Give us your feedback, and win a free flight!

We’re constantly working to make even better and we’d like to hear from you.  Tell us what you’d like to see us improve or change in the comments below and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free ticket (up to $400 value)!

Give us your feedback, and win a free flight!
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We want to know what you think of our:

– Site Design
– Site Features
– Flight Search Process
– Ease of Use
– Customer Support
–  etc.

Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what we’re missing, or what you think we can improve.  Write as much or as little as you feel like — even the quickest comment will be enough to get you entered into the drawing!

UPDATE: While we appreciate the positive comments we have received, please be assured that the drawing will be completely random.  The substance of what you say will have no bearing on your ability to win.  So feel free to tell us everything you don’t like about our site (that’s how we can improve!).


– To enter, post a comment to this blog post by midnight Eastern Time on March 21st.
– You must provide a valid e-mail address (otherwise, we won’t be able to reach you!)
–  We can only accept one entry per participant; duplicate email addresses and/or multiple responses from the same participant will be disqualified.
– Winner will be notified by e-mail on March 22nd.
–  The free ticket award must be redeemed between April 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 for travel on any date, on any airline, to any destination.  In the event the selected ticket price exceeds $400, we will provide a $400 credit toward that flight.


  1. I’ve been looking all over the internet for a cheaper flight to see my grandkids. Finally, I found you. Yeah! You guys have, so far, beat everyone’s fares. Woo Hoo

  2. I am very happy with several aspects of your service:
    1. your website is user friendly and easy to use. I like that you simply ask for the origination point, destination and dates (and the dates show many months at a time). Other websites require a lot more detail (e.g. economy/business, time of day, etc. up front) and they eventually ask for too much detail and return a negative result with no flights. Also, it’s sometimes hard for my father to browse the internet but he doesn’t have trouble searching flights on
    2. your fares are very well priced and the ease/quickness of the website make it happy for the user to pay the $10 commission by the end.
    3. I like that you’re able to mix and match flights and further filter results after seeing all the possible flights.
    That said, I truly hope that you don’t make too many additions to your website which can eventually result to a slower more complicated search tool. My suggestion is mirror the Google strategy as a search engine by keeping it simple.

    Also, I do think there are several opportunities for improvement:
    1. I have not had the need to contact customer service due to your very complete website; however, I have noticed that the two times I contacted customer service for help, the waiting time was slightly long.
    2. Also, I am subscribed to the customized email flight updates. This initially was a fun and useful tracking tool, but eventually became annoying because I was receiving updates every time a flight price increased or decreased by $10 or $20. In my opinion, no person seeking to purchase a several hundred dollar flight is concerned about receiving regular updates on $10 price increases or decreases. In other words, if a flight’s price decreases by $10 and I will probably not change my plans for the weekend and still stay home. I suggest that decrease the number of emails and compensate by promoting more useful/attractive deals.

    Overall, keep up the good work ! I’ve been a loyal customer of for several years, and I will continue to promote your website amongst my friends.
    Thank you

  3. I think your website is comperative to the other travel websites I have used. I like the pale color theme and the graphics. I dont buy any travel services without checking SEVERAL different sites for the best savings. I have not needed to contact your customer services at this time. Keep up the good work.

  4. I dont have to say a whole lot, other than you guys are the best i have always found amazing deals with you guys, you give a lot of options to choose from either if it’s a flight to a rental car, in my opinion i can not complain about nothing with how cheap we can find a deal…Now i love cheapair i would not change you for no other website, but the website can be a little more creative some funk to it would probably grab peoples more attention , even though i no a lot of people use cheapair, and in the end it doesnt need to be all fabulous to book on a good website, but to catch peoples eye maybe just a little work on the website maybe a different theme would be good a little change is always good. Other than that its pretty darn good easy to search for waht your looking for. Customer service i never have had to use it personally for any problem, but when i did call to ask certain questions it was a good staff very pleasant conversation they asnwered all my questions i wasnt on hold for ever like some other companies so that was great…..Keep up the amazing job i couldnt be happier on how great you guys do…

  5. I’m currently a senior in high school, and so, my budget is very small. However, when I do have the opportunity to travel, I prefer to fly. I’m currently planning a trip for this summer, and checking your rates, I’m amazed to discover how inexpensive your fares can be. Without the deals constantly offers, I don’t think a trip this summer would be possible. In addition to fare costs, I am very impressed with the site’s design and ease of use. In my opinion, the process of searching for flights, hotels, etc. could quite easily become a daunting task with the amount of decisions that have to be made. However, this site simplifies it. I can search for flights in a more timely manner than possible with other sites. Therefore, I don’t have any concerns with the site’s ease of use. And as I have not had to contact customer support yet, I can neither praise nor criticize that area of the site.

