Alaska Airlines’ new entertainment system turns heads – at a price

Travelers in the Pacific Northwest have likely noticed something different about Alaska Airlines, as the west coast carrier has introduced a new handheld entertainment option that has proven popular with passengers.

The new advanced digEplayer maybe the future of inflight entertainment. The light-weight device offers a touch-screen interface that allows passengers to browse new-release movies and television programs, access the NFL Network, sample ReelzChannel Hollywood programming and play interactive video games all from the palm of their hands.

Alaska Airlines’ new entertainment system turns heads – at a price
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“We’re pleased to offer our customers an enhanced entertainment option on our flights,” said Joe Sprague, the airline’s vice president of marketing. “The new digEplayer is smaller and lighter than a laptop, has a much longer battery life and provides exciting and unique content for our travelers.”

While the technical aspects and entertainment options afforded by the new players have proven a hit with fliers, the cost of the devices has not.

To use one of the digEplayers, passengers will have to rent the item for the duration of their flight. Passengers on flights longer than 4.5 hours will have to shell out $14 to rent one of the players, while those on shorter flights will have to pay $8.

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