Planning to travel for Christmas but you still haven’t purchased airline tickets? What are you waiting for, friend?

Normally, at this late stage of the game, we’d be warning people that the best prices were already in the rear view. Not so in 2020! If you’ve been playing a waiting game to see if flying made sense for you this year, we can confirm that prices are still fantastic.

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Airline Ticket Prices are Lower than Projected
Christmas airline tickets were projected to be $364 on average in December, but they’re actually trending a lot lower as we speak, with average airfare prices coming in around $207. That means travelers are looking at an average savings of $157 a ticket, which really adds up when you’re buying for the group. A family of four can expect to save close to $630 on average if they buy right now. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Friday the 27th, was the lowest price for holiday airfares this year, with the average price dipping down to $199/ticket! That average price is creeping slowly up now – and trends would suggest that prices will continue to rise from here on out. 

Prices Have Started to Rise
Typically, airfare prices make a big jump about three weeks out from departure dates, and then another bump happens at the two-week and one week markers. Of course, waiting to purchase an airline ticket the week you plan to fly can be fiscally catastrophic, so we don’t recommend. 

Peace of Mind from CheapAir
The very good news this year is that waiting until now hasn’t priced most people out of their planned trip. We encourage you to book now. We also offer Price Drop Payback, which protects your purchase price up to $100/ticket should the price go up after you buy. 

Flexible Cancellation is Still the Norm
One more important thing. The airlines are still offering very flexible cancellation and change policies should your circumstances require it. 

Please visit the CheapAir 2020 Holiday Flights page for the latest news, tips and strategies for booking holiday flights. 

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