The Best Cities to Spend Your Bitcoin

new york, ny

Did you hear? Bitcoin has gone mainstream. While you can’t spend your precious cryptocurrency at Starbucks just yet, there are destinations where many establishments will. The following cities are out in front of the rest of the world, which – lets face it – is working just to keep up.

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People of Bitcoin: The Polymath on a Mission

Our latest People of Bitcoin interview is with Trekk, from the podcast Trekken Cryptos 2 Connect, a consultant and a writer in the cryptocurrency space. We met up with Trekk at World Crypto Con and were immediately intrigued by his more circuitous path to the crypto scene. To begin with, Trekk is a national guardsman and was a defense contractor in another life. His unique perspective on the market, enthusiasm for crypto and solid writing chops made him a natural fit for our column.

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