  6. I have been a customer of cheapair for a few years now. I am very happy for the most part with the services. I like the fact that your site is user friendly. At times I find somes fares seem a little high. But for the most part you have great offers. I am a senior with limited income. But I do like to travel by plane when possible.

  7. Out of all the websites that show multiple options with multiple airlines, yours is the most authentic toward getting the cheapest deal, and I love how your website will show a ‘mix and match’ option in order to get the cheapest flight. Continue to do a great job.

  8. My husband and I have booked several trips through your website. The prices were great and everything went smoothly. We will book again.

  9. Really like using your site. I have used your site for booking my last 3 trips and have worked out great. I especially like the option to change dates and destinations without starting all over each time when searching for the best fares. It always recognizes the Airport with the city that is typed in. The pricing is also VERY close to the posted fare which you can count on. The last flight/trip we took was booked approx 6.5 months from our trip date, and everything went great.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. I used for my trip to Orlando in Sep 09. The fare was reasonable and the itinerary was easy to follow. Access and manuevaribility throught the website is very good. I’m planning another trip so far the rates im getting from the CheapAir are the best. Thanks.

  11. You do a great job and I have used your website many times. The only thing I would change is the option to book many different hotels with one flight.

  12. I have been searching for the cheap flights to India. And i step on your page.. The first impression of the web site was wow this is easy.!
    The most helpful thing about this website is that its really easy to fond stuff on it.
    I am currently a high school senior so i was just looking some cheap flights to travel. I am glad that i can easily jump onto your website and find some cheap flights
    I also really like the graphics and colors of the website.

    I don’t think you really need to improve anything because according to me this is the only flight website which help the most to find the best airlines for you.

  13. I start searching a flight for my trip to my country mexico and so far the prize and times they give me are great. Other thing that i found is so easy to use the web side. some times for people like me is not easy to find a right place to look it , but for me use the was perfect
    My personal point is that Cheap is great for everybody. I don’t think u have to change any thing we are very happy the way it is.

  14. I have been using cheap air for years. It always have the best rates of all the sites out there and it is very user friendly. I would like to see a button for return to beginning of search from the later stages of checking out flight dates. Several times I have had to start a search all over instead of just being able to change a date. I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for that great support as well.

  15. I like your website. It’s easy to use but I wish you have an option with flexible dates. Maybe you have this option but I couldn’t find it on a front page.
    Thank you

  16. I just started using your website to look for cheap flights and found out that your price are very good and competitive!!

  17. I have done alot of searches through different websites and by far I am very pleased in your site…..I keep coming back! Thank you for caring enough about your customers!!

  18. we started using your service a few times. you guys are good with your price. we use it 6 times a year. keep up the good work.
    don & linda


  20. I think cheapair is exactly what the name says , the best , cheapest airfare i have always found on the net. I live in canada and have always found your website fare is the best around, i have flown out of buffalo new york many times through your site and will continue to do so. If you could change anything it would be to have a link for vacation packages which i notice you do not have . Your wevsite is easy to navigate , simple to use, site design easy on the eyes , and customer support has always been very quick to help and respond to any emails i have sent. Please continue to provide honest , reliable service in the future.

    RG , Canada

  21.’s website is easy to use and has valuable extra’s such as the “filter” and the variety of airlines to choose from. This way one can browse the list and save a bundle in the process! This website simplifies the process and allows multiple choices. I am very impressed and will share the info with all my friends and family! Thank’s you are doing a great job and at a reasonable cost.

  22. The site is very user-friendly, particularyly the search process. I saved a lot of time. I’ve been trying to go to Puerto Rico, but the prices are no less than $339.

  23. Cheapair has the best prices compared to all other competitors. Very easy to use the website to book flights. I suggest if possible to move your group booking to 12 plus. It would be nice to book a group of 10 people on line instead of going through the phone service. Also when you try book with flex dates it takes times and a lot of times the flights are always booked. Need to find a better way to show what flights are not booked and what flights are booked for flexible travel dates.

