It is definitely NOT too late to start planning for Spring Break – airfares are reasonable at the moment to many top Spring Break destinations. Having said that, flights fill up quickly so don’t wait any longer and get stuck paying a premium for your airline tickets.

Can I still get a good price on Spring Break Flights?

If you start your research now, CheapAir can still help you find affordable airline tickets.

For the second year in a row, we’re bringing you the CheapAir Spring Break Fare Index  to track fares to popular Spring Break destinations and help you identify when to purchase airline tickets. Just like last year, we started monitoring fares on January 1. While you were sleeping and welcoming in the New Year, our data collection nerds were on the case! We’ll keep an eye on prices all the way through Easter.

Can I get a good price on Spring Break Flights?

The index is pretty straightforward – don’t let the squiggly line intimidate you. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

We’re tracking popular spring break destinations – 38 cities total. You can probably guess which destinations made the cut – think sun, surf and sandy spots and you’ll get the idea. Fun in the sun top spots in California, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Florida feature prominently. Just to keep things interesting, we’ve also thrown in some big city destinations like New York, London and Paris that stay popular all year long. And no Spring Break index would be complete without Vegas, baby – the city that has something for everyone.

After we compiled our list of popular destinations, we started checking fares to these spring break destinations from your home cities all around the country during the most popular Spring Break weeks starting Monday, March 1st and ending on April 16th (the end of Easter week).

The Spring Break Fare Index is calculated based on average fares to these destinations across all of these dates. To keep things simple, just know that the exact number attached to the index on any given day is less important than the trend it identifies. If the index is going up, it means fares are rising. When it goes down, you might see some extra savings. We’re going to be tracking the index from now until you’re packing your flipflops and sunscreen, and we’ll be checking in with additional analysis and ideas as the weeks unfold. If you have any questions or ideas for topics we should cover, please weigh-in in the comments section below or on social media.

CheapAir has been watching fares for longer than some of you have been around (25 years, people!) We’ve got this for you. Let’s get planning while the getting is still good!

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