Interested in an all-Bitcoin vacation? Digital currencies continue to gain in popularity, sometimes in spite of what mainstream press coverage would tell you. has been touting crypto since 2013, the year we started accepting Bitcoin – and we’ve never looked back. Here’s what you need to know about how you can plan and execute a trip, and buy flights using only crypto. Trust us – it can be done!

1. Book your flight and hotels with a variety of digital coins on

As we stated, proudly accepts a variety of digital coins to pay for flights and hotels all around the world. Our payment processor for crypto is secure and safe, and completely confidential. Try us out and see how you can easily up your crypto game from investing to booking travel!

Other travel sites claim to offer our services, but you should book with the crypto OG. Our CEO is committed to the crypto community, as evidenced by the fact we were first to accept crypto. Over the years, we’ve taken a collaborative approach to upgrades and changes to our processing – always taking into account what our customers need.

This has earned us loyalty from our crypto customers. They come back to us again and again because of our ease of use and superior customer support team.

2. Choose an itinerary that maxes out your ability to use digital currencies on the road

Most large cities in the world now have some facility on accepting digital currencies, but your Bitcoins will definitely take you farther than any other coin at this point. At publication date, there are 39,000 bitcoin ATMs around the world. Larger cities will often have multiple options, but you can also reference a bitcoin ATM map of the world to determine where you can find ATMs where you’ll be traveling.

Many cities are crypto-friendly, while some downright specialize in the Bitcoin customer. If you’re looking to travel exclusively on Bitcoin, Europe is probably your best bet. You can design a trip from the UK to Slovenia, where you don’t have to touch cash at all. But if you’re okay mixing in a little fiat here and there, you can really travel through much of the world mainly using your digital wallet.

Keep in mind, there are still several countries where the use of crypto for purchases is strictly verboten. Don’t visit Algeria, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia and Vietnam and expect to use your digital currencies.

What is the advantage of using crypto when traveling?

By far, we think the best reason to use crypto when you can is to avoid carrying cash. You don’t have to worry about any sort of petty theft when you’re not carrying any cash at all. Of course, you probably can’t avoid bringing a little bit of cash, but using crypto means you can avoid repetitive, expensive ATM fees and also have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re not carrying a bunch of local cash.

We may still fall short of crypto being an “easy” option for travel. But those dedicated to its use will find adoption more widespread every month and year. We recommend patronizing businesses that accept crypto while you’re traveling. It helps keep the momentum going, and allows you to participate in the digital economy.

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