  24. I am trying to plan a trip to see my grandkids and go to Disney it looks like cheap air
    maybe able to help me with the airfare. There site is easy and has lots of information.
    Thanks cheap air

  25. I really like how easy it is to use your site… I would like to see how many seats are still available. Thanks, I’m looking forward to our flight on 4/19….

  26. I love this website because it’s simple and anyone who is not very familiar with the internet is able to use it! It’s quick, easy and saved me lots of money. Theres a blog and you can keep track of your trips, this site is pretty amazing. It doesn’t take long to load and the searches are great. I can’t say enough about it I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the website.

  27. I’ve been using you guys service for a few years now, and I love the fact that you guys always have the cheapest fares compared to other sites. However, I wish you guys could send more email notifications when there are price drops on fares to popular cities and maybe even discounts for repeat customers would be cool too.

  28. Everytime I visit this website I get surprised how cheap it is. Amazing ~ Since I visited this website I haven’t gone to other websites. I’m so satisfied the prices not only domestic airlines but also international airlines.

  29. I have been using your site for some time now and I think your fares on flights and cruises are quite good.

  30. Love your site… but would REALLY like a CHART showing fare history over past 30 / 90 days..
    I would really like this feature.. This would absolutely convert me to using your site EACH time I shop for airfare.. I travel frequently and the chart makes it easier for me to decide whether to purchase or wait, based on price averages historically.. Thank you for asking for our feedback!


  32. I used CHEAPAIR.COM twice last year on international flights from Dublin to Los Angeles round trip and Dublin to Houston round trip. The site is easy to use, idiot proof I like to call it! And the staff are courteous and helpful over the telephone. The best thing is the price…………I got a round trip to L. A. last year for 560 dollars at the same time as a CALIFORNIAN girlfriend paid 1,200 bucks for the same trip in reverse!!! She was shocked to find out about CHEAPAIR.COM and will use it now as will the many others I have recommended to the site. I am fare watching in preparation for round trip flights to Los Angeles again in June until August for myself and my sons…………CHEAPAIR.COM makes the United States much closer to Ireland and the days when Irish people would hold a wake for relations who emigrated to America because they would never see them again are long gone!

  33. Easy site to navigate, I do like the fare tracker system, but it needs improvement in your best deals section and flight search! I would like to see total price of ticket on first search page, and when you use the best deal search, just tell us what dates are available instead of selecting a date, than says not available, just be up front and tell us what is available
    Have not used other features at this time, just flights

  34. Site was easy to navigate and the prices were the best I’ve seen so far…thanks for providing a great service!!

  35. I like how the site is designed. The chart along the side that shows all of the different airlines along with their prices is really helpful and very easy to use. I think that the site is very easy to use it is not to complicated your information just needs to be filled out and it gives all of the options. The fares are all very reasonable especially if you budget is limited. I have been using this for a while now and have never had any problems and I will continue to use this web site.

  36. Much easier to use than Travelocity or Orbitz! Cleaner, simpler look, great colors. Love the simplicity! All I need is on the homepage—flight search and fare tracker. Super easy!

  37. Great website. Very appealing to the eye and user friendly as well. Looking forward to booking flights in the future from Cleveland to LA to visit my nieces.

  38. I prefer the look of Orbitz and Travelocity. I want to be able to get more specific with what I am looking for from the beginning of my search. The pictures are a nice throw back but overall the color scheme and look is not very attractive.

  39. Great name for starters!

    The comments on the hotels were most helpful. Saw one that listed extra incidentals that do not show up on the hotel profile. I really appreciate information like this. The pictures were super easy to view by hitting the arrows at the top. As for flight search, I love that it saves the most recent searches and once one clicks on them, one can modify dates and airport info without having to hit the back arrow. I hate hitting the back arrow! Could you add a column that reads the amount of hours the whole trip will take? For example, when I travel internationally I highly consider the amount of hours, including layovers that a trip will take me. Sometimes I opt for a more expensive flight if I can shave some time. I know this can be calculated but I just don’t want to think about it. I want to see it on the screen and make a decision. When there are three layovers, it’s gets to be too much to calculate and this is complicated by cross time zones. I haven’t used your fare tracker yet but I know other sites who offer this option have yet to email me exactly what I want. I get emails offering all sorts of flights. I want to sign up for something specific and only receive that. Now, I have unsubscribed to those other sites. I don’t have time to look through those emails. Overall, the layout is clean and easy to follow.

  40. Cheapair offers affordable flights and the website is easy to use. It’s a great alternative to larger sites such as travelocity and expedia.

