It’s been 10 years since launched Bitcoin Travel, and we’re still going strong. We’ve had the pleasure of helping loyal Bitcoin travelers and investors book flights and hotels.

In honor of the 10 year milestone, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Bitcoin Hotel Destinations to share with you, all based on Bitcoin travel from the last decade. Without further ado, these are the top 10 Bitcoin Hotel Destinations in the past decade.

10. Mexico City, Mexico

Is it no wonder Bitcoin enthusiasts are plugged into amazing international destinations like Mexico City? Ancient history and modernity dance in harmony in la ciudad de México. Charming boutique hotels nestle within colonial-era buildings, each room a cozy respite from the hustle and bustle of the city’s vibrant markets and museums. For a touch of luxury, we recommend a 5-star stay with rooftop views.

9. Paris, France

Paris comes in at #9 on our list of the top hotel destinations. And we know that Bitcoiners have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Paris hotels are some of the fanciest in the land. From opulent palace hotels to intimate boutique stays, Paris accommodations cater to every taste.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

#8 on our list, Amsterdam is a town that offers a little bit of everything to the discerning traveler. A lot of the activities on offer relate to more adult pursuits. This city of canals is a great place to stay if you want to ditch public transport and ride a bike. You can stay at cozy canal-side B&Bs or more artsy boutique hotels. The rooms tend to be small, and the lifts tiny – you will find accommodation as unique as the city itself.

7. Atlanta, Georgia

You might be surprised to see Atlanta on our list of top hotels booked with crypto. But on closer look it shouldn’t surprise you. After all, Atlanta is now one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, with a burgeoning tech community. A lot of BTC business gets done in Atlanta. The city is chock full of boutique properties with rooftop bars and ‘grammable interiors.

6. Los Angeles, California

The city of Angels is also the fabled city of dreams – which makes it a popular destination for crypto whales in the film business, or those just wanting to relax in style. L.A. offers a wide range of luxury hotels – from the classic to the beachfront. Check out the Chateau Marmont for something a little more rock n roll, or the Millennium Biltmore downtown for a stay that’s “haunted” chic.

5. New York, New York

Manhattan’s hotel scene is as diverse as its many neighborhoods. But where the city really shines is in offering properties with legendary views. We like to steer our BTC customers towards properties with views of Central Park, or to the more startup scene in Brooklyn.

4. San Jose, California

Business-minded Bitcoin travelers spend a fair amount of time in the Silicon Valley area – which is how San Jose hovers near the top of our hotels booked in the past 10 years. San Jose offers a wide variety of sleek and modern hotels that cater to digital nomads. You can enjoy seamless connectivity and cutting edge amenities as you explore the heart of tech. You might even meet the next crypto superstar in your hotel lounge.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is home to a lot of important blockchain conferences, but let’s be real. The people come to Sin City for the nonstop party. Next-level luxury takes center court with its opulent resorts, themed hotels and adult entertainment. High rollers in the crypto space know where to live the high life.

2. Miami, Florida

Bienvenidos a Miami, Bitcoin whales! Especially international types haunt South Beach luxury properties and explore the nonstop arts and nightlife. Models hang around a lot of the clubs in Miami, as do the BTC execs who love them. Check out chic oceanfront resorts with private poolside cabanas, or trendy art deco hotels in South Beach if you’re more into the party.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It should come as no surprise that Dubai takes the top spot for bitcoin hotel bookings. Dubai’s luxury hotels are positively awe-inspiring, and defy both gravity and imagination. You can book an underwater suite or stay in some of the world’s tallest buildings. Dubai is a playground for the most extravagant travelers in the Bitcoin space.

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