Alaska Airlines, known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, just implemented a new checked bag policy that might raise a few eyebrows. Starting from January 2, 2024, passengers flying in Economy without additional frequent flier status or a credit card providing a complimentary bag will notice an increase in their baggage fees. 

How much is the Alaska Airlines checked baggage increase?

The first checked bag, which used to cost $30, will now be $35. The second bag will be $45 instead of $40. Additional baggage remains unchanged at $150 per bag.

Though the increase is a modest $5, any adjustment in pricing tends to be met with mixed reactions. Alaska Airlines last adjusted its baggage prices in 2018, introducing a tiered system that replaced the flat $25 fee for the first two bags. Passengers entitled to a free checked bag will continue to enjoy this benefit.

Which passengers will avoid the increased fees?

First-class passengers will still receive two free checked bags. Those with the Alaska Airlines Visa and Alaska Airlines Visa Business credit cards will enjoy a complimentary first checked bag. Additionally, elite travelers holding the MVP Gold 100K and MVP Gold 75K Status, earned through flying 100,000 and 75,000 miles, are entitled to as many as three free checked bags on each flight.

Why has Alaska Airlines increased their checked bag fees?

Alaska Air Group cited rising operating costs including high fuel prices as the impetus to the increase. 

Will this move cause other airlines to increase their checked bag fees as well?

This change might leave some travelers wondering about the future. Industry experts are also speculating about whether other airlines will follow suit in a potential domino effect. After all, the commercial airline industry does like to act in tandem. If there’s an opportunity to increase revenue, it’s easy to see how the other airlines might fall in line. 

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