  41. I think that this site is incredibly easy to navigate. I like the feature that you can track the best fares to four places of your choice, but I think it would be nice to be able to track up to six or eight different places. Now that I am living far from my family, there are multiple airports that I would like to be able to track to find when I can go home.

    My only complaint concerns when you can check dates that have a specified fare, and when you click on that date, a message comes up that the price offered is no longer available. If the fare is no longer available, this should be updated before the user has the option to click on that date.

    I appreciate this site immensely and will continue to use it to book flights home!

  42. I love the look of the site – it projects fun and that’s what traveling is all about for me. I also LOVE the search feature. It is definitely the most thorough of any I have ever used. When I used to look for a flight, I would jump on Orbitz or Travelocity. Then I found you guys through airfarewatchdog and couldnt believe how much money you saved me by showing the mix and match flights (not to mention all the schedule options).

    The only thing I dont like is that the call center isnt open 24/7. I have had a flight canceled and I had to wait until 5am ET when you opened in order to deal with the situation. I would like to be able to reach someone at any time of the day or night when I am traveling if need be.

  43. I am so pleased with your service. I have booked several flights with cheap air, all which I had a great time on. Overall you service is awesome. I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO ARIZONA (:

  44. Couple of items I’d recommend. I’m not always tied to my computer so having an option that would text me with flight info that I have set would be great. Give me the option to be able to set a range of prices that I’m willing to pay for.

    When I’m continuing on to the calendar to select departure dates, I’d like to see your calendars already have the dates that are unavailable already X’d through so I don’t take the time to select something that isn’t available. The less clicks I have to make the better.

  45. I think your website could use a little more sophistication. Not that it looks bad as is. It just reminds me of a standard template that anyone could use. Cheap fare still needs a great corporate look. I do like your logo. The nav buttons look clunky. Your content looks organized and well planned. (this coming from a graphic artist)

  46. i’ve been looking to all web site for a cheaper fare to portugal, so far i haven’t found it!!! what’s going on? the fares are so expensive any sugestion. i am looking in the month of april16-26 help please.

  47. I always find my way back to CheapAir. One thing that would be an improvement is when I click the back arrow to tweak the dates of a search, I have to re-enter the departure and arrival cities. It would be nice if those stayed in place and I only had to change them if I wanted to. Thanks.

  48. Definitely fresh. Simple and easy to navigate, a nice change from the other travel sites. The character designs give the site some personality. I will be back here often!

  49. I have been looking and buying three tickets from SFO to Washington (IAD) and i just realized, looking at your website, that I paid double the cheapest prices you have…bummer. Now, I’ll look at yours before any other websites for a RT plane ticket.

  50. have use your sevices since 2006 and obviously I am please with your prices and with your web design that allows me to find thing quickly and easy. I have checked other travel sites and I find you best, keep up the good work.
    Ignacio Montano

  51. has been my “go to” airfare site for the past 2years. i always find the absolute best price. i love that i don’t have to have 20 windows popping up all at once to compare prices. the site is simple to use and i love how it saves my previous searches. another great feature is that i can tweak my search by date/time all on the same screen no need to go back and start over. just all around best airfare site i have used!

  52. I saw an airfare sale from April thru June. I tried to find a ticket at the advertised price for my sister. I tried every week of the sale and could not get the advertised fare. That seems kind of silly.

  53. I find your site to be very user friendly. What I appreciate most of all is the low cost fares! I could use all the help I can get as I plan to travel a lot!


  55. I have been using your sight for many years and love it. You always have the best fares, and I usually have to fly in a hurry or on short notice. It’s nice that I can get where I need to go. The only improvement I would ask is a way to print or save my options without having to purchase at the time. Like when I have to find flights for myself and other passengers and have to relay options on dates and departure/arrival times before I make a decision.

  56. Been using CheapAir for years …. things I would improve;
    1) When you click “my dates are flexible” it eliminates the *number of passengers* selection. If it stayed on the first page, when you are forced to backtrack (because the flight you want is sold out and you have to hit the BACK button), you pass through the number of passengers for each airline (not necessary).
    2) The first time the “Please select a departure date from the calendar below” screen pops up, please color code the dates the First Time. Nobody likes taking time to choose dates, only to be told later that “the fare is offered that day – but not available” or “the fare is sold out”. If we have a credit card in hand, that means we want to know if we can buy a ticket, not when fares are offered. You may even be able to supply (I like the color coding – so keep if it you like just as a reference) Fare Available only. That’s really all we need and want. Nobody likes spending two hours clicking back and forth, checking date after date after date – only to find out there’s actually only two days that month it’s available for purchase. You end up asking your “Why didn’t they just tell me that from the beginning?”
    Those are my only suggestions (but they’re big – would make a HUGE difference in your customer’s experience). I love the simple design of the sight. The customer service (toll free line) representatives are friendly and my experience has been overall – very good with CheapAir. Keep up the good work!

