American Airlines cancels bereavement fares

  • March 4, 2014
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Unfortunately, American Airlines has just announced that it will no longer offer special “bereavement fares” to passengers who must book last-minute flights due to a relative’s death. American Airlines says the reason for the change was to make their policy consistent with US Airways’ policy because of the recent merger between the two airlines.

American Airlines bereavement fares

The good news is that if you already have a future flight booked on American Airlines and need to book a bereavement ticket, American Airlines will allow you to cancel the future flight and apply that reservation credit toward the cost of a last-minute flight. American Airlines will also waive the reservation change fee (usually $200 for a domestic flight).

Another option if you do unfortunately need a last-minute bereavement fare is United Airlines who offers a 5 percent discount off the lowest available rate. Delta also offers flexibility on published fares while Southwest and Virgin America do not offer bereavement fares. In order to book a bereavement fare, passengers should contact the airline directly.

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