Just be happy the airline CEO’s are making tons of money for cramping in “people ” like sardines. Have some respect you greedy America!

    I just submitted my comment and was told it was repeated, and therefore, rejected my comment. Bunch of liars!

  48. I agree, and it’s a safety issue, not civil rights. For many of us, standing on the scale would not be comfortable, but as long as no one is calling out weights it’s acceptable. I can visualize a discreet floor panel at the check-in counter with a connection to a computer that’s keeping track of total accumulated weight checking in, which can then be added to the cargo total.

  49. Does that mean persons who weigh less pay less and children fly free? I think not. Say a 200lb person pays twice that of a 100lb person?

  50. Are the overweight person will have especial seat(I mean bigger seat)since they are charged extra?

  51. I think the airlines need to stop packing the planes like sardines in a can. If they are do so concerned. Eliminate some seats so people can be comfortable. This is just more information about each of us that no one needs to know. Last I knew. This is AMERICA. The land of the free

  52. On a flight to LA five hours I got stuck in a middle seat next to someone who had to be 400 pounds. She took half my seat. They should be required to buy two seats

  53. Doesnt the airline have a final weight report before taking off. That should be adequate to see if they are within limits or not. On the other hand i do agree that they should weigh the passengers and if they exceed a certain weight should lpay more for the ticket and likewise pay less if you are under weight. Today Airline transportation has become more like cargo because we get nothing to eat or drink and so we are just shipment of cargo. Go for it and price it by the weight

  54. It would be fine if you weighed everyone while holding their carry on luggage to get an accurate weight for the plane!

  55. Definitely not! Like we don’t wait in lines for TSA, customs, whatever long enough! and violates my privacy. Probably another way for airlines to make money, bet they will charge if you are over a certain weight. I would say, go with a more appropriate average. Has any plane gone down because of outdated weight estimates? Time to think about building better planes? or larger and less seats? Of course, again, that’s less money for them. Just some thoughts…

  56. Why not ask for volunteers from the general public and use their weights to update the information they need regarding passenger weight rather than creating a public relations nightmare and being terribly intrusive! C’mon folks….these planes have been flying for decades without updated information and have not crashed because of overweight passengers! If it is a matter of knowing the height and weight of the standard American male and female of 2021, I assure you, that could easily be obtained from a government health agency which compiles that information.
    Aside from that each plane should be built to carry at least 10 % of it heaviest weight! From what is said in this article, planes have been carrying extra weight due to change in passenger weight for quite a few years…why all of a sudden is it now wise to weigh passengers? Will they use it to increase seat size or passenger space? No…they will have reason to add more $$$ to ticket price if a passenger’s weight does not register I the acceptable range! It’s a new type of discrimination for something out of the public norm.

  57. I have always thought heavier passengers should be charged extra. They weigh our luggage and charge for extra weight the same should go for passengers.

  58. It is all about safety folks. The air crew needs to know how much weight is on the plane to take off before running out of runway! Flying a military transport a few years ago all the pax (people) had to get all the way in the back because of the cargo in the front just so the plane would lift off. Nobody really cares how much you weigh they just need some accurate numbers.

  59. I do agree with the airlines,for safety reasons. I do wish the airlines would have a few wider seats for those who would like to fly but can’t because of there weight.

  60. Why not lower the bag weight limit to 25lbs? Checking a 50 lb bag seems almost ridiculous.
    There is the issue of profit to consider too. If the passenger load is lighter, they can put more mail/cargo on board. They do it all the time. I almost didn’t make it back from Hong Kong because the profit wasn’t in people, it was in cargo.
    So, they can’t tell overweight people that they can’t fly. What will the ticket cost at that point? 50% more? You’ll either have to be the right size or rich enough to afford the up charge. What if you’re only 10lbs overweight? Is the charge the same as someone who is 50 lbs overweight? Interesting. There’s a lot to consider if they are going to implement something like this.

  61. If weight is truly the reason, which I don’t think it is, and individuals are sensitive about claiming their personal weight, just have a gross weight maximum and when the passenger count meets this weight, no more folks can board the plane.

  62. This measure is instructive and will only serve to make overweight people feel bad!!! If you MUST get this information it should be dealt with at the time of ticket purchase.

  63. Majority of Americans are overweight. Just how much weight can be on a plane before the flight is compromised? Plus….. I travel a lot. I hate it when my neighbor or lifts the arm rest and takes up half of my seat snd I am squished the entire flight. I am a paying customer and I bought a full seat.

