We like our travel inspiration with a side of wow and this year’s crop of videographers do not disappoint! It’s time for our yearly roundup of the coolest travel videos that came out in 2015.

travel inspiration

Without further ado…

New York City Revisited
Does the world really need one more video about the island of Manhattan? We’ll give an enthusiastic two thumbs up to this one from videographer, Ante Novakovich. “Day Like a Life” follows the city from it’s early foggy good morning into the night.

Mongolia Up Close
Nomads of Mongolia is just quite simply a breathtaking look at a world and landscape completely a mystery to most westerners.

Romantic Norway
If you’re on the hunt for a place to visit with your sweetheart on your arm, you should check out “Travel Feels: Norway” from photographer Matti Haapoja. The video will 100% convince you that Norway is that special destination. Otherworldly vistas observed by Haapoja and his muse/wife/collaborator, make this video swoon-worthy for more reasons than one. Dress warm and plan to snuggle up!

Columbian Dreams
Columbia is on a lot of savvy travelers’ shortlists this year. And for good reason – the destination has undergone a major public relations overhaul in recent years and Columbians are eager to share their stunning country with the world. “Columbia/Slow Motion/Travel” is a great intro to this up-and-coming destination and the local people you’ll meet.

Travel Inspiration
Luke Fraser took a novel approach to his gap year “video diary” in 2015. Instead of just editing together the highlights from his 4-month trip around the world, he decided to use his raw footage to create a the mother of all travel inspo video clips. “10 Reasons to Travel” is the finished product. We like #’s 6 & 7 especially. What are your favorites?

Highlights of Vietnam
We double-dog dare you not to get a little wanderlust after watching this stroll through the best of Vietnam.

That does it for our top picks of 2015! If you need a little more travel lust, check out last year’s list here. You can also read more about Vietnam here and Columbia here. Happy travels as always!

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  1. Planning to fly to AUS from either MDW or ORD or SBN late in the last week of March. Staying for about 5 days. How many days advance would you suggest the best ticket prices might be? thanks!

    • Hi Gary, You should really buy now! Less than 3 months out is no time at all for flights to Australia! The cheapest flights have been gone for a while – but pieces will continue to climb the closer we get to the travel dates.

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