CheapAir now offering nonstop flights to Cuba

We are proud to announce that CheapAir is the first online travel agency to offer direct flights from the U.S. to Cuba. So, what exactly does that mean for you? Well, if you’re eligible for travel to Cuba you can now fly from U.S. soil direct to Cuban destinations without an international stop in between.

Camaguey, Cuba
UNESCO World Heritage Site, Camaguey, Cuba

Service routes run to Havana from Miami, New York and Tampa. Miami offers daily flights whereas other gateways are less frequent.

Here are the days you can fly direct to Havana and other cities in Cuba:

CheapAir Nonstop Flights to Cuba

If you’re considering a visit to Cuba, you may want to also peruse our posts What you need to know about traveling to Cuba and 12 helpful hints for U.S. travelers to Cuba. If you have other Cuban travel questions, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to answer them!


  1. Finally I will be able to book my direct flights to Cuba online. I hold dual Citizenship (Cuba and US) and I frequently travel to the Caribbean Island to visit friends and family that form part of the Cuban opposition group fighting for basic Human Rights in the country. I would like to thank for making this option available and also President Barack Obama for taking the first steps to lift the Cuban embargo.

      1. my wife and I want to attend my daughter’s wedding in Cuba, Nov. 19/2016. We are Canadian snowbirds, who winter in Florida. we hope to get a flight fom Miami to Santa Clara. How do we do this as I don’t seem to find it?

        1. Hi Brian, You are looking at a very interesting time because the U.S. and Cuban governments are working right now to put agreements in place to resume commercial flights. These flights are scheduled to resume at the end of summer/beginning of fall. Because of this transition time, the Cuban government is only allowing the charter flights (that you can buy from CheapAir online) direct from Miami about one month out. I would check back with us in late July/early August to purchase a charter if the commercial flights are not live by that time. This post offers additional information that may be of interest to you:

    1. I do not know which page is available to buy a direct flight from Miami to Havana, because all I have access to buy a flight with a stop and besides that super expensive.
      Anyone can help me about it.

        1. How to make a reservation as US citizen to fly to Cuba from Miami? I live in Boston and am looking for most direct route, can make to Miami however I see no direct flights posted here. Is there direct flight to Cuba from any US city?

          1. Hi Heather, currently there are direct flights most days from Miami and on select days of the week from JFK in New York, Tampa and Los Angeles.

        2. Hi, I am also interested in direct flight to Cuba, but the webpage only shows 6 hours flight or more. Where can I get more info?

          1. Hi Patricia, Are you looking for dates into June or beyond? I believe we only have dates for our shorter, charter flights loaded through May. Please check back if you’re looking for later in the year.

  2. It’s great what you are doing to make it easy to book flights to Cuba, NOW it would be even better if you started direct flights to Cuba from Los Angeles, CA. Us at this end of the country find it very frustrating that we have to flight back east or Mexico to get to Cuba
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Rene,

      We appreciate the feedback. We’re the first U.S. online travel agency to offer flights to Cuba and now we just launched daily direct flights from Miami as well as select days from JFK and Tampa. I sympathize with your frustration over the schedules from the West Coast. (We’re based out of L.A. as well.) We’re evaluating the demand from each market and will continue to provide more flight options in the future. Please keep checking back with us.

      1. Two of us Australians would like to travel from Miami to Havana from 16 to 22 February 2016. Is this possible?

        1. Hi Patricia, I assume you mean Feb 2017? Yes, it should be no problem. By the end of the year this year there will be regular commercial flights from Miami to Havana: They are still working out the flight schedules for Havana, but once they are scheduled you’ll find that the flights are also going to be much less expensive than they are right now (charter flights are close to $800 round trip). Your timing couldn’t be more perfect.

          1. Hi. We too are from Australia and i was wondering if we need to satisfy one of the 12 reasons to visit Cuba if we are australians travelling from say Miami to Havana?

          2. Hi Daniel, As of this post you do need to qualify under one of the 12 reasons if you plan to fly on an American carrier. There has been a bit of confusion of late, but this is a new development based on the fact that commercial flights have just started running. Prior to the last month or two, charters were operating with different rules in place with the government. As of right now, you should qualify yourselves. The easiest license is probably the “person to person” category.

  3. My parents hold dual citizenship (Cuban and Spanish) live in Cuba and visit me ever year in the US. They have always had to travel to a third country from Havana, let’s say Bahamas, Cayman, or Mexico) and from there take a flight to the US. Questions is: can they board a direct flight from Havana to Miami, for example. Can an Italian for example book a flight departing FROM Havana to Miami and be able to travel without any problems. Thanks!

    1. Hi Fermin,

      Daily non-stop flights can be booked from Havana to Miami, as well as from other cities within Cuba to Miami on select days. You would need to confirm what documents are required for traveling; i.e. passports, visas, etc… They should be able to check with the local government for the necessary requirements.

  4. It will be creat if CheAp Air will offer a competitive air fare to Havana, Cuba
    Now that all others fare are to high for a very short flight.

  5. Well, something is missing or broken. I tried to book a flight and no matter what dates I choose, the webpage return an error message. Tampa-Havana definitively don’t work for me.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      Non-stop flights from Tampa to Havana are only available on select days (Sunday and Thursday). Did you try searching for those days only? What are your dates? I’d be happy to look into this for you.