  64. Safety is the issue. We all live with rules we don’t like, however the choice is ultimately up to the person to travel or not. I prefer being safe.

  65. I think when you walk through the detector the scale should be below you right there built into it so total discretion will be made

  66. Absolutely! I’ll be more than glad to comply. I get very nervous when I see very heavy people in the same flight, I’ve always wondered who is calculating all that extra weight and the toll on the engine, fuel, etc. Please, do. You know my age, my credit card info, my address. Why shouldn’t you know my weight? I’m 5’4” weigh 130 lbs, feel free to add 15 lbs because I wear a lot of of clothing and chunky shoes.

  67. This is not new: All passengers AND their carry-ons were weighed on a flight we took that changed planes in Tokyo. It was several years ago, and I do not remember the airline. But it makes perfect sense, as the amount of carry-on is increasing also.

  68. I have been advocating this for many years; I weigh 130 lbs and why should I be allowed only 50 lbs for my luggage; my total weight is 180 lbs; another person who weighs 230 lbs has a total allowance of 280 lbs; not fair; price of tickets should be commensurate with total weight of passenger and luggage.

  69. As a pilot, I know that proper weight and balance is extremely important to safety. Everyone could be weighed WITH their luggage and carryons. Things would be much safer. I was on a flight once where the luggage had to be removed and sent on another plane because of weight. I would guess that the total weight of passenger/luggage would nearly always be more than 200 pounds. I have been know to weigh my suitcase as checkin…it might be over 50 pounds. So, I just take something out of the suitcase and put it in my carryon. Hmmm. Not safe at all.

  70. Safety first is paramount and no person should have any qualms about being weighed.
    Who cares who knows how much you weigh. It’s not rocket science to figure out who is obese.
    I suspect there are fatties out there are fearful such a practice may develop in to charging prices based upon weight.
    Airlines have an obligation to keep us safe. Nobody should be concerned about being weighed.

  71. I think it is ok we have to think this is for the safety of the passengers. It isn’t because the airlines care but maybe they will be a good question to ask at the time when the ticket is buying so nobody will get offended

  72. Whatever ensures safety is utmost important for everyone. I’m sure the airlines can come up with a respectful procedure.

  73. A great idea, especially when you see the size of some passengers. To the extent possible, over size/ over weight people should be required to buy two seats. I don’t relish the thought of sitting next to a 300-pound person.

  74. Just weigh the plane before and after boarding, take the difference and divide by the number of passengers. Don’t have a scale big enough to weigh a plane? The plane must have spring suspension in its landing gear- calibrate how much that is compressed for a given amt of weight, and you have a built-in scale.

  75. Understandably weight of an aircraft is a vitally important aspect of air travel but, why take the risk of embarrassing any customers which could create future ramifications such as law suits, etc? Instead of packing the aircraft with seats that give each person a tiny seating area maybe the airlines should go back to more space and less seats which would equal less weight!! Easy-Peasy!!

  76. Understandably weight of an aircraft is a vitally important aspect of air travel but, why take the risk of embarrassing any customers which could create future ramifications such as law suits, etc? Instead of packing the aircraft with seats that give each person a tiny seating area maybe the airlines should go back to more space and less seats which would equal less weight!! Easy-Peasy!!

  77. The Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash in 1985 killed 256 soldiers. One of the possible causes suspected was use of the 150 lb standard weight assumption, which was obviously an inadequate assessment for a strong, health solder in his prime. Investigators concluded it should be more like 220 lbs if the soldiers duffel bags were considered. That could mean the pilots underestimated the weight of the airplane by 18,000 lbs. Jumbos can carry more than 400 passengers. The weight standard needs to be changed.

  78. Totally agree with the airlines on this one! Estimating 150 pounds per person is totally outdated. Safety is always the #1 priority.
    If people object to being weighed then they don’t have to fly. And like everything else, we’ll all eventually get used to the new rules with weighing passengers so just go with it!

  79. Hmm how come they were not thinking about weights when they decided to add more rows, make spaces uncomfortable, to be able to get more people and have some seats more expensive within the coach class. If they remove some rows they would be able to fit less people and less Weight.

  80. This is a topic I think of frequently. First, we are required to show id at the airport. My drivers license supplies my weight. I am tall, which creates other problems. I think the airlines should consider weight. How is it fair that someone twice my weight pays the same as I do. Why should I pay for luggage, and they carry on an extra persons weight. I can’t tell you how many times I felt like a sardine my whole flight because the passenger next to me was enormous.

