Once you’ve determined where to go on your summer vacation, the very next consideration is often when you should go to get the most bang for your buck on flights and accommodation. This is where we come in!

when to fly this summer

CheapAir.com has already done the analysis on hundreds of thousands of summer airfares so you don’t overspend. Summer is pricey to begin with, so going in with your eyes open, with reasonable expectations is key to a stress-free shopping process. The good news is that fares for the summer are trending a bit lower overall than they were at this time last year!

Finding savings in the summer need not be a needle in the haystack situation for you. At the very least you’ll save some cash by flying mid-week. Plan on saving about $52 per ticket on average just by avoiding Sundays (the most expensive day to fly) and plan to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This translates to two or three nights at a budget hotel! The savings add up fast when you’ve got inside info!

average savings by day of week

July is the most expensive month for air travel (it’s also more expensive for accommodation and even dining at many popular summer destinations). Keep this in mind when weighing dates. If you do have your heart set on a July vacation, you might be surprised to hear that Independence day travel is one of the least expensive days to travel this month! The 3rd to the 5th offer the best prices, but the whole week is a better value than typical.

You’ll see that late summer travel is a great value, but keep in mind there are a number of factors at play here. Sure, when we get close to the end of summer people kids go back to school and less people are vacationing as it cools off. On the other hand, late summer fares look especially good right now as we slide into spring. The closer we get to the summer (and further into the summer months), the more expensive those relatively inexpensive airfares in late August and September will become. As a general rule you should shop for summer flights as soon as you pin down the destination, have the money and can pull the trigger on a good fare.

This year, we’re proud to be rolling out another great search tool that lets you do side- by-side comparisons of up to four airlines so you can view all available included items (baggage allowance, seat selection) and on-board amenities before you buy. You can also see every fare available on a particular flight. Sometimes an upgrade to a premium fare class can be a relatively inexpensive bump in price. Wouldn’t you like to know if a little extra legroom is available for a small fee before you buy? Now you will!

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    • Hi Chelsey. It looks like $218 round trip is the best price for your itinerary into December of this year. Most of those flights are on Delta. Hope this helps.

  1. round trip ticket from detroit wayne county michigan to ontario california sep 15- sep 22 for one person on a thrifty budget

    • Hi Cindy, For your dates right now the best fares are on Frontier (under $200). They are actually beating everyone by at least $100. Just keep in mind that Frontier is on the a la carte model, so this fare only gets you a seat on the plane. If you’d like an assigned seat or plan to bring any luggage, the price will go up.

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