    1. Hi Oscar,

      What dates are you searching for? Non-stop flights from JFK to Havana are only available on Tuesdays and are limited to some dates.

    2. I have tried booking 1 way direct flight Havana to NY in Oct. Not working. Read in this BLOG that you can only book direct flights as late as February. You need to have that information in your search engine not buried in a BLOG. So tried all Tuesdays in Feb just to test – still not working. Can only look at round trips. Also the flexible dates tab returns an error for both NY & Miami, even though both cities are pictured. Think there is work to be done to get this happening.

      1. Hi Brenda, at the moment the flights are limited and they sell out quickly. We are a bit at the mercy of the Cuban government to approve flight schedules – you are correct. They are only releasing flights to sell about one month prior to travel dates. The demand is such that this is working fine for now, but it does create a situation where there are very few flights being sold. We are also not selling one-way flights at all. Because of travel restrictions for U.S. travelers, it isn’t possible. You could always try booking detract with a company like Aeromexico or Copa Airlines and fly through Mexico City, but that is only an option for non-U.S. citizens. Good luck to you.

  6. I am an Indian citizen visiting USA on a tourist visa. I wish to fly to cuba from Miami and back to Miami. Do I still need to have OFAC and/or comply with one of the 12 reasons to fly to cuba? Any idea? or even a good lead whom I can ask.

    1. Hi Thanveer,

      As an Indian citizen, no. As long as you have all the proper travel documents required, then you’re okay. Only U.S. citizens are prohibited for now unless they qualify for one of the 12 reasons. I’d be safe and confirm this information with to be sure since there may be additional documents required.

      1. Hi Cheapair, I am Vietnamese citizen, having US tourist visa (Type M) B1/B2, would like to flight direct from Florida to Cuba this November, and then heading to Cancun, after that back to San Diego. So as your wrote on this forum, non-US president no need to follow one of 12 reasons to travel to Cuba, right? I just need a tourirst visa, valid passport, one-way air ticket , cash and insurance , that’s all?!

        1. Hi there, It does sound as though you can travel without penalty, but definitely make sure your travel visa allows departures and re-entry into the States.

  7. Hi, I’m trying to book a flight from Havana to Miami on June 7th, but can only find flights connected through Mexico City. Can you help me out?

    1. Hi Frida,

      Unfortunately one-way nonstop flights from Cuba to the U.S. are not available. You would have to connect through Mexico City in order to book. Please let us know if you need any assistance with finding flights.

  8. I have been trying to book direct flights on the stated direct flights days of Sunday and Thursday in November 2015 from TPA and not finding any on any departure days. Do you your direct flights end in October?

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes, current flight schedules only go into October 2015. In mid-May, flight schedules will be added for beyond October 2015.

  9. Hi! I am an Norwegian citizen visiting USA on a tourist visa in january 2016. I wish to fly to Cuba from Miami and back to Miami . Do I need to have OFAC and/or comply with one of the 12 reasons to fly to cuba?

      1. I’m a perminent resident of the USA and citizen of Nassau, Bahamas…am I eligible to travel directly from Miami to Cuba?

        1. Hi Walter,

          Yes. You’d need to ensure you have a valid passport, VISA, and a non-U.S. medical insurance. To learn more about what you’d need to travel to Cuba, you can read our blog post here: You’d have to select one of the 12 reasons for your visit at the time of booking. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  10. very nice i waiting for my passport to book a travel to stgo of cuba how many seat are available to stgo de cuba for july 18

    1. Hi Ramon,

      Space is still available for the 18th. There’s a least 5 seats available, but possibly more. Please let us know if you need any assistance with finding flights.

  11. hi cheapair

    we are vietnamese travelers. We are in us at the moment. we already have cuban visa. Are we able to purchase the direct flight ticket from miami to havana on july 20? Do we need to comply with one of 12 categories like us citizen or do we need any special document?

    I called cheapair customer service to make the booking and the representative said that we still need to comply with one of 12 reasons although we are not us citizen. Please clarify.


    1. Hi Dien,

      Yes, you can book these flights. When selecting your flights online, you will still be prompted to select one of the 12 reasons for traveling to Cuba. These really are only for U.S. citizens, so you can select one of the reasons and complete your purchase. Upon finishing your booking, you’ll be contacting afterwards by the Cuba charter to review your travel documents to ensure you’re ready to go. It’s that easy. Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  12. Hi

    This looks like a helpful forum, so wanted to try it myself. I do hope you can help..

    My friend and I are UK citizens who are looking to spend some time in New York, Miami then hopefully Havana (getting to Havana around 27th August for a week). Is this possible for us to do? We already have a flight booked back from Havana to Manchester a week later, so would only need a one way.. Do we have to comply with 12 reasons too? Would there be restrictions on us traveling in this way? Thanks

    1. Hi Jo,

      As long as you’re able to enter Cuba based on your travel VISA, then you should be okay to book these flights. The 12 reasons are only meant for U.S. citizens, so when your selecting your flights you will be prompted to select one of the 12 reasons. You can select any one of the reasons. Upon completing your reservation, you’ll be contacted afterwards by the Cuba charter company to confirm you indeed have all the proper documents required for travel.

