We are proud to announce that CheapAir is the first online travel agency to offer direct flights from the U.S. to Cuba. So, what exactly does that mean for you? Well, if you’re eligible for travel to Cuba you can now fly from U.S. soil direct to Cuban destinations without an international stop in between.

Camaguey, Cuba
UNESCO World Heritage Site, Camaguey, Cuba

Service routes run to Havana from Miami, New York and Tampa. Miami offers daily flights whereas other gateways are less frequent.

Here are the days you can fly direct to Havana and other cities in Cuba:

CheapAir Nonstop Flights to Cuba

If you’re considering a visit to Cuba, you may want to also peruse our posts What you need to know about traveling to Cuba and 12 helpful hints for U.S. travelers to Cuba. If you have other Cuban travel questions, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to answer them!


  1. Hi – I am looking for flights from Havana to Miami and have read your previous post reply. Can you recommend the best route if a direct flight is not available?
    The passengers are flying London to Havana, Havana to Miami, Miami to London

    • Hi, at the moment we are only selling round trip flights from U.S. destinations. Likely by the end of the summer, there will be commercial flights resuming, so at that point it’s possible that your itinerary may be allowed. At the moment, I’m not aware of a situation in which you can buy an outbound HAV/MIA ticket. You might try reaching out directly to Cuba Travel Services (or another charter company in Miami) to confirm the restriction (because I am not 100% sure that a charter option from HAV to Miami for non-U.S. nationals is not available). We principally do business with Americans (as a U.S. based company), so it is not possible for us.

  2. Hi, I am a Cuban-Canadian and I am planning to go to Havana from Toronto in December. I am wondering if it will be possible to flight from Havana to Miami (just one way ticket) as I would like to visit some family in the US before returning to Canada.

    • Hi there. I believe it is going to be possible before the end of the year. As we speak, the Cuban and U.S. authorities are figuring out commercial flights to and from Havana. But, at the moment, you cannot buy one way fares from Havana to Miami. I believe the specific routes to and from will be announced sometime in the fall of this year. So, having said that, it is very likely you WILL be able to purchase a one way ticket from Havana back to Miami for December.

  3. We would like to fly directly to Havana from Fort Lauradale(our cruise finishes here) or if this is not possible can we fly from Miama to Havana one way. We are Austrlains.


    • Hi Kris, Yes, you can fly to Cuba from FLL via charter. You can get Cuban medical insurance in the airport when you land in Havana (for just a few dollars a day). The Cuban tourist card will need to be obtained. If you buy your ticket through us (CheapAir) and fly direct from FLL to Havana, our partner charter company will reach out and help you obtain the tourist card. If you fly through Mexico City or Cancun, you will have assistance in the airport to do this paperwork. This is a very interesting time for all of us in terms of Cuba travel. The U.S. and Cuban government have just worked out the resumption of commercial flights into the secondary cities in Cuba (i.e. everywhere but Havana). Havana service is going to be worked out and flight schedules published possibly as soon as August, but certainly by the end of September. There are no restrictions on you as an Australian passport holder (only U.S. citizens have restrictions), so if you can hold out purchasing a ticket until a bit later in the year, you should see regular commercial flights available. Miami will have these commercial flights as well, so you should be able to find an itinerary that meets your needs for a lot less than the charter flights cost right now. Keep your eyes on the news in the next few weeks so you can be ready when the flights come on line. The only caveat here is that when this happens and commercial flights become available, it’s hard to say at this point what the demand might be from U.S. travelers. By and large we are a conservative lot, so we’re not anticipating a huge run on tickets in the initial weeks, but as this is unprecedented territory, it’s ultimately hard to say how many people might hop on those initial flights. If you are very conservative and keen to travel to Cuba no matter what, it might be in your best interest to just pay for the charter flights now, but I think you’re probably okay to wait and watch. Good luck to you.

  4. Hi,
    I’m an international student with an F1 visa in the US. I was wondering if it is possible for me to travel to Cuba or if the restrictions apply for us to. Thanks

    • Hi Santiago, Unfortunately we aren’t qualified to answer questions for international students residing in the US on F1 visas. I would urge you to check the terms of your visa.

  5. Hi, Can i know if i can purchase ticket out from Cuba to Boston? Is it allowed? I will be flying in from Panama City to Cuba.

    • Hi Reena, There are no commercial flights from Havana outbound to the United States at all at the moment, but commercial flight service is supposed to be up and running by September. If you need to arrange this prior to September, you’ll have to take a less direct route. Flying from Havana to Mexico City and then on to Boston would be one avenue to take, but it’s obviously not a direct route.

  6. When will it be available to buy flights to Cuba direct from Miami for around November or December of this year?

    Thank you

    • Hi Ruth, By the fall commercial flights should be restored (which will make the available flights more affordable as well).

  7. Hi,
    I am a Belgian resident and I need a flight from Havana Cuba to Miami Florida on August 18 of 2016. Do you offer direct flights that day and what is the price, including luggage and taxes?
    Best regards,

    • Hi Julie, I’m afraid we can’t help you with your tickets. While we are the only online travel agency in the U.S. selling flights to Cuba, we only sell tickets originating in the U.S. (This is mainly because of the complicated political situation that is still being worked through between the two countries). However, you can check with AeroMexico and Copa Air to see how best to make your way to Miami. You’ll be routed though Cancun or Mexico City (which is going to take a bit more time, but it’s not impossible). You might also reach out directly to charter companies offering flights out of Miami to see if they can help. I can’t imagine this is a unique question from foreign nationals.

      On the other hand, there is at least a possibility that commercial flights might be operating by then. I wouldn’t count on it, but if you have the flexibility to wait a bit and check the news, things might be sorted out by around the time you plan to see Miami. Sorry there’s not a perfect answer for you. Good luck to you! Please let us know if we can offer any other insight.

  8. I called your number and no one knows about the direct flight from Miami to Havana. I tried to book on your website, there is no direct flight. Can you help?

    • Hi Jan, Can you send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1-800-CHEAPAIR? It’s possible you did not reach us – we definitely can help with the direct flight information as we’re the only online travel agency booking direct flights to Cuba from the U.S. Sorry you’re having difficulty. Please reach back out.

  9. What is required of German citizens who want to fly round trip from Miami to Havana and do they need a Visa?

    • Hi Pam, German citizens do not need any special permissions from the United States government to travel to Cuba. The trickiest part for any foreign national to get to Cuba is the logistics involved. There are a limited number of flights out of Miami (mostly charters), and we are the only online travel agency selling tickets to Cuba from Miami at the moment. You could also fly a more circuitous route (typically through Mexico City or Cancun), but the direct flights are limited from Miami. We anticipate this changing very soon, perhaps as early as September when the commercial flights from the U.S. to Cuba begin again.

  10. My current passport expires before the 6 months after my trip (in other words, it will expire after my return to the US, but before the 6 month post-trip window is up). I need to purchase my tickets in teh next few days. Can I purchase the tickets in the next few days using my current passport and then change the ticket to reflect my new passport sometime before my departure date?

    • Hi there. If you have a name change, you should book the ticket with whatever name will be on the VALID passport at the time of travel. That would be the only consideration of concern. If you book a ticket with one name and then have to change it later, you will definitely incur change fees from the airline. Don’t let that happen to you.

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