CheapAir unveils first voice-activated flight search app

We love our mobile phones at, but we realize that they aren’t always the best at booking flights on-the-go. And when you want to check flights from anywhere, brainstorm dream vacations with your friends or multitask, small screens, forms and, well, big thumbs can be a challenge.

CheapAir unveils first voice-activated flight search appCheapAir unveils first voice-activated flight search appCheapAir unveils first voice-activated flight search app is proud to announce a big step forward for mobile flight search. Today we’re officially launching the first ever iPhone and iPad app to allow you to search for flights using your voice. With the CheapAir app, you can easily search for flights, receive the same low air fare choices you would see on the web, and make the best booking decisions—from anywhere.

Now when you search for flights from your iPhone, you can say something like “Chicago to Miami tomorrow” or “New York to DC June 1st to the 9th” and the app will scour hundreds of flights to show you fast, relevant results. Plus, as always with ChepaAir, your flight search results show you which flights have WiFi, live TV and more.

If you’re a tech geek, you may be interested to learn that we built the semantic language parser in-house, right here in California. The “semantic technology” takes what you say, and quickly turns it into a structured travel search. And this is just a start, there’s so much opportunity to grow the app—over time the functionality will only continue to improve as it learns a variety of language patterns.

We know that mobile will be an important part of the future of travel search. More and more travelers are seeking easy ways to research flights with their phones. With this app, will make searching for flights easy from wherever you are—in a coffee shop, the car or on the subway.

Voice functionality can be used in iPhones 4S and above or an iPad 3.

Download the app now in the iTunes store.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We would love your feedback and support.


  1. I have trying to book a flight to IMT from SRQ OR FORT MEYERS ON OR ABOUT May 28 and return 6/6/13 sincerly Eric Huotari

    1. Hi Eric,

      Fares from Ft. Meyers are coming up cheapest. Flights from Ft. Meyers to Iron Mountain, Michigan for those dates have 2 stops and are starting at $484.10 – per person, not including any baggage fees that may apply. In order to book this, you will need to call us at 1-800-243-2724 and speak with a travel advisor. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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