      1. Hello, my boyfriend and I have Irish passports. Next Jan we are flying from UK – USA – Cancun – Cuba, then we want to fly to Miami from Havana. Is this possible?

        1. Yes – there are no restrictions for foreign passport holders to fly from Miami. If you’d like to book with us, we are the only online retailer presently offering these flights (charters operated by major airlines at the present time). You can also reach out directly to charter companies based in Miami to coordinate. At the moment, we only have flight schedules through November, but you can look on our site to get a sense of what the costs are). We should have January available very soon. Bets of luck to you.

  13. My husband and I hold Canadian Passports and we want to travel out of Miami to Havana in August. Is it really just as simple as filling in the travellers form and paying the visitor’s visa.? I am ready to book tickets online and I do not have a travel agent as a go between. Is this advisable ? I understand that there is a $25 – 50 fee for departing Havana??

    1. Hi Patti,

      Yes, it really is that simple. The 12 reasons are only meant for U.S. citizens, but you will still need to select one of the 12 reasons for your visit. Upon completing your booking, you’ll be contacted afterwards by the Cuba charter company to review your travel documents to ensure you’re all set.

  14. Pls I to arrange a flight to Cuba from Miami. I hold US Visa and Cuban permanent Resident.
    Actually I have Peruvian.citizen.

    1. Hi Jorge,

      How can we help you? You can book flights to Cuba online, or if you’d prefer you can call us at 1-800-243-2724 to speak with a travel advisor who can assist you. Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  15. Looking for direct flight prices from Miami to Havana Thurs, Nov. 12- Mon, Nov. 16 for the Cuban Marathon. I do not see any direct flights when I search. Any info? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Flight schedules past October have not been received from the Cuba charter company yet. We should be receiving them soon though, so please keep checking back with us. We appreciate your patience.

  16. I am UK citizen with UK passport and visiting Miami in Jan 2016. Would like to spend maybe 10 days in Cuba. Do I need Cuban Visa or any other docs besides UK passport ? Thanks

    1. Hi Garry, Yes you’ll need a travel Visa to Cuba. Some travel agencies bundle the cost of the travel visa into your ticket. We are the only online travel agency booking tickets for U.S. travelers and our charter partner will reach out to you to help coordinate the travel visa once the ticket has been purchased. Otherwise, you can also purchase the visa online from the U.K.

  17. We are a family of 4 from Australia wanting to visit Cuba Dec or Jan for approx 10 days
    Is it possible to fly directly / return from New York and what would be the cost pp?
    The children are 12 and 14

    1. Hi Maria, Yes – you can fly direct to Cuba from New York on certain days of the week. At the moment, we do not have the flight schedule for December and January, but if you search on November, you’ll see that on Tuesdays (for example) you can fly nonstop from NYC area. For around $700 a ticket. Kids are charged same as adults.

  18. Hello,

    We are 2 friends with Spanish passports that will be in Miami on January 2016 and plan to fly from there to Havana on the 3rd (return on the 16th). Questions:

    1) Is there any restriction applying to international citizens (non-US citizens) if we are going for tourism? I have checked several websites and is not clear to me.

    2) Are there direct non-stop flights Miami-Havana? I haven’t been able to find them using your search system.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Albert, Yes! As a foreign national you have no restrictions for travel to Cuba and can take advantage of the direct flights without a special license.There are direct flights that run between Miami and various destinations in Cuba, as well as flights from the NYC area (on certain days of the week). To get an idea of flight times, costs (they will be similar) and schedules you can search for flights in November. Unfortunately, we do not have the updated flight schedules yet for dates in 2016 but they should be coming very soon. Apologies for the delay.

  19. Hello,
    I have not been able to find any direct flights Miami-Havana on your website. Is it possible to fly without stopovers and what is the price for the cheapest tickets in January? I have spent hours to find out the possibility to fly Florida-Cuba for a non US-citizen.

    Grateful for information on this matter.
    Best regards

    Monica (Swedish citizen)

    1. Hi Monica, There are direct flights from MIA-HAV,however the 2016 flight schedule has not been approved as yet by the Cuban authorities. We have every confidence that those flights will be available and searchable on our site very soon. Thanks for your patience and please do check back with us. Flights available from Miami in 2015 were around $700 USD.

  20. Hi,
    I am a Swiss citizen and would like to visit Cuba leaving from Tampa (FL) around December 5.
    1) Do I need to comply with any of the US Government categories?
    2) Can I get the Cuban tourist card (visa) through your charter operator?
    3) It seems as the flight schedule for December is not out yet. Can you confirm this? Will there be direct flights from Tampa (or if not from Orlando)? Which weekdays are they likely to be on?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, Thanks for reaching out to us.

      1. As a foreign national, you have no restrictions for travel. However, our site is geared toward the US traveler, so you will have to choose a category just to complete the process online. Don’t worry, it’s just a technicality.
      2. If you book with us, the charter company we partner with will help you procure a Cuban tourist card for a small fee.
      3. You are correct. The flight schedule is not yet online. There will be flights from Orlando. Tampa to Havana flights have been scheduled on Sunday and Thursday in the past.

