If you’ve waited until the end of November to book your flights for Christmas or New Years, it’s not completely hopeless. There are still deals to grab, though you’ll want to act now and not wait.

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Delaying your purchase in the hopes of an 11th hour sale is a bit of a pipe dream. In fact, the fares will make a big jump once you’re inside of 14 days from your departure date. So don’t delay! Review the CheapAir Holiday Flights page for flight price data and tips for travel.

Christmas Flight Prices
On average, Christmas flights purchased in November cost $465.

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Waiting until December will mean that on average, you’ll pay an additional $64 per ticket, or about $250 total if you’re a family of 4. That’s a night’s stay at a hotel or a few gifts to go under the tree!

If Christmas snuck up on you, keep in mind you have payment options. CheapAir offers “monthly payments” if you’d prefer to spread costs out over a few months. This can make managing travel costs a less stressful proposition.

Finally, remember that flight choices get much more limited as Christmas approaches. This means you’re much more likely to pay more for a seat you like a lot less. For example, you might find yourself hugging a center seat in Economy aisles and seemingly miles away from your kids!

As we mentioned, don’t hold your breath for sales – this close to the holidays they’re mostly nonstarters. But if you’re still nervous about missing the best “deal,” protect yourself when you buy with us. CheapAir.com has Price Drop Payback. If you buy your ticket and the price goes down, we’ll reimburse you up to $100 per ticket.

For more great tips and suggestions on places to go for Christmas and New Years, check out our holiday flights page.

Happy holidays!

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