You may not know that was the first to accept Bitcoin for flights way, way back in 2013, and we continue to support and advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Today we have some exciting news for cryptocurrency fans.

Over the years, we’ve offered a collection of currencies expanding on that initial offering and we’ve also expanded to help you pay for hotels with Bitcoin as well as flights with Bitcoin and crypto.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce more cryptocurrency payment choices than ever before. The digital currencies we now accept:

If Bitcoin is your digital currency of choice, you’ll continue to pay us directly, as has been our practice for the last few years.

Some of you may be new to, but you should also know that we’ve been around for more than 30 years (yep, pre-Internet), and we value the community of folks from all corners of the crypto community. We listen to your needs and do our best every day to bring you an experience you love.

Please let us know how we’re doing in the comments below. We love to keep the dialogue going, and have been known to make changes/improvements based on direct customer feedback.

Shop for flights with digital currencies


  1. Sent ETH, transaction confirmed, but the booking needed to be changed and was cancelled during processing. No balance on account, no customer service to call and a couple thousand dollars in the wind.

    • Hi Dave, I do see you reached our help desk yesterday and that your reservation was set up for a refund. Thank you

  2. It’s good to hear cryptocurrencies are accepted nowadays by many businesses from various industries. No doubt digital currency is the future however the question is how safe it is.

  3. This company has the best customer service out of al airline companies They also have the best prices and the representative on the phone understands the customer and there wants I would recommend this organization to anybody.

  4. I’ve have several people reach out through social media, and ask if I was interested. I’m interested, but know nothing about it, but love learning. I get excited to learn new things especially if I can pass that knowledge on to others!
    So here I am, ready to dip my toes in, and learn if the 💦 is warm or cold!!🤪😜

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