It’s been 10 years since launched Bitcoin Travel, and we haven’t turned back. Thanks to adventurous crypto and Bitcoin innovators with a globetrotting mindset, we’ve had the pleasure of helping you get where you need (or just want!) to go.

In honor of the 10 year milestone, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Bitcoin Travel Destinations to share with you, all based on Bitcoin travel from the last decade. Without further ado, these are the top 10 Bitcoin Travel Destinations in the past decade.

10. Newark, New Jersey (EWR)

We have a feeling that a main draw for Newark is its proximity to Manhattan. The crypto crowd is international – and Newark is a great option for jetsetters accessing the NY region.

9. San Jose, California (SJO)

It shouldn’t be too surprising that San Jose is a favorite destination for the Bitcoin set. It’s a gateway to Silicon Valley, where a lot of the movers and shakers in crypto business have set up shop – is it any wonder it’s a favorite for Bitcoin investors?

8. Bangkok, Thailand (BKK)

Thailand has the most cryptocurrency users by country per capita, so a lot of Bitcoin users might be interested in traveling here.

7. New York, New York (JFK)

What can we say about the Big Apple that hasn’t already been said? It’s one of the world’s best cities for business or pleasure, and it’s also a great point of departure for international destinations in Europe, South America and Africa.

6. Chicago, Illinois (ORD)

Chicago has been pushing to become the Midwest’s premier cryptocurrency center, even drafting legislation to make the state a more favorable home for cryptocurrency investors. Chicago is also a fantastic city to visit for leisure travel, so we’re not surprised to see it on our list. 

5. San Francisco, California (SFO)

San Francisco has long been home to many of the innovators in the Bitcoin and crypto space. Many crypto conferences happen here, and it’s also a fantastic departure gateway to many of the most popular Asian destinations for Bitcoin travelers.

4. Miami (MIA)

Another hallmark of the Bitcoin traveler is the affinity for the good life. And in the states, Miami looms large as a party destination as well as a hub for European jet setters and lovers of art. It’s also a destination with near perfect weather year-round. 

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB)

Dubai is where the Bitcoin whales like to swim, so no wonder that a number of Bitcoin travelers spend a fair amount of time in the UAE. It’s a hub for business and luxury – need we say more?

2. Las Vegas (LAS)

High rollers love Sin City, and a lot of Bitcoin and crypto business conferences are held here. It’s also arguably one of the best places for adult fun in the U.S. Some of the fanciest resorts, top fine dining and impressive clubs are all found in Las Vegas.

1. Los Angeles, California (LAX)

Los Angeles is the city of dreams. People travel here year after year in search of an elusive paradise. So, perhaps it makes sense that people living the crypto dream would also look to Los Angeles as a place to visit and vacation. It’s a city with a burgeoning crypto community and serves as another excellent jumping off point for Asian international destinations.

There you have it. The top destinations paid for in Bitcoin. Thanks for reading. And thanks so much for shopping with cryptocurrency. Here’s to another 10 years!


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