Planning a spring break trip for your family or friend group? It’s always a good idea to book early for popular spring break dates in March, but this year we really have to try and give you a nudge if you’ve waited until now. There’s a few reasons why waiting may cost you more in 2022.

They Have the Vouchers

People who had aborted spring break plans in 2020 (or even 2021) are chomping at the bit to get back out there. Plus, the airlines issued a massive number of credits for future travel to these folks. Those vouchers do have expiration dates and the clock is ticking for many of them. So a lot of people are looking to rebook – some of them, no doubt, for spring break. As demand rises, your options will shrink. Don’t overpay for the worst seat on a flight. Book now!

Prices Will Go Up…Sooner Rather than Later

It’s not a matter of if prices will go up, but when prices will go up for spring break flights. People are itching to travel this year, and the airlines are dealing with some significant staffing issues right now. You may not see the supply meeting the demand in 2022, while the airlines continue to ramp up their flight schedules while simultaneously struggling to keep existing flights staffed up.

As existing flights fill, the number of reasonably-priced seats shrinks. And then you have a situation where the less attractive seats start to cost more. You don’t want to have to take one of those seats. Book now!

Don’t Look for a Sale…They’re Hard to Find for Spring Break

Take note. You can’t reverse engineer a flight deal during March to Orlando for spring break. You may not even be able to get a flight into Orlando if you wait. If you’re looking for a rock-bottom flight sale, it’s better to keep the destination open, so you can be ready to take advantage of any sales that come up.

Protect Your Ticket Price

If you’re concerned that your preferred airfare could go down after you buy, protect your ticket with CheapAir’s Price Drop Payback. It’s a little insurance for travelers so if your fare drops after your purchase, you’re covered. We’ll pay you back up to $100 per ticket – so you can lock in your airfare and be confident of your choice.

Monthly Payments Remove Stress

College students on a budget don’t always have the money together when the airfare is lowest. Now, that doesn’t have to throw a wrench in your spring break plans. We offer Monthly Payments for flights and hotels, the two biggest expenses for a spring breaker. Offset some of those upfront costs by using Monthly Payments to spread out the cost over a period of time (3-12 months, typically). Our financial partner Affirm makes qualifying fast, simple and transparent.

Don’t forget to check out our Spring Break page for a little destination inspiration. Are you planning a spring break trip this year? We’d love to hear where you’re going, and if you plan to fly or road trip. You can let us know in the comments below.

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