    1. Hello, The flight schedule for December is out but a lot of the flights around Christmas have already sold out. What dates were you looking to book?

  21. Hi, did I understand correct, that to fly direct Miami – Havana in January (about from January 5, return January 12 is about 700 USD? And tickets will be available soon? (I am a Finnish citizen and don’t need visa to Cuba). thanks

    1. Hi Nadia, Yes, this is true. Tickets to date are around $700 and we don’t have any reason to think the prices will be different in January. Please do check back with us. Those flights should be available and online very shortly.

  22. Hi, direct flights are exciting news. as a non US citizen (swiss passport holder) can I fly on those direct flights without restrictions?

    1. Hello Jurg, Yes you can. You do have to tick a box that identifies one of the reasons for travel, but for you, this is just a piece of logistics (you can tick any box). Our site will not process the tickets without the choice being made, but this is mainly because our primary customer is a US citizen (who DOES have to identify a reason for travel). As a foreign national, you are free to fly from the US to Cuba without restriction.

  23. Hi, we are Australians, traveling to Havana via Cancun. Is it possible to get a direct one way flight back to Miami from Havana?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa, Yes this is possible. When are you traveling? We do not have direct flights posted yet for 2016 but should very soon.

  24. I’m American and planning on visiting Cuba for a couple weeks in December from Miami. I’m a photographer and wanted to work on a personal journalistic project down there as well as a personal meeting with a production agency. Would these count as good enough reasons to be granted access directly from Miami? How do I get official permission?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Julian,
      At the moment, the government is issuing “licenses” for travelers who can categorize their travel for one of these reasons: You are on the honor system at the moment because the licenses are not applied for or distributed. You just are responsible for categorizing your trip for the appropriate reason and not engage in any “touristic/leisure” activities while there (no lounging around on Cuban beaches). Leisure travel is still strictly verboten. I hope this helps!

  25. Hi there,

    Planning to flight direct from Miami to Havana from January 3rd to January 15th (we are Spanish). Still no tickets available… Do you know when are they going to be and how much will be the cost approximately? Thanks!

  26. Hi!
    I am trying to book my flight from Miami to Havana on February 23rd. Why is there no direct flight? It shows me I have to transfer in Mexico. Is that correct?

  27. I am a Canadian citizen and lives in the USA. So glad to hear that I can now fly to Cuba from the US rather going back to Canada. This is great!!!

  28. Im reading conflicting information. A local travel agency that charters flights with American Airlines responded to my email regarding foreign nationals flying out of US:

    “Unfortunately the restrictions apply to anyone flying on any direct flights from the United States. There are no exceptions, everyone must fall within the 12 categories identified by the US Government”.

    Is there any documentation referencing foreign nationals are exempt from these restriction?

  29. Hi there-

    I’m a British citizen living/working in the US on an O-1 Visa (“talent visa”).

    I would like to travel to Havana from New York.

    Would I be subject to US travel restrictions on this route (NY-Havana, Havana-NY) if I used my British passport? Keeping in mind that on the way into the US I will have to go through immigration and show my O-1 Visa.

    I have heard many different thoughts on this issue.


    1. Hi Fred, We’re not experts on visa issues, unfortunately. As far as travel restrictions to Cuba go, you are fine to travel to Havana on your British passport. Our system requires you choose one of the “12 accepted reasons for travel,” but that is essentially because the vast majority of our customers are Americans (who do have travel restrictions). In terms of whether or not you can depart and then return on your visa, that is a question for the visa authorities. Hope this helps in some small way.

    1. Online you can book with us at There are no other online travel companies offering online booking at the moment for US citizens. On the other hand, you can also book with any charter company who is selling flights to Cuba.

  30. I’m a Cuban-American planning to visit Cuba in March. I left Cuba in 1968 and became a U.S. citizen in 1977. My wife is U.S. born and we both hold U.S. passports. What documentation is required for us to visit Cuba? Thanks, Miguel

    1. Hi Miguel, your situation is a bit different. Here is what your circumstances require: Since you immigrated prior to
      January 1, 1971 and are a Citizen of another country, you are required to apply for a special enter permit “HE-11” through the Cuban embassy:
      TO APPLY :
      Application Fee—$40 + $25 Service Fee. Total to be paid for the application Process is $65.00 This fee is non-refundable if VISA is not authorized by the Cuban Authorities
      Issuance of PERMIT—HE-11 – $130.00 + $25 Service Fee. Total to be paid to issue the permit—$155.00
      Processing time is between 35 to 45 days. When you contact the Cuban embassy, they should be able to explain whether or not your wife is eligible to travel with you. Hope this helps!

  31. Hi there
    Is it possible to book a One way direct flight from Havana to Miami and If so, How much does it cost? I am figuring out the best route back to San Francisco for my collegue who is due to fly to Cuba from London.
    Secondly, I see you have a direct flight from JFK to Havana on Tuesdays. What about the return? Do you have a direct flight back? How much does the round trip cost?


    1. Hi Natasha, The fares from New York have been around $800 RT and the return flights are also on Tuesdays. The round trip fares from Miami to Havana have been around $600-700 in recent months.