  57. The graphics are nice and retro. I like how the search engine checks all possible lowest priced flights.

  58. I tend to go back and forth, changing my dates, and double checking things. But recently, I notice that prices seem to change more quickly between searches. And I start to wonder if maybe just by clicking on the plane itinerary multiple times (and showing interest) I’m jacking up the price for myself. I hope not.

  59. We have used Cheapair for a few years now and I think that the website is easy to navigate and it gives
    a lot of choices to choose from for your travel. The prices are the best yet. We have been satisfied with all of our trips with Cheapair. We look at other travel sites and always come back to complete our travel with Cheapair.

  60. I love this site and have used it twice in the past 2 weeks for tickets. Please change when you click “my dates are flexible” it eliminates the *number of passengers* selection. If it stayed on the first page, when you are forced to backtrack (because the flight you want is sold out and you have to hit the BACK button), you pass through the number of passengers for each airline (not necessary).

  61. I like your site alot. It is easy to access and easy to obtain information for flights leaving Detroit (where I live) going to Ft. Lauderdale(where my dad lives). Also your rates are very reasonable and lower than any other sites. Keep up the great rates and easy accessability in finding fares. I love it!

  62. It would be really helpful to have a calendar drop-down that would have lowest prices listed for the month around the time you’re flying so as to visually see the “cheapest” possible flights.

  63. Right now I love the homepage. It’s so well organized and laid out. The simplicity is what makes the site stand apart from others. I really like the Fare Tracker and Recent Search features. After exploring a bit, I didn’t come across anything I would change! Great work, thanks!

    Well, actually I do wish it were possible to have a flexible date search for international travel.

  64. I love new York…….Anytime of year. How can you go wrong?
    Some of these rates are hard to believe!

    Doug in Canada

  65. I randomly found and have used it for every flight since then. The homepage and selection features are super easy to read and use. I love that they automatically mix and match flights to give you the lowest options. And when trying to find bereavement flights,’s customer service tirelessly worked with me to get us the perfect flights and at a great price! Thank you!

  66. I do not see vacation packages? also be nice to see best deals that are current…love the front page east to navigate….RV Wisconsin

  67. I love! I found the site easier to navigate than others and the prices are great.

  68. I recently moved to Florida and I’m always looking for cheaper flights for my family to come visit. I love being notified and given options. Your website is a welcome site in this household. Keep up the good work. Judy, Florida/Ohio

  69. Planning a large group trip to Disneyworld this summer have been checking back regularly for fares. It seems like you can go everywhere else in Florida for much less than Orlando? Just wondering why such a big price difference in the rates there than to the rest of the state?

    I have used the site in the past to book trips and had great luck finding deals. I am hopeful that a good deal will come along for this trip also. I will keep trying…

  70. I am a person who is blind trying to use your site with the help of my screen reading software. I am still trying to figure out how the site is laid out and how to find the information I need. I performed a search for a trip my family wants to take, but not sure where I will find the results. Hoping to figure this out.

  71. Hi, I like the site. It is easy to use and has a good variety of offers. It is very easy to compare prices. Janice

  72. I have used this site for many years and always enjoy the low fares. Especially the fact that the taxes and fees are included in the posted fare-eliminating finding a higher fee once you get to the selected itinerary.
    I also enjoy the click over and seeing the itinerary temporarily displayed so you are aware of arrival -connecting and departing times. This helps in selecting the best copnnecting flights and shorter lay over times.
    I also would really appreciate a calendar that displays dates and fees. With the current state of economy and so many retirees, this helps us manage our spending and minimizes “search time”. Please consider these recommendations.

  73. I am very pleased with the site . I would like a green for ” GO ” color when / on the site that had the lowest fare !
    Or a smily -face icon on the corner . That would help in the Jungle-of-fares .
    Thank you for your help , It is greatly appreciated !!


