Got a Starbucks addiction that just won’t quit? We hear you. And when you’re catching a flight, wouldn’t it be nice to have your regular order ready right as you walk to your gate? Until now, you’d have to stand in an (often) long line to get your favorite brew.

Starbucks hasn’t been available for order ahead at the airport, even though most of its retail outlets around the country have been doing it for quite a while. The main reason? It’s pretty simple, actually. Airport locations are all licensees, and not part of the family of corporate Starbucks locations around the country. They simply didn’t have the logistical framework to offer it.

But times have changed! The licensed Starbucks locations have now evolved to include mobile orders, even for locations inside the airport, after you’ve cleared security. This means you can now order your coffee while you wait in security or even as you check your bags in many locations.

Which airports offer mobile ahead Starbucks orders?

There are 230 stores at 70 U.S. airports in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and Seattle. You can check to see if your airport offers mobile ordering by opening the Starbucks mobile app and searching for locations. If you’re looking for a ‘bucks after you’ve cleared security, check for “airside” locations. The little “i” for information next to the location will tell you if they’re offering mobile ordering.

Can I skip the line if I order ahead?

Yes, yes and yes! Rumor has it that when you arrive for an early morning flight, the lines for Starbucks are out the door before they’re even open. If you place your mobile order right when the location opens, your drink will be ready before many of those people who are stuck waiting in line. That was you once, remember? Try not to feel guilty, grab your cup of joe and head to your gate for a more relaxing pre-boarding experience. When you know, you know.

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