Cheapair CIO Wayne Hustis Talks about his 9 Year Tenure With our Organization

  • May 30, 2011
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One of the things that makes our organization unique is the amazing people behind it.  Just like you, they’re amazing people with a love and passion for travel.  We’ll be profiling them every few weeks. Today we kick things off with our very first employee profile with our hilarious CIO Wayne Hustis.

Wayne Hustis

What do you do at Cheapair?

In my time with Cheapair I’ve done just about everything.  I started part time helping in the mail room, moved to the airline ticket processing dept, then to “Advanced Ticketing”.  From there I went into Call Center Management, running the primary call center on the weekend and getting to know the Customer Service side of Cheapair.  I’ve spent the last 4 years working in the IT Department, supporting staff in 3 offices and ensuring they have the tools they need to find the cheapest and easiest travel itinerary possible for our users.  I’m currently the Chief Information Officer for Cheapair but I also respond to “computer guy”.

How long have you been with the company?

Coming up on 9 years I believe.  Time flies..

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

We don’t outsource our call center so I’ve never had to apologize after telling people where I work.  Aside from that I really enjoy the challenge and variety.

Where’s your favorite travel destination?

Hawaii!   Can we go?   What’s the budget for this blog anyway?  Let’s go!

What’s been your most memorable travel experience?

It was when I was 8.  I was flying home from Hawaii as an unaccompanied minor with my 6 year old sister.   The big airline (no I won’t name them) had oversold the flight and actually bumped us!   2 kids!  They also had nobody to watch us, so the small island hopper airline took us in, brought us lunch, then called my parents and filled them in.   Meanwhile the big airline continued to re-assure my folks that everything was fine, when in reality they had no idea where we were.   When finally confronted on their not-quite-truthfulness they apologized and flew us home first class.   Being 8 I couldn’t properly appreciate the legroom it but the whole experience seemed like a grand adventure!  I’m sure my parents felt differently.

Tell Us A Crazy Fun Fact

Dudley DoRight’s horses name was “Horse.”

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