Announcing Planes and Amtrak Trains – Only on CheapAir

Today we’re excited to announce that CheapAir® is the first and only website in the United States to combine flight and train travel into one seamless shopping experience! Only on can you book a flight, a train, or a flight in one direction and a train in the other in one simple travel itinerary.

Amtrak Trains on

Here’s how it works. When you search for certain locations, say a trip between Boston and Washington D.C., you’ll see both flight and train options for your trip. Choose whatever combination of flights and/or trains you want, and checkout in one simple step with your credit card. It’s that simple.

As of today, we are introducing railway fares between New York and Boston, New York and Washington D.C., and Boston and Washington D.C. – Amtrak’s three most popular routes – with routes on the West Coast and Midwest coming soon, including trips between Los Angeles and San Diego, Portland and Seattle, and Chicago and Saint Louis.

On, you also have the option of standard trains or Acela Express trains, which reach speeds up to 150mph to reduce travel time.

When traveling by train, or flight + train, you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of booking with CheapAir including access to your Personal Travel Advisor and Price Drop Payback™, which guarantees up to $100 in travel credits if the fare price drops after the date of purchase.

For any help or questions, just contact the CheapAir support team. Happy travels.


  1. I only see an option for “check flights” on this page…not one that gives me an option of checking Amtrak as well.

  2. I am trying to book a flight from where I live (Dallas-Fort Worth) to Jackson Hole-Yellowstone National Park area and finding that the flights there are actually cheaper now than in September when I will be going. My question is why are the flights more expensive in September than in May, June, and July at the height of summer travel?

    Which would be a better flight deal to get-booking a flight for the week before Labor Day (August 24-August 31) or the week that I had initially intended to go Sept 6-13 of this year? What are the best ways to book a flight for savings-on a weekend, early in the week? What days are best to fly to a destination and back for savings?

    Since I am flexible as to where to go, would a flight into Los Angeles where I would rent a car to drive the Big Sur highway 1 up to San Francisco and fly home from San Francisco be a better option as far as air fare costs go? I would go to LA Sept 6 and leave from San Francisco Sept 13.

    What about a round trip to Seattle from Dallas-Fort Worth during that week?

    I know I am asking a lot of questions but I need to know so I can arrange my destination plans as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

    Kimi Crescenzo

    1. Hi Kimi,

      Prices can vary depending on the exact dates. Some dates in May, June, and July are cheaper than some in September, and vise versa. In checking the dates you provided, it looks like August 24 – 31st is cheapest with flights starting at around $366 per person, not including any baggage fees that may apply. To view these flights, you can use this link: (Keep in mind that holidays are always a peak time for travel, so the sooner you book the better.)

      For Los Angeles and San Francisco, fares for those dates are starting at around $266 per person, not including any baggage fees… but you’ll also have the expense of the rental car and gas. Seattle for those dates is starting at around $250 per person, not including any baggage fees.

      Since you are flexible with your destination and dates, I would recommend using our MapSearch, which will allow you to enter your home airport: Dallas, and view a map of destinations and how much it costs to fly there. If you click on a destinations price, you’ll be shown a calendar of airfares with the cheapest dates to fly.

  3. I am looking for the cheapest train tickets from Lafayette la to L A California, anytime in the summer for 2 adults round trip. Need help. .

    1. Hi Melanie, We do offer some Amtrak routes, but this is not a route that we service on our site. Really, the best way to find out prices is to reach out directly on the Amtrak site. Their prices do not really fluctuate and you should be able to get a good sense of available fares just by searching on Good luck to you!

    1. Hi Price, I do have Amtrak tickets showing but I would need your approximate dates of travel to find a fare for you. If you can share that detail, I can tell you what we’ve got!

  4. Looking for cheapest way for a college student to ride amtrak to daytona beach fla.on july 1 or 2, and a flight from miami fla to charlotte, nc on july 10. need this to be a flight after 3pm, any suggestions

    1. Hi Mike, It looks like flights on American that day (July 10) all have the best prices. There is one flight that leaves after 3pm for $460 round trip (returning on the following Sunday, June 17). The one-way price is substantially more (I wasn’t sure if this was a one-way or round trip ticket). Let me know what your return date is (if you have one) so I can give you more accurate fare information. Best of luck to you.

    1. Hi Stephanie, While we DO offer Amtrak tickets for some routes, this is currently not an itinerary we sell. The Amtrak site is going to offer the best fares for this trip. Thanks for checking with us though! Good luck to you!

    1. Hi Barbara, we do not sell train tickets for that itinerary. Amtrak’s website is the best place to search for this ticket and will also have the best prices. Good luck to you.

    1. Hi Bernard, It looks like Delta has an early morning nonstop on the 13th for around $250. If you can leave a day later and are willing to deal with one stop, United has a fare of around $160.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Unfortunately we do not offer train tickets for your route. We mostly offer Amtrak train tickets as an alternative option for most of the Northeast U.S. where Amtrak is a popular alternative transportation option for certain routes. Hope this information helps with finding train tickets. We’d suggest checking alternative train options for your routing. Thank you!

  5. Hi, my wife and I are looking to travel from UK and take Amtrak from east coast to west, then fly home. We’d like to make tourist stops along the way to visit the sites etc. Is this possible? Can you advise on this? Regards

    1. Hi Adam, This is totally doable. Train travel is a great way to see the country, but it really all depends on your schedule. The train doesn’t stay in any one location long enough to really dig in to a destination – I would say that most people like to drive across country. You can do it well in about a week, adding stops in interesting places along the way. In fact, I did this with my family last year. I haven’t gone across country by train, but I have heard very positive reports about how it’s a romantic way to experience the U.S. Please let us know if you have any additional questions at all.

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