Awesome Fall Family Vacation Tips

When most people daydream about their family vacation plans for the year, summer is usually top of the list of the best times to travel.

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But we like to remind folks that summer isn’t over until September and airline prices for September tend to be some of the most reasonable all summer. In addition, a lot of kids now get fall break at school. And the prices for fall flights are even better! We’ve taken the liberty of selecting and sharing a few amazing fall vacation ideas that are perfect for families!

The Southwest States
Whether you’ve been fantasizing about a Grand Canyon river-rafting trip or exploring some of the amazing National Parks in Utah (Bryce Canyon, Zion and Arches to name just a few), the American Southwest is a veritable cornucopia of sights and adventures for any family vacation. There are easy ambles, explorations and camping for younger kids, and more adventurous hikes and activities (mountain biking, off-roading) for the older kids and adults! Frankly, there’s more than anyone can manage in a single trip.

Pro-Tip: If you have a fourth-grader in your house, have he or she go to and sign up for a free pass to all national parks for an entire year. This includes all family and friends (that you can fit in your car)! Just remind them they need to have the hard pass with them – there is not electronic version.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
It can be tough to get everyone on the same page, fun-wise. But baseball is one of those activities that it seems everybody can enjoy. You get ballpark food, people watching, the opportunity to take part in America’s national pastime, and every once in a while someone near you catches a ball! What more could you need? We’re not suggesting you make baseball a focal point of the entire vacation, but if you’re looking for an organizing theme – it’s a fair call. We’ve even put together a list of great ballparks to visit in amazing places with loads to do!

Pro-Tip: For the best prices, don’t buy your tickets from scalpers on the street or the box office. Season ticket holders who can’t make every game often let their seats go for a good rate online. Try Stubhub or Craigslist.

Surfs Still Up!
A lot of sunny, beachy destinations hit their stride later in the summer than you might think! Most of southern California, for example, contends with cloudy days well into June (they don’t call it “June Gloom” for nothing). However, in August, September and even into the early weeks of October the beaches feature picture-perfect weather for sunbathing and warm ocean currents for swimming.

Pro-Tip: Pick up a cheap cooler and plan to picnic on the beach. Restaurants on the beach (or beachside) tend to be overpriced and subpar. Pick up some sandwiches and cold drinks before you hit the sand so you can savor more time on the sandy shores. And don’t forget heavy-duty sunblock and rash guards for all!

As always, happy travels!

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