Summer’s over and the holidays seem far away. Where can you go if you want a little autumn vacation? We have some amazing fall destinations to share. The fall is actually a fantastic time to get cheap flights and avoid summer prices and crowds. Hotels have dropped their prices, and the fall leaves give you stunning photos and cozy vibes.

Here are a few of our expert picks for some inexpensive vacations in fun spots this fall. Whether you’re interested in one of the National Parks, a warm weather/beach destination or somewhere to watch the leaves change color – we’ve got you covered. And you can book all of these deals on right now!

National Parks to Visit in the Fall Season

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Best Fall Destinations: Shoulder Season Deals

We can wholeheartedly recommend the Grand Canyon – but we prefer a visit in autumn. The hordes of tourists have gone, and the weather is much friendlier to hikers. Especially if you fancy a hike to the bottom of the canyon, the weather is perfect in autumn – temperatures at the surface are generally 10-30 degrees warmer than at the bottom.

Yellowstone National Park

Best Fall Destinations: Shoulder Season Deals

Yellowstone National Park is another fantastic, must-see destination. When visiting Yellowstone, keep in mind that the park is massive, and you’re going to be doing a lot of driving to visit all of the sights. You can stay in either Montana or Wyoming, so make sure you do some pre-planning to make the trip everything you hope.

Warm Weather Destinations in Autumn

Santa Monica, California

Best Fall Destinations: Shoulder Season Deals

Local residents know that beach weather can last well into autumn, so take advantage of much more reasonable hotel prices and roll the dice on a beach vacation in a state with arguably the best beaches in the world. You can take you pick from beach cities, but we like Santa Monica because of its proximity to Los Angeles and all of the best dining and sightseeing options the city offers. Santa Monica is also close to Topanga Canyon, which has hiking trails with coastal views.

Destin, Florida

Best Fall Destinations: Shoulder Season Deals

If you haven’t heard of Destin, we’re happy to put it on your radar. In October and November the average high temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s. There’s a ton to do in Destin. Aside from the beaches, you can hike many nature trails, hit the links at the plethora of golf courses and take the tots to Big Kahuna’s Water Park.

Where to Experience Majestic Fall Foliage

Salem, New Hampshire

Best Fall Destinations: Shoulder Season Deals

Vermont usually gets all of the leaf peeping love, but that means you’ll overlook equally stunning autumn leaves in New Hampshire. There’s lots of other fun things to do within driving distance of Salem, like Walden Pond and the equally scenic Mohawk Trail.

Middlesboro, Kentucky

Your entryway to the historical and magnificent Cumberland Gap mountain pass is a fantastic bargain destination this fall. Middlesboro offers an extraordinary array of beech, birch and sugar maple trees to dazzle you, and it’s virtually surrounded by colorful trees. Middlesboro is decidedly sleepy, but you’ll want to wander around, get cozy and take in the splendor of nature. It’s a perfect perch to do so.

How’s that for some perfect fall destinations? Not planning a fall vacation? Visit our Holiday Flights page to see what the best days to fly will be this Thanksgiving and Christmas. As always, happy travels!

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