  32. My dad came here on the Mariel boat lift and has been here sine 1980 and he want to go back. But now after all these years they are telling him he is not a citizen. What can we do? Also I would like to know what I need to do to go to cuba besides get a passport.

    1. Hi Araseli, Yes the rules are varied depending on when you left Cuba. To get a travel visa in your dad’s case, you can review the following:
      For Cuban Born passengers which immigrated after January 1, 1971, the passenger must apply for a Cuban Passport – requires an old passport or birth certificate.
      TO APPLY:
      Application Fee— if doing a new passport with a birth certificate $25 paid to the Cuban Embassy. This fee is non-refundable if VISA is not authorized by the Cuban Authorities. When the application process approves the new passport, you will proceed to the issuance of the passport.
      Issuance of Cuban Passport – either with approval from process with the birth certificate or with copy of previous passport. Cost of the issuance of the passport is $375 paid to the Cuban Embassy
      Documents needed:
      Two (2) Passport Pictures
      Copy of old passport or birth certificate
      Last Address in Cuba
      Date departed from Cuba
      Full name of Mother & Father
      Person of reference in Cuba
      Processing time is between 2 to 3 months.

  33. Hi I live in DFW and am planning to fly to Cuba in early July 2016. I understand that I would have to fly from DFW to Miami and then Miami to Havana, Cuba. Also that I need a Visa and the best month to apply for a visit. I have a passport already.
    Please respond ASAP.
    Thank you,

    Joann Johnson

  34. Hi, my friend and I are Australian and would like to fly direct from Miami to Havana at the end of April. How am I able to book this? As when I search it gives me flights with a stopover.

    1. Hi Emma, We are presently the only online retailer booking direct flights, but the Cuban authorities are only releasing flight privileges to us about a month in advance. So, you will have to wait until March to purchase. You could also try booking online with a charter company, but I am not sure of what those fares are like. Also, we only book return tickets on our site. It’s still a little tricky in terms of convenience for foreign nationals. Sorry!

  35. Hello cheapair people!

    Could you let me know based on flight times if a same day return is possible? I.e Flying out early morning from Miami and returning back late in the day? What would the estimated cost be please? (we are looking at the last week of April on Sunday 24th or Monday 25th.

  36. Hi, I’m after a flight from Miami or Tampa to Holguin around the 1st of April. Any help would be appreciated. Im an Australian citizen. Thanks

  37. Hello, I am a US citizen traveling to Costa Rica in July. I would like to fly from there to Cuba and then, somehow, back home, to san Francisco. do I need to do anything special to book my flight out of CR (advance visa, etc?) should I wait a few months to book my flight from Havana to US as I read that airlines are just now developing North American routes?

    1. Hi Lisa, Yes! You heard correctly. The U.S. signed paperwork yesterday to reestablish commercial flights to Cuba. Now the bad news. Those routes are probably going to be worked out all summer, with early fall being the soonest that flights might be available to purchase. In addition, there are a limed number of flights and itineraries that are going to be offered so there’s no way to know at present if San Francisco will be on that list (I think it has a good chance). We currently sell charter flights to Cuba but our tickets are round trip and we don’t sell options one-way out of Havana. Cuba requires a travel card for tourists which can be procured with the help of the charter company should you book a flight with us.

  38. Hello,

    I would like to book a direct flight from Miami to Cuba on the 23rd March. Can you help? Where is the website to do this?


  39. I am a dual citizen, US and Turkish. My brother has been diagnosed lung cancer and there is a vaccination in Cuba which he wants to try. He is planning to travel to FL to meet me so we can both go to Cuba for the treatment.
    My question is that can we fly to Cuba from FL? I have checked with some agencies and unless it fall into the 12 criteria, we are unable to travel to Cuba from FL. Is that correct?

    1. Hi Dilber, If you travel on your Turkish passport you should have no issues whatsoever. U.S. citizens are required to fit one of the 12 reasons, but it is on the honor system. Presently, we ( are the only online travel retailer selling travel to Cuba, but commercial flights are scheduled to be restored sometime later this year.

  40. Hi!
    I am a Brazilian citizen trying to get on a direct flight from Miami to Havana. Would there be any restrictions?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Luciana, No – there are no restrictions for you. We do only sell round trip tickets to Cuba at the moment, but foreign nationals have no restrictions on their travel to Cuba.

  41. I read here that the direct flights to Havana are only put online a month or so before their departure dates. Have these flights been posted for April departure dates yet? I’m looking to fly from NYC to Havana from April 5 to April 12.

    1. Hi Steven! Yes, you’re correct. The flights are only being posted about a month out. We are expecting to see April flights loaded by the end of this week. Hang tight – the silver lining is that these charter flights do not see fares fluctuate as commercial flights do. Check back at the end of the week for those dates. Best of luck to you.

      1. Thanks so much! One more question: if it turns out I book a Copa flight with a stopover in Panama City, will I still be contacted by Cuba Travel Services to arrange the visa and/or health insurance? Or is that only for the chartered flights?

  42. Hi, I am an Israeli citizen looking to fly direct from JFK to Cuba. I have been searching for flights on Tuesdays but it does not seem to come up. My dates are flexible. What should I do?

