It’s been a while since we posted about cryptocurrency on the blog and we thought it might be time to check in. We hope everyone has been staying safe.

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Even while the world is dealing with uncertainty, in the background we’ve been excited to see cryptocurrency holding strong, gaining valuation across the board, and seeing more and more adoption.

We’d also like to take the time to remind you that is in for the long haul – committed to the crypto community and helping to foster adoption around the globe.

At the moment, you can pay for your flights and hotels on CheapAir with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. The next cool coin to bring on is always part of the discussion.

To shop for flights and hotels is simple. You simply use our intuitive, industry-leading search to compare and identify the best flights for you, and then choose your coin at our payment screen.

As an added bonus for travelers, we also have implemented a COVID Clean designation for hotels, so you can quickly select verified properties with enhanced cleaning protocols to keep you and yours safe while bouncing around the globe. Just look for the “COVID Clean” badge on the hotel photo. You can also filter your search to include only COVID Clean properties.

Thanks again for shopping with us. We look forward to improving the experience for you, being an example for other retailers considering adoption and continuing to innovate in the crypto space.


  1. > The next cool coin to bring on is always part of the discussion.

    Please consider publishing, in a future blog post, a few statistics about the relative “cool”-ness of the five coins that you have been accepting.

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