During the pandemic, most airlines suspended in-flight alcohol sales. A rash of “passengers behaving badly” stories prompted this policy change, combined with the airlines’ preference for no-touch service standards. But over the past few months, U.S.-based airlines all brought back their alcohol service – while American stayed dry.

American Airlines last to bring back alcohol sales

It’s taken a while, but American finally decided to lift their ban on alcohol sales – and as of April 18 – you’ll once again be permitted to purchase beer and wine on your American flights. Beer will cost $8 each and spirits will be $9 each (the same prices as before the pandemic). You’ll also be able to purchase snacks, which range in price from $4-6.

Complimentary drinks are back too

Those travelers who bought Main Cabin Extra tickets with extra seat room will once again receive complimentary drinks, just as they did prior to the pandemic.

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