    1. Hi Matt, At the moment we are the only online travel retailer who is selling flights from the U.S. to Cuba and it is an exciting time to be going. However, because Cuba and the U.S. are currently ironing out commercial flights as well (the flights we sell are mostly charters), you can only book flights about one month out. try looking for dates in April if you are interested in April and in a week or two we should have May’s inventory up as well. Good luck to you.

  43. Hi I am British travel to Florida a lot to visit friends can I book a flight direct to Cuba from Florida with a British passport without all the restrictions of us travellers

    1. Hi Kevin, yes – only U.S. citizens have the restrictions. If you book through our site (we are the only company offering online bookings to Cuba at the moment), you will have to indicate which “reason” for travel your trip fits. This is just a technicality for you – but since we are a U.S.-based company with a mostly American clientele, we require this step to complete the booking. If you choose to land in Florida and then book via a charter company, you should be able to skip this step. Keep in mind that flights are mainly from Miami and Tampa at the moment. Commercial flights to Cuba are scheduled to resume in the fall of this year, but we are all waiting to hear exactly when that might be. Hope this additional information helps!

  44. Hello cheapair people again 🙂
    Could you let me know based on flight times if a same day return is possible? I.e Flying out early morning from Miami and returning back late in the day? What would the estimated cost be please? (we are looking at the last week of April on Sunday 24th or Monday 25th to be clear this time from Miami to Havana.
    Thanks you in advance

    1. Hi Michaela, The fares vary, but are currently hovering right around $700-800 from Miami if you purchase from us.

      1. Hello again.

        My sister and I wish to travel to Baroca to visit family. Do you also know of any activities that we could participate in, if we traveled in mid to late summer, either this year or the next?

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Michaela, While we do not have specific activities in mind, I encourage you to read this post: The gentleman who wrote this post, Tony Rubenstein, is a friend of CheapAir’s and owns a company on the ground in Cuba that helps arrange tours The links to his company are in the post). He may have some information for you or contacts in Baroca that you could be put in contact with to help sort out your itinerary. I hope this helps!

  45. My current passport expires before the 6 months after my trip (in other words, it will expire after my return to the US, but before the 6 month post-trip window is up). I need to purchase my tickets in teh next few days. Can I purchase the tickets in the next few days using my current passport and then change the ticket to reflect my new passport sometime before my departure date?

    1. Hi there. If you have a name change, you should book the ticket with whatever name will be on the VALID passport at the time of travel. That would be the only consideration of concern. If you book a ticket with one name and then have to change it later, you will definitely incur change fees from the airline. Don’t let that happen to you.

    1. Hi Pam, German citizens do not need any special permissions from the United States government to travel to Cuba. The trickiest part for any foreign national to get to Cuba is the logistics involved. There are a limited number of flights out of Miami (mostly charters), and we are the only online travel agency selling tickets to Cuba from Miami at the moment. You could also fly a more circuitous route (typically through Mexico City or Cancun), but the direct flights are limited from Miami. We anticipate this changing very soon, perhaps as early as September when the commercial flights from the U.S. to Cuba begin again.

  46. I called your number and no one knows about the direct flight from Miami to Havana. I tried to book on your website, there is no direct flight. Can you help?

    1. Hi Jan, Can you send an email to or call us at 1-800-CHEAPAIR? It’s possible you did not reach us – we definitely can help with the direct flight information as we’re the only online travel agency booking direct flights to Cuba from the U.S. Sorry you’re having difficulty. Please reach back out.

  47. Hi,
    I am a Belgian resident and I need a flight from Havana Cuba to Miami Florida on August 18 of 2016. Do you offer direct flights that day and what is the price, including luggage and taxes?
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Julie, I’m afraid we can’t help you with your tickets. While we are the only online travel agency in the U.S. selling flights to Cuba, we only sell tickets originating in the U.S. (This is mainly because of the complicated political situation that is still being worked through between the two countries). However, you can check with AeroMexico and Copa Air to see how best to make your way to Miami. You’ll be routed though Cancun or Mexico City (which is going to take a bit more time, but it’s not impossible). You might also reach out directly to charter companies offering flights out of Miami to see if they can help. I can’t imagine this is a unique question from foreign nationals.

      On the other hand, there is at least a possibility that commercial flights might be operating by then. I wouldn’t count on it, but if you have the flexibility to wait a bit and check the news, things might be sorted out by around the time you plan to see Miami. Sorry there’s not a perfect answer for you. Good luck to you! Please let us know if we can offer any other insight.

  48. When will it be available to buy flights to Cuba direct from Miami for around November or December of this year?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ruth, By the fall commercial flights should be restored (which will make the available flights more affordable as well).

  49. Hi, Can i know if i can purchase ticket out from Cuba to Boston? Is it allowed? I will be flying in from Panama City to Cuba.

    1. Hi Reena, There are no commercial flights from Havana outbound to the United States at all at the moment, but commercial flight service is supposed to be up and running by September. If you need to arrange this prior to September, you’ll have to take a less direct route. Flying from Havana to Mexico City and then on to Boston would be one avenue to take, but it’s obviously not a direct route.

