American Airline’s first and second checked bag fees are increasing starting on February 20, 2024 by $5 – $10. According to American Airline, the increased costs will apply for travel on all domestic flights and some international flights. Travelers should keep in mind, all bag fees are non-refundable and apply per person, at each check-in location, each way.

How much is the American Airlines checked baggage increase?

American Airlines increased checked baggage fees by $5 – $10 for domestic flights, depending on when you purchase your bags. The cost to check a bag when flying on American Airlines for travel within and between the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands now starts at $40 for the 1st checked bag, up from $30. Costs for the 2nd checked bag fee is now $45, which is up from $40.

For some international flights, American has increase bag fees as well. The cost to check a bag when traveling to/from Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and Guyana will now be $35 for the 1st checked bag and the 2nd checked bag fee is $45.

How can you save on American Airlines bag fees?

Travelers flying on American Airlines can avoid paying the full baggage fee for the first checked bag when you pre-pay for your bags ahead of time. Don’t wait in line at the airport. You can save time and money when you pay at check-in and you can check up to 3 bags too. To pre-pay and save on bag fees when you check-in on or in the American Airlines app. For those who travel often and prefer to check a bag on American Airlines, you can check out these AAdvantage partnered credit cards which allow you to earn rewards and save on bag fees.

What other changes can travelers expect from American Airlines?

American Airlines also announced that, effective May 1, 2024, it will be changing the way travelers earn AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points on flights. More specifically, only certain bookings will earn AAdvantage Miles and Loyalty Points. To learn more about American Airlines’ mileage and points updates here. You can still earn points and miles when you book on by entering your frequent traveler number when booking.

Will other airlines increase bag fees?

Recently this year, Alaska Airlines raised it’s checked bag fees in January. Now it’s American Airlines in February. That’s two of the U.S. domestic carriers who have increased their bag fees. Will more airlines follow this recent trend? It’s hard to say for certain, but it’s likely. Incrementally, the cost to check a bag has increased over time since 2008 when airlines began to unbundle bags from the cost of your flight. What was once “included in the airfare” has now become a common acceptance. This does beg the question, how much is too much and how much are you willing to pay to check your bag on a flight?

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