People of Bitcoin: The Polymath on a Mission

Our latest People of Bitcoin interview is with Trekk, from the podcast Trekken Cryptos 2 Connect, a consultant and a writer in the cryptocurrency space. We met up with Trekk at World Crypto Con and were immediately intrigued by his more circuitous path to the crypto scene. To begin with, Trekk is a national guardsman and was a defense contractor in another life. His unique perspective on the market, enthusiasm for crypto and solid writing chops made him a natural fit for our column.

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People of Bitcoin: The Everyman YouTube Personality

Kenn Bosak is a self-described cryptocurrency nerd. He’s probably better described as a self-deprecating enthusiast since he thrives on sharing information about Bitcoin and Bitcoin accessories, while keeping his own non-expert bona fides clearly on display. We had the pleasure of doing a Q &A with Kenn recently.

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People of Bitcoin: The Conscious Resistor

people of bitcoin derrick broze

Derrick Broze is on a one-man mission to educate citizens how to opt out of the systems he believes hold us all captive. He’s currently in the midst of a cross-country road trip designed to bring his message of decentralization to the people; he’s a journalist, and a bit of a self-described auto-didact.

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People of Bitcoin: The Crypto News Media Mogul

“Bitcoin Rush” has a passion for crypto currency that’s no joke. This passion has morphed and evolved, and eventually called him to create an online news program that educates newcomers as well as shares innovations with the community’s movers and shakers. He’s always got an eye on the future – which might partially explain his decidedly futuristic online persona.

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People of Bitcoin: The Activist Entrepreneurs

While we’ve been writing the People of Bitcoin column for a couple of years now and profiled people from all walks of life, John Bush and Cat Bleish certainly take the award for “most well-rounded.” Or should we say, if there was an annual yearbook for Bitcoin enthusiasts, they definitely would be voted “Most Likely to Diversify.”

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