  50. Hi,
    I’m an international student with an F1 visa in the US. I was wondering if it is possible for me to travel to Cuba or if the restrictions apply for us to. Thanks

    1. Hi Santiago, Unfortunately we aren’t qualified to answer questions for international students residing in the US on F1 visas. I would urge you to check the terms of your visa.

  51. We would like to fly directly to Havana from Fort Lauradale(our cruise finishes here) or if this is not possible can we fly from Miama to Havana one way. We are Austrlains.


    1. Hi Kris, Yes, you can fly to Cuba from FLL via charter. You can get Cuban medical insurance in the airport when you land in Havana (for just a few dollars a day). The Cuban tourist card will need to be obtained. If you buy your ticket through us (CheapAir) and fly direct from FLL to Havana, our partner charter company will reach out and help you obtain the tourist card. If you fly through Mexico City or Cancun, you will have assistance in the airport to do this paperwork. This is a very interesting time for all of us in terms of Cuba travel. The U.S. and Cuban government have just worked out the resumption of commercial flights into the secondary cities in Cuba (i.e. everywhere but Havana). Havana service is going to be worked out and flight schedules published possibly as soon as August, but certainly by the end of September. There are no restrictions on you as an Australian passport holder (only U.S. citizens have restrictions), so if you can hold out purchasing a ticket until a bit later in the year, you should see regular commercial flights available. Miami will have these commercial flights as well, so you should be able to find an itinerary that meets your needs for a lot less than the charter flights cost right now. Keep your eyes on the news in the next few weeks so you can be ready when the flights come on line. The only caveat here is that when this happens and commercial flights become available, it’s hard to say at this point what the demand might be from U.S. travelers. By and large we are a conservative lot, so we’re not anticipating a huge run on tickets in the initial weeks, but as this is unprecedented territory, it’s ultimately hard to say how many people might hop on those initial flights. If you are very conservative and keen to travel to Cuba no matter what, it might be in your best interest to just pay for the charter flights now, but I think you’re probably okay to wait and watch. Good luck to you.

  52. Hi, I am a Cuban-Canadian and I am planning to go to Havana from Toronto in December. I am wondering if it will be possible to flight from Havana to Miami (just one way ticket) as I would like to visit some family in the US before returning to Canada.

    1. Hi there. I believe it is going to be possible before the end of the year. As we speak, the Cuban and U.S. authorities are figuring out commercial flights to and from Havana. But, at the moment, you cannot buy one way fares from Havana to Miami. I believe the specific routes to and from will be announced sometime in the fall of this year. So, having said that, it is very likely you WILL be able to purchase a one way ticket from Havana back to Miami for December.

  53. Hi – I am looking for flights from Havana to Miami and have read your previous post reply. Can you recommend the best route if a direct flight is not available?
    The passengers are flying London to Havana, Havana to Miami, Miami to London

    1. Hi, at the moment we are only selling round trip flights from U.S. destinations. Likely by the end of the summer, there will be commercial flights resuming, so at that point it’s possible that your itinerary may be allowed. At the moment, I’m not aware of a situation in which you can buy an outbound HAV/MIA ticket. You might try reaching out directly to Cuba Travel Services (or another charter company in Miami) to confirm the restriction (because I am not 100% sure that a charter option from HAV to Miami for non-U.S. nationals is not available). We principally do business with Americans (as a U.S. based company), so it is not possible for us.

  54. A friend and I are flying into Miami for a weekend before visiting Cuba for 4 days and then flying out to the Dominican Republic. I am Egyptian and my friend is from the United Arab Emirates. We are both residents in Dubai. We want to travel from Miami to Havana on the 4th of September. We already have tickets for Havana to Dominican Republic. I cannot seem to find the option for a non-stop charter flight one way from Miami to Havana. Can you please help me with booking this ticket?

    1. Hi Yousuf, because of the political climate between the US and Cuba, one way tickets to Havana are still not available. Commercial service is going to be reinstated (starting in the next few weeks), but I think your trip might not get the benefit of the new diplomatic relations. You could buy a round trip ticket and just lose the money on your return portion – that is the only work around I can see at this time. Otherwise, you could buy a one way ticket to Cancun or Mexico City and then buy a ticket on to Havana from that gateway. I think that might be more of a hassle and more complicated than it needs to be. Good luck to you both!

  55. Me and my friends wanna go to cuba, but we can not find any available dates, its just showin up that theres no flghts. Can you help us somehow? We would like to go in the middle of september and we are in south caorlina now. Thanks

    1. Hi Petra, It is an interesting time for US to Cuba travel. Though at the moment only charter flights are available (we sell these), regularly scheduled commercial flights are coming online and are supposed to be running in as little as a few weeks. I would wait to purchase if I were you. We could sell you a charter flight for around $700 USD, but because of the current planning underway, we only have flights available into early September. When commercial flights come online, the fares to Havana should be much more affordable (this is a guess, but a more reasonable are might be in the $200-300 round trip range from Miami). We will also be selling through our portal.

  56. Do you know where I can book a one way flight from Cuba to the US? As a German citizen I will spend my vacation (legally) in Cuba & want to visit the US afterwards. The US department of treasury states that non-US citizen do not need to fulfill one of the 12 options for a general license in order to be transported FROM Cuba to the US. So international tourists can legally be transported to the US. However, most airlines that I contacted said they could not transport tourists, even one way from Cuba to the US. Could you tell me where to find a flight?

