Cheap spring break flights seem out of reach this late in the game? Fear not, grasshopper. No time like the present to make your spring break dreams come true. CheapAir has done the work to find you and your friends a deal on flights even now at this late date.

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The Spring Break Fare Index has been on a steady climb for the last few weeks, but don’t panic when you see the numbers. These are averages of the most popular destinations. There are still good deals to be gotten if you know where to look. If you’ve waited until the last minute, we have some clever strategies in mind to get you to your well-earned week of R&R with the bare minimum cash outlay.

Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of the weekend
We’ve talked a bunch about this in the past, but there’s a very good reason to avoid the weekend. The airlines know that you’re planning your trip around the weekend to maximize your days away, and therefore itineraries that leave on, say, a Friday and return on a Sunday are going to be the most expensive. If you can avoid the popular travel days, it is not too late to get an inexpensive airline ticket. Exhibit A: Flights to Daytona Beach from NYC area airports are still under $300 round trip for select dates in March. Our rates assume a 7 day trip going and returning on the same day, but you’ll shave off some dollars if you can manage to make even one of your flights midweek. That’s not too shabby!

Consider the unconventional
Look. We’re not going to sugarcoat it. You’ve waited until the last minute and some of the most popular destinations are hardly a bargain at the 11th hour. But here’s an idea. Flip the switch and try somewhere a little unique. If airfare is a bit expensive, you can still save bank by going to a destination with less spring breakers. Instead of Cancun, head for Playa del Carmen (just a hop, skip and a jump down the coast). You can still find fares to Cancun from Los Angeles at the end of March for around $500. The hotels in Cancun are selling out fast, but if you head a bit farther south to the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, deals abound! Nightclubs are open until 5 or 6 a.m. daily and the whole town is completely walkable on foot. No need for taxis or rental car whatsoever. Plus, the vibe is a lot less frenzied than Cancun. Basic rooms start from $59/night at the nightclub-centric One Playa del Carmen.

What happens in Vegas…
Come on. If you’re looking for a party, there’s arguably no place on earth that can rival the decadent scene in Vegas. Flights are reasonable year-round from most originating airports and the pool parties at many of the best hotels on the strip draw the globe’s most illustrious DJ’s and prettiest party people. “Pool Season’ in Vegas is kicking off right now, so get ready to do some serious cabana lounging. You can go strictly basic for accommodation (Palace Station west of the strip is a kitschy option for less than $100/night) or splash out at the Palms for $187/night. High rollers will want to take up classy residence at the Wynn (swim up bar at the Encore, thank you very much), but it’ll set you back closer to $450/night.

We hope these last minute destination ideas serve as some inspiration for all you spring break procrastinators out there! There’s no reason to think that you’ll be snuggling up to your organic chemistry textbook with a cup of Ramen back at the dorm while your buddies are dancing on tables and watching the sun rise on an exotic beach somewhere. Just get a little creative and you still have time to make the party. There are still cheap spring break flights available for the taking. But tick, tock. It’s time to book.

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