CheapAir First to Tell Travelers which Flights Have WiFi, TV and More

Getting there is much more fun when you find yourself on a plane that leaves on time and has cool extras like personal video monitors or internet access. That’s why has added creative new tools to our website that arm travelers with hard-to-find information, such as which flights have the best technologies, on-time arrivals and other factors that make it easier to plan a great trip at a great price. We are the first online travel agency in the U.S. to offer these comprehensive listings of in-flight technology features.

CheapAir First to Tell Travelers which Flights Have WiFi, TV and More

Now, when you search for the lowest prices on the planet, you will also see icons next to each flight indicating if the plane has Wi-Fi, live TV, personal video monitors and other attractive onboard perks. This tool was designed to help you choose the flight that not only fits your budget but also your needs and wants, streamlining the decision-making process and enabling you to enjoy the trip.

“Often, there are many flights that are roughly the same price, but there might be a huge difference in the onboard product,” said our CEO Jeff Klee. “In the past, travelers would have to do serious research to find out all these details, which can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. But, now we’ve made it easy to compare in-flight amenities by having all the information in one place.”

We have also added a new ranking feature that recommends top flight picks.

Through a proprietary algorithm that scores flights based on price, total travel time, on-time percentage, airline ratings, comfort and onboard amenities, the best value flights are flagged as CheapAir Top Picks, indicated by a star next to their listing.

“Our site is still the best place for people who want the lowest fares, but these new tools are incredibly useful for those who also have other priorities.” said Klee. “People are busy and really value their time. Many are willing to pay a few dollars more for a flight they can enjoy or that enables them to be more productive.”


  1. This is not the first time I have “found” a great price on this site, only to plug in every date for the next six months when the price is not offered. A classic bait and switch.

    1. Hi Charisma,

      It sounds like you are talking about our flexible date search. Our flexible date search is designed is to show you what the lowest possible fare is for the routing you entered. From there, it will then prompt you to check dates. At this point, our system will check the dates you select to see if the fare is available. If the fare is not available for that date, then it will return showing not available and prompt you to try another date. So the fare you are seeing is valid, however its seems like it is just not available for the dates your checking. If you need any help with trying to locate a cheap airfare, feel free to contact us at 1-800-243-2724.

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