People of Bitcoin: The Activist Entrepreneurs

While we’ve been writing the People of Bitcoin column for a couple of years now and profiled people from all walks of life, John Bush and Cat Bleish certainly take the award for “most well-rounded.” Or should we say, if there was an annual yearbook for Bitcoin enthusiasts, they definitely would be voted “Most Likely to Diversify.”

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People of Bitcoin: The Believer

Olaf Carlson-Wee is not a bitcoin dilettante – not by a longshot. Before he was out of college, he’d already done a thesis project on cryptography, decentralized networks, and bitcoin and he was baffling his loved ones with his enthusiasm for the revolutionary technology.

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People of Bitcoin: The Philanthropist

For this month’s “People of Bitcoin” column, we decided to turn our focus to a woman who has made the currency part of her professional and philanthropic mission. We’re interviewing Connie Gallippi, the Founder and Executive Director of BitGive. 

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