Tell us your in-flight encounter and win a free round trip ticket

They say traveling isn’t just about the destination, but the journey. And we believe great trips inspire epic stories, spark new perspective and have the power to turn strangers into friends. Regardless of a trip’s purpose—business, family vacation or spontaneous jet setting—it’s difficult to get on a plane these days without meeting some interesting people.

Tell us your in-flight encounter and win a free round trip ticket
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We want to hear from you. Who is the most interesting person you’ve encountered on a flight? Tell us on Facebook for a chance to win a free round trip ticket.

Here’s how: (1) Click here to like us on Facebook. (2) Tell us about the most interesting person you’ve met on a flight by writing on our wall and (3) if your comment gets the most likes in the month of March, you win! Keep reading for contest rules.

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  1. love cheap air good service and great help get to my location on time love this website tell my friends and family about…you guys rock.

  2. I flew into Washington D.C. on a Air Tran flight. The flight was delayed for about 2 hours. We waited and waited and waited. Then finally some one came over the intercom and told us a stewardess had gotten sick and the flight will be delayed. We wanted 3 1/2 hours. Then the announcement was made about a bus would take us to Virgina. I thought it would be a cool Gray Hound bus ride. It was a short no air condition bus took us from D.C. to Virginia in the month of August. It was a long hot, hot, hot, hot trip a sweaty ride with young children screaming in the front of the bus very uncomfortable. I paid for a flight to Virginia not a hot, hot, hot, bus ride to my destination. I e-mailed the company and I never got a response. Know I need 3 round trip ticket to from Peoria, IL to Charlotte N.C. How can you complement me? Never was I compensated or give a sign of complementary of anything on Air Tran. Want to take my grands children to Nassau,Bahamas on a cruise to enjoy the sights of people and other countries live and survive without being Americanized.

  3. The last time I flew home to Chicago for a visit with family, on my return flight the weather was very bad. I can be a very nervous flyer in conditions like that. I sat there white-knuckled and trying not to cry, when the woman sitting next to me began talking to me. She was a retired Army nurse who had served in Vietnam, and since I had been in the Navy as a medic, it gave us something to talk about and ease my nerves.
    She asked if she could hold my hand if I was really scared, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to sit next to on the flight. Angels could be the person sitting next to you.

  4. I have met alot of very interesting people on flights. One of my most memorable ones was a young lady that had lost her husband to cancer. She was flying to meet some of her relatives to take her first cruise. She was commenting on how she would have rather been in his company , but they never took the time to take adventure trips and how she had some regets now. She made me realize time is short and now is the time to make the effort to see the world before you leave it.

  5. My husband, best friends and I flew to Italy and nearly froze to death. The area of the plane we were on was freezing. I was so glad to be sitting next to my husband……….a good, funny guy.

  6. I took at 13 hour flight from Chicago to Japan in Novemebr 2009. I was dreading that much time in the air. It’s hard enough taking a 2 hour flight sometimes.

    However, we were treated like “royalty”. The Japanese flight attendants are probably the most polite and most responsive I have ever experienced. Throughout the 13 hours, they continually brought snacks, pillows, blankets, drinks, hot towels, food, reading material, etc. It seemed to never end. If they had added a massage, it would have felt like a day at the spa. I’ve never been treated so well on a flight, and the 13 hours actually flew by (amazingly). US attnendants can learn something from the Japan attendents, as my flight home was a typical US-run flight. I had a grumpy flight attendant who I barely saw (and even forgot to bring me my meal until I asked for it).

    While Japan is going through a period of devistation right now, I am sure they will recover. I encourage a trip to Japan, not only for the sites and the culture, but also to experience the air travel. It was unlike any plane trip I had ever taken.

  7. A few years ago my father and I sat next to an army ranger. He had one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. He had two purple stars. He had been shot during combat once with minor injuries and returned to combat and the other went through his head. He actually barely survived because the bullet he had been shot just missed his spinal cord. This man was so full of life and grateful I never have been more thankful to meet someone like him. He had been to so many places and met so many people but so very humble. I must say you do not people like him on a daily basis and a 6hour plane ride to California was well worth it. At the time I was young and never though my husband would be a part of the military but he is and we always pray god keeps him safe like he did the soldier I had met years before.


  9. I am a retired school teacher and my wife and I both travel as much as possible. We have eleven grand children and none live where we live; however, we still feel very blessed. When our youngest son was in the USMC during Desert Storm, he was sent to Saudi Arabia with his unit. We were very apprehensive about his deployment and would pray that all would go well. I vowed that I would never, ever complain where my kids lived as long as he made it back safely to good USA. Fortunately all went well and now one of our kids lives in CA, another in NC and the one that lives nearby is about 365 miles one-way. WE are blessed that they are all safe and we can see them by flying to each with air service to those destinations. Yes, we are very blessed with our kids, grandkids and many friends. WE appreciate the air industry more than the average person because we feel connected to those we love.


