Ask CheapAir: What’s the most comfortable airline for economy travel?

We recently received a question from a customer who is traveling from the U.S. to Australia. She asks:  “What’s the most comfortable airline for economy seats?”

This comes up a lot more as airlines continue to add extra amenities—from WiFi to Personal TV—to differentiate them from competition and hopefully add comfort for passengers. But it’s important to note: not all amenities are free and airlines may offer amenities only on certain airplanes or routes.

comfortable airline seating for economy travel
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Here’s a list of the most common amenities offered onboard today’s airplanes.




Blankets & Pillows

Movies on Demand

Personal TVs


Power Ports

Extra Leg Room (Preferred Seating)

Lie-Flat Seating (First & Business class cabins)

USB Ports

Satellite Radio

Some airlines are thinking outside the box to come up with interesting and unique amenities. For example, Virgin America uses mood lighting to create a fun environment and American Airlines recently announced a baggage delivery service—for a fee, of course.

So what does all this mean for travelers? Well, if you’re trying to find out what airline is most comfortable, it all depends on what you want and what’s offered for the route you are flying.

Use CheapAir’s amenities guide to help you choose the right flight for you. We display amenities information directly in flight search results. Many flights may pop up in your search results and offhand, you may all think they’re similar. But we want to show you exactly what you’re getting for your money. Imagine: a flight within $10 of another flight could offer a drastically different experience.

So, what flights will you choose the next time you fly? What amenities do you rely on to make your flight the most comfortable?

Have a question for CheapAir? Ask us in the comments below or email! We’re here to help you.

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  1. The confort I am looking for is regarding to space on seats as I am a 79years old lady. So, more space between seats and legs an if it reclines much better. Thanks, mrs. Salgado

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