  74. We are retired with limited resources and appreciate that we don’t have to hunt down the best fare. Our flexibility and your site will be most beneficial… THANX

  75. Easiest airfare site to use. No extra gimmicks and whistles, just easy to use. Gives multiple airports in the same area on the first search. Love the retro style. Glad I found your site. Thanks!

  76. I always choose this site when searching, it’s one of the easier ones. The only thing is my information is lost when I click back to make any changes. Overall, an easier and more efficient site than many others but not as well known by many of my friends. Maybe more advertising. A facebook page? “Fans of” is free.

  77. I think that CHEAP AIR is great I have been using it for many years. Is easy to use and convenient. In simple words I recond this web site to any one specially if your going to buy plane tickets. 🙂

  78. I like Site’s Design very much. I always look for tickets her because the prices are either the same as everywhere else or cheaper. I find it easy to navigate. Very simple to chose you flights. Filters allow you to narrow searches even more.

  79. This is my first time on, and already I am finding my way around very easily. I was also able to look up the prices of flights, and found some for cheap prices that I wanted!
    I have been very pleased with cheapair.

  80. This site was very helpful and quick in planning my trip. It was well organized and very detailed. I will strongly suggest this site to my company and all my friends. It take less time to plan a trip and everything is so well organized that it take the sweat out of planning a trip.
    Keep up the great work and Thanks for making it so easy to plan a trip.
    Thanks for the web site and the easy navigate.
    P.S. My mother loves the site and navigate thru it with easy.
    Again Thanks.

  81. I like the site design as it is nice to look at and easy to use. Good amount of features that most other sites have, so that’s great. Relatively quick search too, and I see a good deal for what I’m looking for, just have to check my email regarding a credit with an airline before I can decide on it. Overall, easy to use, customer-friendly, and provides a valuable service. Thank You!

  82. I have used cheap air with good results. I have also had to talk with their personnel when I could not get what I needed with a search and they were quite helpful. Thank you!

  83. I was amazed at the prices offered on this site also the wide range of options, my girlfriend recommended this site for an airfare, this may be the best thing she has ever done for me. Keep up the good work. I will be back. Thank you.

  84. It would be nice if you post a price that when I get on it will be that price. Once on to get the cheap price you receive a message that read that price isn’t available. I’m starting to wonder if this is a lure tactic, hm?

  85. I used for the first time a couple of months ago. I was very pleased with the outcome. It was easy to use the search option and nothing about the site itself was confusing or distracting. A few days after purchasing my first ticket with CheapAir, I was contacted with a problem with the airline–they had changed the times for my flight. Customer Service was very easy to reach and they handled the confirmation of my changed flight professionally. I would recommend this site to others–and already have done so!

  86. I have tried “umpteen ” times to get a cheap/special from ALB to AZO. Never happens. The fare is always, same or higher, than if I book direct with Delta.

  87. Love the site but wish it had a calendar up to 6 months ahead instead of just 3 when you go to make a reservation. Thanks

  88. I wasn’t able to find where to read through reviews. I like the star ratings placed prominently, but when I click for more details (including reviews) no further information was listed? Otherwise, the site is really great!

  89. I will be using from now on for all my travel searches! Thanks for offering such a nice site that’s easy to use.

  90. I found your site totally by accident, as I usually go through the horros of other sites. And found it to be THE BEST in all respects!! Oh joy no more hunting and comparing prices, this is THE site to be on… Just a little suggestion.. we live in Lithuania.. we do have Western Union but not the Quick Service.. And we also don’t hold any credit cards.. So paying can be a problem!! What about PAYPAL could you consider adding that to your site as a means of paying.. It’s really alot cheaper sending money from abroad!!!!!
    A great site!! I’ve already passed your site on to all my mates here in Lithuania…

  91. I appreciate the updates on deals and frequent flight schedule changes. I like the customer support when my sister realized she lost her eticket information as she was getting ready for a very early flt. the next am and was able to talk to a representative who found the information quickly for her.
    I like that the site is clearly about the airline reservation and isn’t pushing you into hotels and rental cars.
    It seems the deals are more focused on domestic US flights rather than international travel.

  92. Your website has saved my family and me thou$and$ of dollar$. I am single Father, US Army veteran, who is going back to College so I can finish my Bachlors Degree. Since I have full custody of my daughter Abby, part of my divorce agreement is to fly my Daughter from Salt lake city Utah to Oklahoma city Oklahoma. I use to try some of the other on-line discount airfair website sights, none of them compare to how much I save getting them through CHEAPAIR.COM.

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