  10. Our family has flown a lot over the past 20 years as missionaries in Brazil. We have had lots of flights and have discovered lots of interesting people. In 2003 my husband discovered he had cancer so we had to fly home. We flew from Manaus, Brazil to Miami on a Bolivian airline-everyone spoke Spanish (we spoke Portuguese) My husband’s cancer was located near his kidneys and lower back so lying down was difficult. We had to buy a row of seats for him to lie down. The interesting thing about this flight was everyone knew I was with the sick man. My husband, Jim didn’t lay still the entire 5 hour trip. I was sitting in the seat in front of him with our two youngest daughters. Every minute or so Jim would raise up to look at the flying map (no movies on this flight, unfortunately) to see where we were and when we would arrive. We arrived to Miami at 7 am, Jim couldn’t ride the aisle chair the airline had so he had to crawl out. Everyone saw us. We waited until he could move again then we would make our way further. We never did make it out of the airport that day but ended up with an ambulance ride to a local hospital. At the hospital I encountered many wonderful people who helped my family out. I was thankful for people who cared when they saw someone not well and wanted to help out.

    1. Cindy – a painful story to hear and no doubt a very difficult time for your family. It’s comforting to see the kindness of strangers at difficult times like these.

  11. I’m flying with my husband and two kids. My husband, a trademarked fly-tier and somewhat known in the flyfishing world through his fly-tying DVDs, happens to be wearing a ball cap with tailing bonefish, which also is one of his art works. An adjacent passenger, noticing the cap and Tim’s fishing T-shirt, strikes up a friendly conversation about fishing in the Florida Keys, and how he really hit it big with the Chernobyl Crab — one of my husband’s trademarked fly patterns. We keep chatting; he excitedly talks about his fishing experiences, and of course, we egg him on. Meanwhile, he drops the name Patrick Dorsey, creator of the Quan fly, and how great Patrick’s Chernobyl Crab pattern is. Tim and I are mildly amused. First, he loves the pattern but doesn’t know who created it; secondly, he’s talking to “the man” but never stops talking long enough to catch Tim’s name or otherwise allow a word in. Afterward, we call our friend Patrick and tell him he’s getting lots of credit, and that it’s all good in love and fishing.
    You can lead a man to water… and he’s gonna’ tell you all about it!

  12. My youngest daughter lives in MN and I like to visit there as much as I can to visit her and my grandson. I’m a very young G-Mum 🙂 It was back in December 2010, when I left LGB Airport in CA to MN. A day before my departure to MN, I went to Verizon to get a new cell phone, since I was having trouble with it. Not being familier with the phone yet, prior to departure I text my daughter when I get there I will text her to let her know I had arrived. While on the airplain, all passengers were instructed to turn off their cell phone. As a good passenger, I turned off my phone. When our flight stoped at Houston airport, I tried to turn my cell phone back on. To my surprise I could not turn it back on!! I was upset and angrey. Having 1 hour lay off there, I began to to look at the airport’s facility to find a Verizon store. I was dissapointed not to be able to find any. We started to board our airplain to MN. The piolet was happy that we were getting there 45 minutes early, but I was upset I could not contact my daughter to tell her that. Sitting next to a male passenger, he tried to talk me by making small conversations. But I was not up to it!! Shortly after the flight I began to look at my grandson’s pictures, that’s when he started talking to me about the pixs. I told him that I was going to visit my daughter and grandson but my phone was not turning back on. I told him that I’m frustrated with it and don’t know what to do!! He asked to look at my cell phone. I handed it to him and a few second later, he gave it back to me. IT WAS WORKING…. MY CELL WAS WORKING AGAIN!!!! I was so happy, and offered to pay him. He simply said “Just pay it forward!” I asked him how did he know how to fix it? He said…. LUCKY FOR YOU, I WORK WITH VERIZON STORE and I’m trained to fix cell problem. Making the story short, we arrived at the airport and my daughter and grandson came to pick me up. On the way out, I saw him waiting for a taxi cab. So, I approched him and said, IT’S TIME FOR ME TO PAY IT FORWARD…Can we give you a ride? He simply smiled and said “Sure thanx.”

  13. Enjoy my last flight i took from booking the flight to getting to my destination everything was as perfect as can be .will make all of my flying with you guys after today, will also recommend you to my family and friends.