The short answer is…yes. Especially if you buy before flight prices really start to climb in November. But don’t delay. Prices are climbing every day, and you’ll likely see a big jump as we get into November.

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A quick review of the CheapAir Holiday Flights page, illustrate just how much prices steeply jump in November. Our team of number crunchers have done their work and the facts are in. Don’t delay!

Thanksgiving Flights
On average, Thanksgiving flights purchased in October cost $430.

Waiting until November will mean that on average, you’ll pay an additional $70 per ticket. That may not sound like a huge amount overall, but if you’re buying for a family of four, for example, it will save you almost $300. That’s a night’s stay at a hotel or a week’s worth of groceries.

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Christmas Flights
Christmas week flights show a similar pattern. On average, flights you buy in October cost $416.

In November, you’ll see more of a jump – with most flights jumping up around $50 – or about 12% overall.

Waiting until December to buy isn’t a great idea when you’re a budget traveler. You’ll spend, on average, almost $113 more than if you bought in October. We recommend buying now – before prices take a turn for the expensive.

Christmas calendar

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have payment options. CheapAir takes a variety of digital currencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash for your convenience. We also have a nifty “monthly payments” feature if you’d prefer to spread costs out over a few months. This can make managing travel costs a less stressful proposition.

Finally, remember that flight choices diminish as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas so you’re more likely to pay more for a seat you like less. By waiting, you increase the chance you’ll pay more for much less desirable seats – center seats in Economy versus the aisle or window. Now is not the time to worry about prices going down – this close to the holidays it is unlikely to happen. But if you’re still nervous about it, you can protect yourself when you buy with us. has the Price Drop Payback program. If you buy your ticket and the price goes down, we’ll reimburse you up to $100 per ticket.

Happy holidays!

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