  57. Hi cheapair,

    I am a German citizen as well and want to book a direct flight from Miami to Havana. You state, that you offer direct flight, however I have a hard time to find them (I only find flights with stopover on Cayman Islands, Mexico, …). Yan you please help me?
    I want to travel on the 24th of November 2016.


    1. Hi Anika, You’re right that the fares are quite limited in November because we’re in a transition period where charter flights (currently the only way to fly direct from Miami) are ceding to commercial flights (Delta and United both have service starting on December 1). The good news is that flights that currently cost $700 or so, will be a much more affordable $200-300 return. The bad news for you is that they are not going to be available until December. If you have flexibility in your travel dates, you can take advantage of these new fares. You can search for these flights now. Good luck to you!

  58. Dear Cheapair,
    I’m a Vietnamese having tourist visa to Cuba, can I fly to Havana from the US? Do I need any additional papers/permits or the likes?
    Best regards,

    1. Hi there, Yes this is possible for you. Every traveler to Cuba requires a tourist card and must purchase Cuban health insurance. The first will usually be included in your airline ticket and the second is purchased when you land in Havana. Flights from Miami are quite limited until December of this year because we’re in a transition period where charter flights (currently the only way to fly direct from Miami) are ceding to commercial flights (Delta and United both have service starting on December 1). The good news is that flights that currently cost $700 or so, will be a much more affordable $200-300 return. The possible bad news for you is that they are not going to be available until December. If you have flexibility in your travel dates, you can take advantage of these new fares. You can search for these flights now. Good luck to you!

      1. Thanks a lot for your quick and informative reply. I will surely take your advice to fix appropriate travel dates.
        Best regards,

      2. Dear Cheapair

        I am originally from Angola, which means i am an Angolan citizen. I am currently studying in USA NC, which means i have a Student visa. I would like to ask if it is possible for me to fly nonstop from Miami to Havana to go visit my family.

        1. Hi Mandumi, Great question! I know that as a foreign national you have no restrictions for travel to Cuba. However, we are not as well versed on student visas. It may be that a student visa has travel restrictions that we are unaware of – can you check with your international student office on campus?

  59. Now that there are more direct flights from the US to Cuba, what is the best way to obtain a traveler card since there is no need to stop in another country before getting to Cuba?

    1. Hi Beth, That is the question of the day. Right now, most of the U.S. airlines selling Cuba flights are offering some assistance to travelers needing the card. I would reach out to the airline who you’re planning to book with and find out their procedure. For some flights, the card is being issued day of travel at the airport, and for others, the process gets started via email outreach.

  60. Hi we are two families one New Zealanders the other Canadians flying from Miami to Varadero.What type of documents do we need?And if we need a tourist card ,where should we obtain it?

    1. Hi Anna, At the moment the only documents you need are those required by the Cuban government (the tourist card and Cuban health insurance). You can buy the Cuban health insurance when you land in Varadero (they have a desk at the airport) and it’s just a few USD a day. You can obtain the tourist card on your own before you depart by reaching out to the Cuban consulate in your home countries (both Canada and New Zealand having full diplomatic relations with Cuba), or you can consult with the airline from which you purchase your tickets (some of the U.S. airlines do have procedures for assisting).

  61. Hello!
    I’m planning my trip to Cuba in march. The route I’ve been checking out includes a stop in Florida. After been in contact with both the Cuban and American embassy here in Stockholm I’ve learned that it may be diffucult to travel from the us to Cuba in a direct flight if you don’t fit in the 12 categories regardless of wich country you are from.

    1. Hi Simon, If your plans to travel to Cuba fall strictly in the “leisure” category, it’s true. Americans, and foreign nationals living in the U.S. on either a student or work visa must comply with the 12 categories. Since U.S. air carriers started selling direct flights (just a few months ago). they have also implemented the rule that anyone flying on one of their flights must comply (whether or not you’re just “passing through” as it were).Having said that, a “people to people” exchange might still qualify you.

  62. Me and my partner, both Canadian citizens are planning to fly from Miami to Cuba in July 2017. Do we need any paperwork, visa or documentations to do so. I see that there are commercial flights through Delta and American Airlines. Has there been any issues to date?

    1. Hi Tania, The new rules dictate that if you’re flying on a U.S. air carrier you have to choose a reason for travel. If you’re not flying back to the United States, I wouldn’t worry too much about this restriction. The main issue would be if you were trying to clear U.S. immigration on your return. If you’re flying home from Havana on another ticket, you shouldn’t run into any issues at all. You will need to obtain Cuban health insurance and the Cuban tourist card (visa). Delta provides the health insurance as part of your ticket ($25 surcharge) and will offer tourist card purchase for $30. American has partnered with a Cuba charter service to assist paid customers in obtaining the tourist card and also adds a $25 USD surcharge to ticket cost to cover the health insurance.

      1. Thanks “cheap air ” for your timely response.. Also I’m wondering if Jet Blue offers the same surcharge option. I noticed that you sell flights (Mia-hav) .

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