If you’re planning to fly for Thanksgiving in 2014, and you have the good fortune to be reading this article, we have two words of advice for you: don’t delay. Start your search now. Okay. That was more like six words, but you get the idea.

Buy Now: Prices for Thanksgiving Flights Reach Lowest Level of 2014
CheapAir’s Holiday Cheap Flights Index for Thanksgiving 2014 just reached its lowest point of the year, matching the lowest level previously seen on June 10th. The holiday flight index tracks over 11,000 of the lowest holiday airfares, and is a full 8% lower than the highs seen only a few months ago. What does that mean for you? The average Thanksgiving traveler might save over $40 per airplane ticket by buying now.

Happy travels and if you have questions or thoughts about holiday flights, please feel free to comment below or tweet to us @CheapAir.


  1. Laura

    I’m soooo confused!!! Looking for flights Dec 19- Dec 26 from Boston to Orlando. Should I buy now or should I wait a little while longer? The flights keep going up and up.

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    • cheapair

      Hi Laura,

      For flights during the peak holiday season, it is best to book early. I’d recommend booking now or as soon as you can since its likely the fares will only get more expensive the closer we get to the holidays. To view flight schedules and book, you can use this link: http://bit.ly/1rsfA3g eep in mind when you book on CheapAir.com, if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

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