  81. What’s more important, safety or someone’s stupidity and selfishness ?
    If your so self conscience about your weight, you need to monitor your food intake.

  82. I would be comfortable being weighed, along with my bags. Perhaps there is an average safe weight for each seat/ticket and if a person goes over, they pay extra or don’t carry as much. If a person pays more for their weight…body and stuff…how does that effect the rest of the passengers? Maybe they fly stand by to see how much more weight the plane can carry.

  83. All very well safety (and, yes, airlines should always have rigorous safety standards). BUT, I can see slim people like me being penalised for the general populations’ weight having increased. I’m all for it, but on the basis that there is a total weight allowance (baggage + personal weight). If hold luggage allowance is decreased because there are so many more people addicted to sugar and eating unhealthily, I will not be a happy camper!

  84. I’m for it because I’m tired of sharing my seat and folding my arms to avoid rubbing up against a stranger. Stay out of my space.

  85. I think it’s 100% fair. like others have said, any transport is based on weight. If an airplane’s cargo could be 2-3x as heavy on a particular flight, I’m sure it may effect things like fuel consumption. Not to mention the comfort of other customers, in extreme cases.

  86. They should make one of those sizing boxes for people at the gate, like they use for carry on bags XD

  87. I don’t believe this is a good idea. What happens to the people who are really over weigh. This will be embarrassing to them if weighed at the airport. What the airline needs to do is create more bigger sit for the people who are over weigh. I agree that people should state their weight when buying ticket so that adequate sit can be assigned to them. It is also not fair to someone who purchase a ticket, skinny, and assigned with someone who is really heavy. It can be very uncomfortable. I had that experience before and I must say that I was not a happy camper because my space was invaded.

  88. I do think something needs to be done to get a more accurate weight and I wouldn’t care if the airlines made sure my weight was not viewed by others and was done anonymously, especially if it was for safety purposes.

    1. Safety should be priority. The excessive carryon luggage is a different bear. Regards to the concern with passenger weight, It is easy enough to obtain a customers weight upon purchase of the ticket. The online portal should explain that inconsistent reporting could result in extra fees at check-in. Should the persons exceed a certain weight, the ticket should increase and a wider seat should be assigned. Airlines would need to establish seating accordingly. Finally, airlines have diminished the flying experience-limited leg room, narrower seats, etc. year-over-year, airlines are making billions in the additional fees.

  89. I am against this idea there is several people overweight or severely overweight in this world that fly and will be insecure, picked, and embarrassed if you start weighing us because how would you handle someone that is severely overweight and with 10 pounds of luggage they can’t get on the flight they got to wait for the next one they had a ride by they self on a whole flight like that doesn’t make no sense I don’t think you should do that and I understand that safety is the most important thing first because I do want to make it to my destination now which I can do is when people booked a flight put they in with the flight and y’all can balance it out like that y’all know how many people to put on that plane and how many people to put on another plane and how much weight to put on one plane how much weight to put on another plan to do it like that and it won’t have people so fussy about this idea

  90. You can have people put they weighing in when they booked they ticket and that way you know how to distribute the weight

  91. I realize airlines need to run a safe airline but who is to say who is obese and who isn’t. Their is some people that have medical conditions are we supposed to carrie a note from the doctor explaining their medical private information. Another point I would liked to add is why were the seats adjusted to smaller positions so they could add more passengers this made the passengers more uncomfortable. My felling is airlines are looking for away to increase fares. This all sounds like discrimination to me they really need to find a different way to gauge the weight .

  92. What is a vaccine passport? Do I need to get one? I’m fully vaccinated and I’m getting a COVID test this week because I’m leaving this weekend to Central America. I know I have get the COVID test in 72 hours or in 3 days. I appreciate it if you back to me about that question. Thanks

    1. Hi Tom, currently there is no need for a vaccine passport unless the specific country you are visiting requires it. However, you will need proof of a negative COVID-19 test before returning to the US. Thank you

  93. What is a vaccine passport? Do I need to get one? I’m going on my trip this weekend to Central America. I’m fully vaccinated and in getting a COVID test this week. I would appreciate it if you would get back to me. This is the fourth time I sent an e mail . No response from anyone.

    1. Hi Tom, you do not yet need a vaccine passport at this time. If you emailed our support with a specific reservation you should have received an email, please check your junk/spam folder for a reply. Thank you

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