Hey Elon! We hear you loud and clear and want you to know we’re on board with your dogecoin love and intergalactic travel plans.

dog on a rocket going to the moon

Look, we’ve been backing Bitcoin since 2013 and we’re not gonna ease up on the gas pedal there.

But like you, we’re keen on Dogecoin. We also think the little guy is a “hustle”, a spectacular investment and a perfect match for the future of travel, a la SpaceX. He’s also the cutest coin, no shade to the other coins out there.

So as you asked, how much is that doge in the window? That’s a great question and we’re keen to keep our dogecoin investors happy and traveling the world.

After all, maybe one day very soon, earthlings will be booking moon flights – some of them with doge. And when you do, we’d like you to book it on CheapAir.com. Till then though – you can now book your earthside travel plans with Dogecoin.

To the moon!

Shop for flights with dogecoin

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